Pumpking – Murder Mystery 2 Knife Value & Characteristics

Pumpking, a Godly knife in Murder Mystery 2, was initially available by taking it out of the Halloween Box at the 2017 Halloween Event. As the event is over, it can now only be traded. Pumpking can be salvaged to get 22 Godly Shards.

Pumpking Value & Characteristics

Item TypeKnife
Ways to Obtain2017 Halloween Box – Unbox (Deprecated)
Value50 Seers (MM2 Values)
45 (Supreme)


The blade is thin and long with a slight indent at the tip. It is black with orange engravings and has an orange edge. It has six flares made from a demon orange pumpkin and is encased by a brown prong. The handle is orange with a black paracord design attached to the prong's bottom.

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