Ro Fruit Tier List: Best Fruits in the Game

In Roblox Ro Fruit, a defining factor of your character's power is the Devil Fruit you use. Devil Fruits spawn around the map under trees every 30 minutes, and of course, you would want to get one of the most potent fruits that provides the best abilities.

Our Ro Fruit Tier list will help you identify the best fruits to pursue, as we have ranked them into four tiers:

  • S: The best fruits in the game
  • A: Not on par with the top-ranked fruits but great options regardless
  • B: Solid options that you should replace as soon as possible
  • C: Ranging from below average to just decent fruits
  • D: Fruits you should avoid and replace ASAP

Ro Fruit Fruits Tier List

S TierShadow, Dough, Light
A TierIce, Dark, Flame
B TierGravity
C TierPaw, Rubber
D TierBomb


Best ways to get Devil Fruits in Ro Fruit

As already mentioned, Fruits randomly spawn under trees around the map every 30 minutes.

You can also head to a Random Fruit island and pay $250,000 Beli to spin for a random fruit.

You can also complete the Dungeon at Castle Island, where you can get 3 Devil Fruits if you reach wave 30.

The Limited Shop at Whole Cake island is another place to look for fruits; you can purchase them for Beli once you get there.

Finally, you can trade for a Devil Fruit with another player or friend, which is the most effective way if you don't want to rely on luck or don't have a lot of Beli to spend on Fruit spins.

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