Project Slayers Update Logs & Patch Notes – Latest Version: Update 1 – Version 2.20

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Roblox Project Slayers

Below are the latest update logs and patch notes for Roblox's Project Slayers. Project Slayers is an action RPG game on Roblox inspired by the Demon Slayer anime and manga series.

Project Slayers created the game, and players can have instant access to game update logs by joining the official Project Slayers Discord server.

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Version 2.20

-Disabled healing in competitive.
-New ultimate skill kills requirement bar (Lavendar/White color above your weapon/fist durability) Fill it up to be able to use your ultimate. (Competitive)
-Enabled Competitive Mode.

Mugen Train
-Made each chest locked to 1 player (Expires after 15 seconds) if there is only 2 people, then 3rd chest is free for all.
-Made dialogue auto skip if behind other players. (Need mobile players to test and tell me if it worked or not.)
-Made enmu teleport back ontop of train, if it gets stuck inside the train.

-Fixed Riyaku's necklace.
-Fixed Rusty necklace missing stats and icon.
-Fixed /enable.
-Buffed the haories stats.
-Added back to main menu button.
-Added public servers list.
-Added Encyclopedia 
-Fixed arrow 1st skill triggering anti exploit on multiple hits

New UIs
-You can now teleport back to the main menu within places
-New server picker ui u can choose to teleport to servers of your choice
-Encyclopedia Ui for items

Version 2.11-2.19

-Fixed npc bugs.
-Mugen train now scales chest rewards according to amount of players alive from 1 to 5 chests. (Anyone that just started it i suggest restarting it before xx:10 hits)
-Fixed private server top left code ui
-Fixed akaza flashing willow
-Hub bugs fixed
-Hub bugs fixed x2
-Disabled dungeon double speed event (Will get replaced by a different event sometime soon)
-Made mugen train always drop atleast 3 chests of rewards even if only 1-2 people are alive at the end 
(Still scales up to 5 chests if there is 5 people)
-Fixed akaza in new servers and all pvp servers x69
-Added a swap option to clan saver
-Dungeons fixed
-Fixed ouwigahara leaderboard only showing top 10. There is going to be a leaderboard reset for ouwigahara today, as i nerf stuff that is too op in it. to make it properly competitive. Thank you for understanding. Till then competitive is going to be disabled.
-Healing skills disabled in ouwigahara. (Competitive only) 
-Swap button: Swaps your saved clan with your current clan
-Load button: Replaces current clan with saved clan and resets saved clan to "None"

Version 2.10

-Fixed vanity items not giving stats.
-Fixed items that not auto equipping. (If you find more that it happens to let us know in bugs report)
-Added haorie buffs to the inventory stats list.
-Seperated neckware items from hats category.
-Seperated haoris from clothing category.
-Buffed Urokodaki mask.
-Vanity added to all haories.
-Vanity added to all clothing.
-Attempt #1 fixing mugen train for mobile.

Version 2.09

-Nerfed double speed event speed buff.
-Nerfed the scaling on amount of fodder per boss stage.
-Buffed exp reward a tiny bit.

Mugen Train
-Added a 4th chest that is guaranteed to contain 1 drop from old map (Except for insect katana and includes the new haories).

-Nerfed Orenjibisuto Mask sword boost from 2 to 1.
-Nerfed Akuma no ie Mask strength boost from 2 to 1.
-Buffed all necklace boosts from 2.5% to 5%.
-Fixed flame and mist katanas not being sellable.
-Fixed some vanity items make you bald when vanity is off.
-Fixed being able to equip both scythe and claws same time.
-Fixed stamina not updating when equipping stamina buff items.

Version 2.08

-Blue spider lily can only be collected by people doing the muzan quest
-Fixed final selection time

Version 2.07

-Attempt #2 fixing akaza ultimate bugness
-Reduced spider lilly spawn time by 50%.
-You can now wear both scarfs and necklaces at the same time.
-Chest loot is now locked to having done 5% damage.
Inosuke pants vanity and fixing vanity baldness on some items, will come sometime this week

Version 2.06

-Reduced the duration for mobile clan skills to be disabled by 4 taps.
-Potential fix to devouring rush flinging people into no where.
-Fixed swamp trap affecting non grabable bosses.
-Fixed Inosuke pants attempt #2
-Fixed old dungeon breaking from swamp ultimate and enmu ultimate.

Version 2.05

Version 2.05 update log
-Disabled blades damage in all gamemode content.
-Buffed tier 3 and tier 5 chests (Tier 5 now have double drop rate of tier 3).
-Fixed inosuke pants potentially :DiaPray: 
-Added dummy npcs for private servers. (They are in the waterfall cave)
-Fixed level 4 and level 5 demons.
-Added fish sales man into ouwohana.
-Fixed akaza ultimate.
-Buffed akaza ultimate damage.
-Reduced flame and mist skills breathing drain.
-Fixed final selection missing run/dash/shiftlock for mobile
-Adjusted Rengoku cooldowns.

Update 1 Patch Notes: November 4th, 2022

New Max Level: 175
New Mastery Max: 200

New Map/Villages
Nomay Village
Cave 1 
Frozen Lake 
Village 2
Mist Trainer Location 
Wop’s Training Grounds
Beast Cave
Wop City
Mugen Train Station
Akeza Cave
Cave 2
Requirement: Level 50

New Bosses
Swamp Demon

New Mini Bosses

New Game Modes
[RAID] Mugen Train.
[DUNGEON] Ouwigahara.
Breathing Styles
Flame Breathing
Beast Breathing
Mist Breathing

Blood Demon Arts
Swamp BDA
Dream Manipulation BDA 
Destructive Death BDA

Breathing Level
Level 4: Recovery Breath
Level 5: Enhanced Speed Breath

Demon Level
Level 4: + Stamina + Strength
Level 5: + Stamina + Strength

New Clans 
Rengoku (Supreme)
Tokito (Mythic)
Hashibara (Mythic)
Soyama (Mythic)
Sabito (Legendary)
Kuwajima (Legendary)
Makamo (Legendary)

Fighting Style
Soryu (Akaza Fighting Style)

New Weapons:
Metal Scythe
Skull Scythe
Flame Katana
Beast Katanas 
Waterfall Katana
Tornadic Katana
Volcanic Katana
Thundercloud Katana
Cloud Katana
Butterfly Katana
Mist Katana
Champion Katana
Bone Claws
Skull Claws

New Items:

Old Lantern 

Flower Fox Mask
Fawx Mask
Panther Mask
Hire Tsuna Mask
Akuma no ie Mask
Yatagarasu Mask
Akuma Mask
Yatagarasu Mask
Orenjibisuto Mask 
Akuma Kurenza Mask 
Foxie Mask
Fox King mask
Blue Fox Mask
Purple Foxie
Hiretsuna Kitsune Mask
Fishing Rod

Bamboo Rod

Mist Necklace
Swamp Necklace
Flame Necklace
Shockwave Necklace
Arrow Necklace
Butterfly Necklace
Water Necklace
Thunder Necklace
Beast Necklace
Wind Necklace 
Tamari Necklace
Dream Necklace
Blood Necklace
Reaper Necklace
Rusty Necklace
Striped Green Scarf
White Scarf
Black Hooded Scarf
Brown Scarf
Red Scarf
Black Caped Scarf
Shadow Haorie 
Black Lilly Haorie
Black Spider Haorie
Dark Green Haorie
Green Vine Haorie
Olive Green Flower Haorie
Purple Flower Haorie
Sakura Haorie
Sleeveless Dragon Haorie
Yellow Haorie
Train Ticket (used for mugen Train)

10/28/22  .  GAME BALANCES

Reminder: Some Stuff were not mentioned (click blue text to watch full video

All Clans above common clans got a slight change in stats.
Added Soothing Voice to Ubuyashiki Clan (puts opponents' moves on cd).

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