RAID Shadow Legends Promo Codes: Redeem for Free Resources [April 2023]

Looking for all the latest working RAID Shadow Legends promo codes?

RAID: Shadow Legends is a mobile team-based gacha RPG created, developed, and published by Plarium Games and available on the App Store, Google Play, and on PC through Plarium Play.

RAID: Shadow Legends remains one of the most popular and controversial mobile gacha RPG games. In RSL, you can collect hundreds of champions and bring them to battle in various PvE game modes. Despite its emphasis on microtransactions, some game modes, like the Clan Boss and other bosses, require very strategic hero selection and team synergy to overcome their challenges and mechanics, which is probably why the game is popular despite the heavy criticism that precedes it.

RAID Shadow Legends promo codes will help you in the game, as you can redeem them for free Energy Refills, Energy recovery, Multi-Battles, and Silver. Sadly these promotional rewards are among the least rewarding among mobile gacha RPGs, so there is that. However, new players can redeem promo codes for free champions that significantly boost their early progress.

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All RAID Shadow Legends Promo Codes

Four active Raid Shadow Legends promo codes are available for players now. Below you will find all the active and expired codes. We don't know when the codes will expire, so ensure you redeem them as soon as possible.

Note: Plarium has implemented a daily promo code redemption limit cap in the game. Players can only redeem one code per day, so ensure that you redeem the ones with the earliest expiration date first.

New and Working RAID Shadow Legends promo codes (RSL promo codes)

  • RAIDHOLIDAY – Redeem code for Energy Refills, Multi Battles, and Silver (New codeAdded on December 19th)
  • RAIDRONDA – Redeem code for 500k Silver, 150 Multi-Battle Attempts, 5x Energy Refills, and +100% XP Boost
  • LADYQUN – Redeem code for Lady Qun and some silver (New accounts only)
  • LUCKYRAID – Redeem code for Chonoru, 300,000 Silver and a Chicken(TBC) (New accounts only)
  • Powerstarter – Redeem code for Talia, Energy and Silver (New accounts only)
  • Raid22ya2 – 10 of each Brew 100,000 Silver (New accounts only)
  • Mordecai – Redeem code for Mordecai Champion (New accounts only – Android only)

If you try out too many wrong codes, you could get restricted for one hour.

Expired Raid Shadow Legends promo codes (RSL promo codes)

Here are some of the expired Raid Shadow Legends Gift Codes for your reference:

  • RAIDSUMMERGIFT – Redeem code for 100 Multi Battles, 500 Energy, 200k Silver, 3-Day EXP Boost
  • DREAMTEAM – Redeem code for 50 Multi Battles, 100 Energy, 100k Silver, 3 Days EXP Boost
  • PCRAID2022 – Redeem code for 3 Day EXP Boost, 500 Energy, 1 Clan Boss Key, and 1 Arena Tokens Refill (New accounts only)
  • RAIDGOODIES – Redeem code for free rewards (New accounts only)
  • Gator – Redeem code for free rewards (New accounts only)
  • YTPCOFFER22 – Redeem code for free rewards (New accounts only)
  • 13yearsplarium – Redeem code for 150 Multi Battles, 100 Energy, 30 Brews, 3 Days XP Boost
  • KRISKMAS21 – Redeem code for free XP, Energy Refills, and more (New accounts only)
  • RAIDXMAS21 – Redeem code for free XP, Energy Refills, and more (New accounts only)
  • TGASALE – Redeem code for free x1 Fayne Champion (Epic), 200K Silver, 60 Gems, x1 Epic Skill Tome, x10 Greater Spirit Potion, x15 Arcane Potions
  • S1MPLE – Redeem code for free 350K Silver, 3-Day XP Boost, x4 Energy Refills, x20 Magic XP Brews
  • TGA2021 – Redeem code for free XP, Energy Refills, and more (Works just for new accounts)
  • realhell – Redeem code for free 500 Energy, 1 Million Silver, Epic Book x2, and 50 Autobattles x3
  • SPOOKY13 – Redeem code for free exclusive rewards (Halloween 2021 promo code).
  • MURDERGIFT – Redeem code for free 500k Silver, 6 Energy Potions, 3-day XP boost, & 3 Multi Battle
  • GIFT1 – Redeem code for 3 days boosted XP, 5x Classic Arena refill, one Clan Boss key, and 500 energy.
  • NINJA – Redeem code for free 500k Silver, 6 Energy Potions, 3-day XP boost, & 3 Multi Battle
  • PLARIUMPLAY – Redeem code for free 5 Energy Refills, 50 Additional Multi Battles, 500k Silver, 1 Ancient Shard, and 1 Day EP Booster (Expires October 11th, 2021)
  • ESLPRO – Redeem code for free 3 potions and 3 books. (new accounts only)
  • RAID100
  • Raid375
  • Raid652
  • RSL535
  • S6L5E3
  • KH0YTY5
  • JXHK21V
  • EO3C5C9
  • D7LH79T
  • 9XX78YU
  • 90LSLN4
  • 7WPT7KM
  • 7KITTD7
  • 56SLD
  • 365RAID
  • 235RAID


How do I redeem Raid Shadow Legends promo codes?

Here is how to redeem Raid Shadow Legends promo codes in-game:

  1. Press the blue three-lined button in the upper right corner of your mobile screen. Or the hamburger button on the left of your PC screen while playing this game.
  2. Then choose Gift Codes or Promo Codes from the drop-down menu depending on where you play the game.
  3. Copy and paste or type one of the working promo codes from our list into the “Enter Promo Code” box. Copying and pasting the codes is recommended to avoid typos and case sensitivity issues.
  4. Claim your free reward by pressing the Confirm button.

What are RAID Shadow Legends promo codes?

RAID Shadow Legends promo codes are promo codes the game’s developer releases to celebrate seasonal events, game updates, and popularity milestones on the platform (Downloads, Installs, Awards, etc.). Players can redeem the codes for free in-game rewards, such as Silver, Energy Refills, Multi-Battles, and Champions for new players.

How to get more promo codes for RAID Shadow Legends

You can follow the game’s official Facebook Page, Instagram Account, and @RaidRPG on Twitter, the game’s official account, for the latest RAID Shadow Legends promo codes, news, updates, and announcements.

You can also join the official Raid: Shadow Legends Official Community Discord server for the latest codes. The Discord server is a great community hub that will allow you to interact with other players in the game’s community, find the latest game announcements, the complete update log, sneak peeks, and much more. Of course, it is also a great place to find all the latest codes.

You can also join the official Raid: Shadow Legends subreddit on Reddit for the latest discussions, news, guides, announcements, and codes.

Ideally, we recommend bookmarking this page by pressing CTRL+D on your keyboard or using the save bookmark button on your mobile device and returning to BORDERPOLAR often, as we will always ensure that we provide the latest codes right on schedule.

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