Reaper 2: Version 0.75 Update Patch Notes

The latest Roblox Reaper 2 update introduces new content including Aizen as a boss in Hueco Mundo, new moves, a buff to Kyoka Suigetsu, and bug fixes.

Reaper 2 Aizen update

Reaper 2 released its latest update which introduces version 0.75 of the game. The patch notes for the update were shared by the developer on the official Reaper 2 Discord server and you will find all the changes introduced below.

We have added the four new codes released with the update to our list of Reaper 2 codes.

GPO Free to Play Update Patch Notes

Update 0.75
Tip: Don't do Aizen raid if you don't know what you're doing.

New Content

New: Hogyoku Aizen form for Kyoka Suigetsu, obtained GUARANTEED DROP from Aizen Boss in Hueco Throne Room (Party recommended, all must have the quest. You get 3 lives and if you fail, quest goes on CD) If acquired, say "awaken" instead of "bankai"

New: Ryodan Kendo Move, guardbreak smash
New: Raikohou Kido Move, small dmg for aoe slow
Reworked: Segunda Murcielago X Move, now a short distance dashing grab
New: Cross of Scaffold Fullbring (Rare), Sword Fullbring, must use sword move in base to pull sword out
New: Boost (Bringer Light) for Fullbringer, inf dashing but can't flashstep followup


Buffed: Kyoka Suigetsu
 - C: Double Clones now have hyper armor, all clones now have Hidden Lotus and Sabaku. Player no longer invincible during move. Clones can now damage NPCs and clones don't attack party members.

Bug Fixes

Fixed: NPC Bankai models
Fixed: Sode no Shirayuki X
Fixed: Skill Trees for various secondaries
Fixed: Abandoning quests in arenas/raids
Fixed: Haien particles bug "Lightning Arm"
Fixed: Flinging in arenas (Ranked, Shikai Spirit, Raid Arenas, etc)

Next Update: Quincies, PvE Events, New Map, Mentor System + Rewards for all races

Aizen Raid drops:
Hogyoku - 100% chance ( kyoka suigetsu users )
Aizen Clothing - 50% chance

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