Reaper 2 Race Tier List, Shikai Tier List & Hollow Evolution Guide

Want to upgrade your skill tree in Reaper 2 with soul nodes? Here is the complete guide on how to get them!

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You are interested in diving into Reaper 2 on Roblox, but if you're not sure which race is right for you you are in the right place.?Our Reaper 2 race list breaks down your three race options so that you can spend less time pondering the decision and more time living with the character you choose.

Remember that Reaper 2 has a gacha element, so you cannot choose your starting race. Instead, you must roll for it. At the same time, if you end up with the most common race, a Soul Reaper, there is even more gacha involved as the power of your character will be determined by the Shikai you unlock. So in this post will also find our Reaper 2 Shikai tier list to help you discover which Shikai you should be aiming for.

Additionally, if you end up with a Hollow, we have an evolution guide to help you understand how much grinding will be required to reach the Vastochar form, which unlocks the Hollows' full potential.

Note that Hollows have essentially reached their full power in Reaper 2 unless Hogyoku plays a part in the game. On the other hand, the Bankai form for Soul Reapers and the Sternritter form for Quincies have not been released, so there is clearly room for these two classes to become more powerful.

Reaper 2 Race Tier List and Race Rarity

SSoul Reapers50%

Each race in Reaper 2 has its own play style, mechanics, and strategy, while you could say there are sub-races in each race.

The Soul Reapers are the best class to combat in Reaper 2, but this mostly comes down to their ability to unlock the Shikai form of Zanpakutos quite early. This gives them an advantage, especially in PvP

Quincies are great for PvE grinding in Story mode, but they trail behind in PvP.

Meanwhile, hollows become powerful once you unlock their Vastochar form but this requires a lot grinding. It's worth having a look at the Hollow evolution guide here for more details.

Reaper 2 Hollow evolution guide: Hollow > Menos > Adjucha > Vasto Lorde

Just like in Bleach canon, hollows can evolve to Menos Grande as they gain more power, Growing further allows them to evolve to Adjucha by eating enough souls, but only the dedicated few turn to Vasto Lorde. To begin with, you have a 35% chance of rolling the hollow race in Reaper 2 when you start the game.

Hollow Evolution Forms:

  • Menos: This step is very simple as you just have to reach level 15 to acquire the Menoscar skill
  • Adjucha: For this step, you will have to deplete the red bar you acquire once you become a Menoschar by killing NPCs and mobs.
  • Vasto Lorde: To evolve your Adjucha to Vasto Lorde (Vastochar) you must reach level 50.

As you can tell this is a clear disadvantage for the Hollow race early on.

What is the Best Race in Reaper 2?

Despite being the most common race in Reaper 2, Soul Reapers have a powerful advantage: their ability to awaken their Sword at level 5 fully. This is the point where you have to meditate and awaken your Zanpakuto by learning its name.

Now while Soul Reapers are common and a low-tier Shikai may be pedestrian, acquiring one of the best Shikai in the game like Yamamoto's Ryujin Jakka or Ichimaru Gin's (<3) Shinso will definitely turn the tables in your favor.

Reaper 2 Shikai Tier List: What is the Best Shikai Shikai?

Unless I'm gravely mistaken, these are the correct rarities for Shikai in Reaper 2, as they must sum at 100% chance. While you have a 12% chance to get a rare Shikai, you only have a 3% chance to get the one you actually want, making Shinso slightly harder to get than Ryujin Jakka.

TierShikai & Rarity
SRyujin Jakka (4% Rarity)
Shinso (3% Rarity)
ASenbonzakura (3% Rarity)
Benihime (3% Rarity)
Katen Kyokotsu (3% Rarity)
BShode no Shirayuki (17% Rarity)
Sakanade (17% Rarity)
CWabisuke (25% Rarity)
DZangetsu (25% Rarity)

How can I get more races in Reaper 2? Race Reroll

You cannot unlock more than one race for the same character in Reaper 2. Your race is defined as soon as you start the game. However, you can change your race (Race Reroll) by spending Robux, visiting F33NY at the starting area of the game, and spending $5000, or using Reaper 2 codes that provide free Race Rerolls.

How can I reroll my Shikai in Reaper 2? Shikai Reroll

Just like your race, you cannot change your Shikai once you roll for it. However, you can either spend Robux to reroll your Shikai, buy a reroll from F33NY for $5000 (just like in the case of Race Rerolls), or use a Reaper 2 code that provides a free Shikai reroll.

As you can tell, there might be a lot of grinding required until you get the right race or the right Soul Reaper x Shikai combo.

For more info on how to power up your character in Reaper 2, you can check our guide on how to get Soul Nodes.

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