Reaper 2 codes – Free race resets (April 2022)

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In this post, you will find all the latest Reaper 2 codes. Reaper 2 is a Roblox game inspired by the popular Japanese anime Bleach, by Tite Kubo. Players in Reaper 2 must complete quests to power up their characters and acquire new powerful skills and passive effects, as they fight in a world full of hollows.

To help new Soul Reapers in this journey we have compiled a list with the latest working Reaper 2 codes, which you can redeem for in-game freebies, which include Zanpakuto rerolls, and Race rerolls.

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Now let’s move on to the list of Reaper 2 codes and how to redeem them.

All the Reaper 2 codes list

Since the codes have an expiration date, you should ensure to redeem them as soon as possible to avoid losing any rewards. Don’t forget to check our list of Roblox promo codes and Roblox game codes too!

Working Reaper 2 codes (Active)

These are the current working Reaper 2 codes:

  • THANKYOU – Redeem code for free rewards (New)
  • prestigeVasto – Redeem code for rewards (Requires to have had a Prestiged Vastochar in the past, best used on private servers)
  • prestigeAdjuchacar – Redeem code for rewards (Requires to have had a Prestiged Adjuchacar before, best used on private servers)
  • 100kMembers – Redeem code for a Secondary reset
  • newSecondary?? – Redeem code for a Secondary reset
  • freeRealDANGAI2 – Redeem code for free Dangai

Expired Reaper 2 codes (Inactive)

The codes below have already expired:

  • DROPSWHEN – Redeem for a Zanpakuto reroll
  • THISWASNTHEREB4 – Redeem for 15k Cash
  • 5kEZ – Redeem for 5k cash
  • R2DRIP – Redeem for clothes reroll
  • MONEYMONEYONEY – Redeem for free cash
  • NEWSWORDS – Redeem for a Zanpakuto reroll
  • BANKYAI – Redeem to reset soul nodes and skill points
  • AsPromised – Redeem code to get 4,000 cash
  • PapaJovahn – Redeem code to get 1,500 cash
  • ROLLSECONDARY250—Redeem for a race reroll
  • BANKAIUPDATERACEREROLL—Redeem for race reroll/reset
  • BANKAIUPDATERACEREROLL2—Redeem for race reroll/reset
  • SECONDARYREROLL—Redeem for race Reset
  • newRACEREROLL – Redeem code for Race reset
  • raceREROLL – Redeem code for a Race reset
  • RELEASERACEREROLL1—Redeem code for race reset
  • COOLRACEREROLL – Redeem code to reroll your race
  • COOLSECONDARYREROLL – Redeem code to reroll your race
  • freerealDANGAI – Redeem code for race reset
  • freeDANGAI22 – Redeem code to get free Danga minutes
  • DANGAI4FREE – Redeem code for 10 minutes of Dangai
  • Racereroll1 – Redeem code for race reset
  • Racereroll2 – Redeem code for race reset
  • Racereroll3 – Redeem code for race reset

How to redeem Reaper 2 codes

How to redeem reaper 2 codes
Reaper 2 codes – Free race resets (April 2022) 3

Redeeming Reaper 2 codes is a very simple process. You just need to follow the steps below:

  • First, launch the game.
  • On the main menu click Play.
  • Once you join a server look for the sidebar menu on the right.
  • Move your cursor there until you see the Twitter icon at the bottom.
  • Press the Twitter icon to reveal a new window with a textbox.
  • Enter an active code in the textbox.
  • Click the green SUBMIT button.
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Where to find more codes for Reaper 2

To get the latest codes you can follow the game’s developer 123imnotmomo on Twitter. To keep track of all the game updates you can also join the official Discord server for the latest news. You can also bookmark our page and check back often for code updates!

Reaper 2 description on Roblox

Complete quests to get stronger and level up or eat if you are a hollow. You get a skill point for every level which can be used in the skill tree to obtain new skills and passives. Equip new skills by opening up your inventory which is in your menu.

Controls: M – Menu
LMB – M1
RMB – M2
F – Block
Q – Dash
P – Meditate
V – Charge Reiatsu
Shift + N – See Nearby NPCs
J for Gar Portal

Special thanks to these wonderful people: Kyogoto – Ambience Music Swingset68 – Clothing

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