Reaver – Murder Mystery 2 Knife Value & Characteristics

Everything you need to know about Reaver in Murder Mystery 2. How to get it, characteristics, origins and current value.

Reaver Murder Mystery 2 Knife

Reaver was an Evo blade that was released with the 2021 Halloween Events in a gamepass. It cost 1,699 Robux. It is a rare knife at first, but it becomes rarer, until it reaches Ancient rarity as you acquire more XP. It requires 864,000 XP to evolve Reaver to Ancient. Reaver is the only Evo knife in Murder Mystery 2 cannot be traded. It is also the only Gamepass weapon released in the game.

Reaver Value & Characteristics

IconReaver Ancient
Final Variant ? Ancient
Item TypeKnife
RarityRare (Variant 1)
Legendary (Variant 2)
Godly (Variant 3)
Ancient (Variant 4)
Ways to ObtainReaver Gamepass


All four variants of Reaver were designed by IDontHaveAUse.

Variant 1 (Rare)

The default knife mesh is the first version of this knife. The blade is dark purple with a more gradient-like edge. There are also green cracks on the blade. The handle and guard match the blade.

Variant 2 (Legendary)

This knife's second variant is very similar to the first. However, the handle and guard have a light shimmer, and the blade is cleaner.

Variant 3 (Godly)

The knife has a long, gray blade and a jagged edge. Three stone vines are interwoven around the blade. The guard has an additional blade and a purple paracord handle. A sharp arrowhead is attached to its bottom.

Variant 4 (Ancient)

The fourth variant is a double-bladed, symmetrical scythe. The handle has a long, thin, black handle and green arrowheads at its ends. The blades are stone gray with small green lines, sharp edges, and jagged edges. The blades are interwoven in three stone vines. Each blade has a small, attached blade called a poll. A second stone vine is tied around it.

Reaver Rare

Variant 1



Reaver Legendary

Variant 1



Reaver Godly

Variant 3



Reaver Ancient

Variant 4



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