PS5 Restock 2022: Restock schedules & rumors in the US & UK

Even nine months after the launch of Sony's next-gen console, PS5 availability remains limited, while gamers are still looking for access to the new console.

We will keep you updated with the latest news for PS5 in stock and scheduled or rumored restocks in this post, along with any potential PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition deals.

The PS5 restock is here for the latter half of the week. There will be a GameStop PS5 restock today (Thursday, Sept. 30). The restock will only take place at select GameStop stores. Restock of the Target PS5 is also expected today or Friday this week.

We are also keeping an eye on Twitter for any news of restocks this week. We suggest bookmarking and regularly refreshing this page as a result.

PS5 restock tracker – stores to check in the US

The latest PS5 restock news and rumors

Earlier this week, a restock of the PlayStation 5 arrived. On Tuesday, Sony Direct held a brief restock, and GameStop held an exclusive online drop for PowerUp Reward Pro members. It's worth considering signing up for a membership if you desperately want a PS5 console soon.

The GameStop website has a list of stores that will have stock. Queues are already forming, so you'd best get down to your local store if they're participating. 

Jake Randall, a YouTuber and full-time stock tracker, predicts a Target PS5 restock this week. Randall has solid sources at the retailer, so it's worth keeping an eye on Target this week. According to previous Target drops, this should occur between 6 a.m. – 9 a.m. Eastern Time either today or tomorrow (October 1). 

Amazon PS5 restock schedule

There is no word yet as to when or if Amazon will offer PS5s for sale. The surprise PS5 restock on Prime Day is a sign that anything can happen. The Xbox One restocks on Amazon tend to take place overnight and are most unpredictable. Another thing to keep in mind is that Amazon restocks tend to sell out quickly.

You may find more drops in those links if you keep checking them. Don't get fooled by third-party listings, as a PS5 should cost $499 and the Digital Edition $399.

Best Buy PS5 restock schedule

There were Friday afternoon PS5 restocks at Best Buy, but the retailer has also restocked the console on Thursdays and even Mondays. Best Buy does not follow a set schedule anymore. There are a couple of things to remember: Best Buy's drops always occur in the afternoons (between noon ET and 3 pm ET), and they offer the consoles at list price: $499 for the PS5 and $399 for the PS5 Digital. 

Target PS5 restock schedule

Restock dates for the PS5 have been difficult to predict. Some areas have had problems keeping stock. For instance, a Chicago resident may see PS5 inventory at their local store, while a New Yorker might not see any. Target also tends to restock early in the morning, around 8 a.m. Eastern Time. Recently, their restock sold out in a matter of minutes. 

PS5 restock – Twitter restock trackers

PS5 restock availability can also vary regionally and be limited to specific stores. You should bookmark the page and keep an eye on the retailer listings regularly in either case.

One of the best ways to find out when PS5 restock hits online retailers is following the official Sony Twitter account

We also recommend following Twitter accounts such as @PS5StockAlerts, @GYXdeals, @mattswider, @PS5Drop, and @Wario64, which are often first to have the latest updates on availability. 

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