RAID: Shadow Legends Keybindings on Plarium Play

RAID: Shadow Legends supports cross-platform play on PC and Mac, thanks to Plarium Play.

Consequently, many RAID players have migrated from the mobile game to the RAID: Shadow Legends PC client. 

However, the ability to alter the game's video and graphics settings is not the only one with the desktop/laptop version.

Players can take advantage of hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts to enhance their gameplay experience.

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All RAID: Shadow Legends Keyboard Shortcuts

The following hotkeys and keybindings are available to players using the Plarium Play Launcher to play RAID:

  • P = Pause/exit Fight
  • T = Open Profile on base or Auto-Battle
  • R = Replay Battle or open Limited Special Offers tab
  • C = Champions
  • E = Events
  • Alt+Enter = Fullscreen in/out
  • Shift = Speed in Battles or to trigger the left menu
  • N = Daily rewards calling on base
  • V = Challenges calling on base
  • Z = Also shop but Packs tab
  • I = Inbox if called on base or info in battle
  • H = Clan info
  • K = Progress Missions
  • L = Daily quests
  • X = Champion Index
  • Q/W/E = Select ? A1/A2/A3 in battle
  • Enter = Start Dungeons / Dungeon menu
  • ESC = Back

With these, you can take advantage of the desktop port controls to speed up your acquiring the best champions.

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