Ro Fruit Swords Tier List: Best Swords in the Game

Our Roblox Ro Fruit Swords Tier List will help you pick the best swords to pursue in the game!

Ro Fruit Swords Tier List Best Swords in the Game

In Roblox Ro Fruit, you can get your hands on some great swords by spending Beli or by obtaining them as drops from powerful bosses around the Ro Fruit map. So if you want to accompany your Fruit with a powerful Sword, our Ro Fruit Swords Tier List is here to help.

Our Ro Fruit Sword Tier list will help you identify the best swords to pursue, as we have ranked them into four tiers:

  • S: The best swords in the game, obtained by the toughest bosses or for a lot of Beli
  • A: Not on par with the top-ranked swords but great options regardless
  • B: Solid options that you should replace as soon as possible
  • C: Ranging from below average to just decent swords
  • D: Swords you should avoid and replace ASAP

Ro Fruit Swords Tier List

TierSword(s)How to ObtainRarity
S TierNeproleon7% chance of dropping from Nepero (Big Mom)Mythical
S TierHalloween Scythe10% chance of dropping from Deadly Pumpkin (Halloween Event boss – Unobtainable now)Event
S TierDual Mystery KatanaBuy from Sword Dealer for $10,000,000 BeliMythical
S TierSaber7% chance of dropping from ShanksMythical
S TierYoru7% chance of dropping from MihawkMythical
A TierKatakara Trident7% chance of dropping from KatakaraLegendary
A TierKabakiriBuy from Mystic Shop for $5,000,000 BeliLegendary
A TierShusui7% chance of dropping from RyoumaLegendary
A TierEnma7% chance of dropping from EnmaLegendary
B TierSoul CaneBuy from Master Gang Shop for $250,000 BeliEpic
C TierShark SawBuy from Master Gang Shop for $50,000 BeliUncommon
D TierKatanaBuy from Master Gang Shop for $1,000 BeliCommon

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