Reaper 2: Version 0.76-0.79 Updates Patch Notes

The latest Roblox Reaper 2 update introduces new content including Aizen as a boss in Hueco Mundo, new moves, a buff to Kyoka Suigetsu, and bug fixes.

Reaper 2

Reaper 2 released its latest update which introduces version 0.75 of the game. The patch notes for the update were shared by the developer on the official Reaper 2 Discord server and you will find all the changes introduced below.

We have added the four new codes released with the update to our list of Reaper 2 codes.

GPO Free to Play Update Patch Notes

0.76 Update Patch Notes

Update 0.76
- Double exp enabled only today.
- Fixed Hogyoku giving 10000+ skill points
- Forced SP reset for soul reapers
- Now you don't lose Hogyoku when prestige or reset SP.
- Fixed Kyoka kido buff not applying to raiko.

Boss System:
- Now when someone dies the AI won't stop aggroing he will aggro any nearest player to him after killing someone
- Fixed boss not aggroing when using skills from far away.

Kyoka Suigetsu Shikai Buffs:
- Reworked the 1st passive from "Disables Vizard, and breaks Mask if you have it on" to "Disables vizard and breaks mask if you have it on. You gain triple reiatsu regen and 30% increased damage for 15 seconds whenever you counter an enemy or use an evasive."

- Buffed sword range 7->8

- Now Fullbringers are able to flash step followup. ( this will extend the variety of combos for fbs  specially for Cross the Z move was designed to be able to follow up in the second slash which knockup enemies.)

0.761 Update Patch Notes

- Fixed soul nodes losing when using SP reset codes
- added 50+ soul nodes for people that lost it from the new code ( Automatic ) if you didn't get 50+ nodes it means u didn't log in when the reset happened.
- New damage buff for kyoke don't apply for Aizen boss.

0.762 Update Patch Notes

- Fixed Kyoka Suigetsu Z ( it's applied for ranked/raids/arena already  for public servers would require a shutdown. ) 

0.763 Update Patch Notes

- Fixed Kyoka Suigetsu Z
- Fixed Hogzen transformation lag ( decreased particles )
- Fixed Kyoka shikai healing now only hogzen heal.

0.77 Update Patch Notes

- Enabled Streaming Enabled
 - Updated Soul Society AI to the latest update.
 - Now Cross of Scaffold can use sword in base form.

Balance List

- Segunda Murcie
   - Latigo X: Changed to be Blockable as intended. Increased cooldown by 6 seconds. Fixed others being able to damage victim in grab, and fixed the end not ragdoll knockbacking.
- Murcielago
   - Luz de la Luna Z: Increased aoe by 25%.
   - Alluvion X: Made last hit knockback.
- Kyoka: Nice Try (X) teleports the user away from the opponent like Flash Escape, making it harder to get a combo off this move 
  - Added "Keep Standing" shikai node to Kyoka Suigetsu.
- Hogzen: Fragor (Z) and Enhanced Kurohitsugi (X) no longer are evasives
   - Fragor (Z) damage reduced by 30%. Increased aoe explosion by 100%.
   - C Damage increased by 10% and increased aoe by 35%, since its pretty useless outside of being an evasive
   - Damage reduction nerfed: 40% -> 30%
- Cross of Scaffold: Triple Edge (Z) Damage on all hits reduced by around 50% (should of been doing around 60-70 damage, not 120)
   - Suga (X) - Now does 140 damage instead of 300 total.
   - Adjusted m1 range to match sword size.
- Primero
   - Metraletta C: Now has hyper armor. Increased slow inflicted by 50%. Can still be flash escaped.
   - Gun Z Move: Increased damage of each shot by 25%. Last shot now unblockable (still knocks back).

 - Ryodan: Adjusted hitbox to be much more accurate (the crater instead of just right in front of you). Increased damage by 10%.
 - Kick Barrage: Made last hit knockback even further by 3.5 studs (the goal is to prevent longer swords from extending). Increased damage of each hit by 10%.
Bugs Fixed
 - Kyoka in Soul Society has different bugs; clones do not die after main NPC dies, and clones can softlock you into a stun animation that won't go away.
 - Using Bankai in Soul Society will bug you out. Seems to be get stuck after using a step-back move but cannot be certain (Flash Escape, Flurry Strike, etc)
  - Bankai user NPCs also get stuck, won't attack, and cannot be attacked.
 - NPCs that use Senbonzakura Shikai X will become invisible, and will not become visible until they use it again.
 - Rolling secondaries at F3NNY NPC will sometimes make you spend more than 5k, and sometimes will just drain all of your money.
 - Corrupt Bankai Raid arena map - Players can be flung or clipped through the map still.
 - Raid boss maps (Corrupted Arrancar Captain, Ice Captain, Pantera) have no walls, so the player or the boss can be flung outside the map. 
 - Zanka no Tachi C: Fix skeletons going behind the user. Adjust hitbox to include skeletons' models instead of just explosions.
 - Quick Transform gamepass sometimes will not work for Kyoka Suigetsu. Seems to affect different players, not all.
 - Claiming EXP from the Ranked Rewards pass will not give you skill points if you level up.
 - Sakanade C: Using and getting hit will get you stuck and unable to reset. Might only happen in Soul Society.
 - Using Renewal on Sabaku will cause both players to get bugged (counter glitch)
 - Adjusted Bisect description.
- Now Fullbringer Dashes has a max of 15 and recharge after 10 seconds of last usage.

Update 0.78 Patch Notes

- Fixed Ryujin jakka Shikai Burn passive not working.
- Fixed Raid Boss dropping bugged sword skin ( for the people who got the bugged drop it should auto fix. )
- Fixed Cross Base weapon Damage.
- Fixed bringer light turning into flash step sometimes.

Update 0.79 Patch Notes

Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed f33ny wasting 10k if button spammed.
- Fixed Cross of Scaffold Z being infinite without Upgrade ( without upgrade it has 6 sec cd ).
- Fixed Fullbringer breaking and having to rejoin after rerolling cross of scaffold to another fb.
- Fixed Corrupted Captain Spawning in top of map.
- Fixed Wabisuke Shikai Passive.
- Fixed SkillTree making ModeBar Invisible till respawn.
- Fixed cooldown ui bugging out and not being synced with hotbar.

Balance List:
- Increased Suga ( cross X ) base damage 35 * 2(140) -> 45 * 2(180).
- Increased Nozarashi Bankai health buff 100 -> 500.
- Sakanade X reverted to bypass block again.
- Katen Shikai X reverted to bypass block again.
- Nozarashi m2 now has hyperarmor again.
- Decreased Nozarashi Bankai time 2.5minutes -> 1.3minutes

Update 0.791 Patch Notes

Bug List:
- Fixed Soul Society Private Servers.
- Fixed Skill CD Frame not disappearing sometimes and staying with a blank frame.
- Fixed Mobile Issues as [ momo/garganta not working, LockOn ].
- Fixed blue sword/red sword particles not going away with Kyoka users.
- Fixed Experience II node not working ( cross node ).
- Fixed Cross Z1 and Z2 not being blockable when they should, Z3 GuardBreaks.
- Fixed menos HealthBar not going down.
- Fixed Infinite Ragdoll.
- Fixed vizard delayed flashstep.
- Fixed Fullbringer Dash in mobile and improved it.
- Fixed LockOn breaking skillTree.
- Fixed Prestige removing extra Vastocar/Adjuchacar SkillPoints if player has false death.
- Fixed Reset SkillPoints code now it will give you accurate SkillPoints based on level.
- Fixed Sword Skills not giving back points and removing themselves when rerolling from cross to another Fullbringer.
- Fixed being able to claim codes while in combat and arena/raids.
- Fixed being able to use Fullbringer Dash while Immobile.

Update 0.792 Patch Notes

- Disabled Streaming( Should Fix all of the new problems caused by 0.78 update for mobile users )
- Fixed Scythe/Great sword/ Cross base Infinite Unequip causing it to break.
- Reverted Fullbringer Dash to work like it was before ( this should fix it not working sometimes )

Update 0.793 Patch Notes

- Fixed arrancar/and hybrid bug getting cross of scaffold or non res when evolving.

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