Reaper 2: Ranked Season 1 Update patch notes

Last Updated: July 6, 2022 @ 09:33
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Reaper 2 released its latest update which introduces Season 1 of ranked battles, on July 4, 2022. The patch notes for the update were shared by the developer on the official Reaper 2 Discord server and you will find all the changes introduced below.

We have added the four new codes released with the update to our list of Reaper 2 codes.

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GPO Free to Play Update Patch Notes

  - Tensa Zangetsu upgrades for Z and X
  - Senbonzakura Kageyoshi passive/B move - Shukei
  - Combat Penalty has been removed; you no longer lose money or exp after logging in combat. You still lose spiritual standing if you die in combat.

New: Season 1 Ranked
  - Introduction to Clothing Skins + Bow Skin
BP has been reset; Season 0 rewards are now unobtainable.

New SR clothing (more to come)

Balance Fixes

Soul reaper: 
- Give Skewer (Senbonzakura Bankai's X Skill) Hyper armor 
- Make Hell Wave (Zanka's z) Blockable 
- Change Zanka's passive so it no longer burns your opponent when you get hit
- Reduce walk speed (not run speed) of vizard to 5% walkspeed at no mastery, and 15% walkspeed at max mastery
- Vizard's Heal cooldown increased drastically to prevent people from stalling and re-healing with it (1 minute -> 10 minutes)
- Reduce health drain of Hakka no Togame (ice bankai) of all moves by 25%.
- Increased mode drain for Akuma No Arano from 30% to 50%
- Reduce Akuma no Arano m2 stun
- Rework Nozarashi's "Fortitude" Passive: Gain a 15% defense bonus when Shikai is active

- Increase Segunda "Cero Oscuras" (Z) cd by 8 seconds
- Decrease Segunda "Latigo" (X) damage by 50%
- Increase Segunda "Latigo" (X) cd by 5 seconds
- Decrease Murcielago "Kurai Tsubasa" damage by 25%
- Reduce Santa Teresa "Tirar de la Cadena" (Z) windup by 50%
- Increase Santa Teresa "Tirar de la Cadena" (Z) range by 10%
- Make Santa Teresa "Relentless strikes" (C) initial grab fully stun (apparently it doesn't?)
- Reduce Santa Teresa "Relentless strikes" (C) damage by 30%.

- Add hyper armor to "Sprenger"
- Increase reiatsu by 20.
- Increase "Blut Vein" defense from 20% to 40%; increase drain by 15%.
- buff "Sprenger" base damage 2 -> 3
- Change Hp to 1000 for Quincy 

- increase Brazo "Grua Tirar" (Z) cd by 10 seconds

Upcoming: New Segunda X move, Aizen

SHEESHGOTHACKED: 5k cash, never expires
WEAPOLOGIZE: secondary reroll, never expires
PRAYFORZENOKEI: 5k cash, never expires
THANKYOUFORSTAYING: 20k cash, never expires 

Bugs Fixes
- 2x cash doesn't work on the 1.5k you get from filling up so bar past max level
- Nozarashi shikai spirit bugs out of the map when you use X on it
- Counter Moves no longer freezes when countering a freezing move.
- Resetting skill points will remove false death from your inventory
- Using Renewal to counter a Menos stomp bugs the menos
- Primero Gun X move's hitbox has been adjusted to be more accurate.
- New Ragdoll system
   - Reduces ragdoll dealt, nerfing combos.
   - Should fix flinging of Shikai or Bankai spirit.
   - Fixes the visual glitch of players appearing sideways or upside down.
   - Should fix falling through maps.
- Pantera moves effects sometimes permanently linger even after the ability is over
- Shun Shun Rikka's shield no longer reflects after being destroyed.
- Akuma no Arano cannot heal infinitely
- Players sometimes become sideways and/or upside down (no clue how but it just happens). This is only a visual bug on other's screens
- You can use Voltstanding without being in transformation. The ability won't work but it'll put it on cd
- Blender sound continuously plays even after the ability is over
- Rolling your shikai will convert your soul nodes to skill points 
- Ragdolling a Santa Teresa (both transformed and untransformed) or a Nozarashi on the water will fling or glitch them out
- Haien and bala extra fling
- Order (Bankai Wabisuke Grab) Flinging people under map and one shotting
- Dominate (Base Wabisuke C) Flinging people under map and one shotting as well
- Horizon Slash (Katen Shikai's X) Flinging people Absurdly on hit
- Mastered Swordsman not forcing Quincy bow to swap to saber mode
- MultiHit skills kill npcs multiple times

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