Project Slayers Final Selection: Times, Countdowns, Location, Questline & Rewards

Roblox Project Slayers is an action RPG/fighting game inspired by Demon Slayer. In the game you can follow either the path of a human Demon Slayer or that of a Demon. In Demon Slayer canon, Final Selection is the process which humans must complete after training with their Breathing trainers to officially become Demon Slayers. Only those who survive the challenge will become Demon Slayers.

In Project Slayers you will also have to complete the Final Selection to become a Demon Slayer.

There is a really simple way to cheese the Hand Demon, but a party is recommended anyway to get through all the quests in Final Selection much faster.

Project Slayers Final Selection Guide

In this guide we will attempt to answer all your questions related to Final Selection in the game.

Final Selection Requirements

To be viable for the Final Selection you must still be a human and at least level 15.

Final Selection Schedule and Start Times

The tricky part about Final Selection is that you can only do the quest at certain times on a daily basis. Final Selection is available at 6am, 11am, 4pm, and 10pm EST every day. Since the the time each of the four Final Selection slots is no the same, we have created four individual timers to help you find out when the next Final Selection slot opens:

6am EST Time Slot

[countdown date=2022/07/21-13:00:00 period=0:24:0:0]
Time until next Final Selection 6am time slot: [timer]

11am EST Time Slot

[countdown date=2022/07/21-18:00:00 period=0:24:0:0]
Time until next Final Selection 11am time slot: [timer]

4pm EST Time Slot

[countdown date=2022/07/21-23:00:00 period=0:24:0:0]
Time until next Final Selection 4pm time slot: [timer]

10pm EST Time Slot

[countdown date=2022/07/21-5:00:00 period=0:24:0:0]
Time until next Final Selection 10pm time slot: [timer]

How to get to the Final Selection: Location & Ways to Travel

Image Source: Project Slayers/BORDERPOLAR

As you can see, Final Selection's location is as far as it can possibly be from the spawn location at Kiribating Village. While questing and leveling up may take you there anyway, there are some alternatives to get there fast.

The easiest way is to find the Horse Guy (there is one in every village and major location) and fast travel to Final Selection's area. To do that, you must first purchase the location on your map for one map point (it costs 1,200 Wen) and fast travel just before the Final Selection starts..

Final Selection Questline

Here are all the quests in the Final Selection questline, which starts by talking to Beth.

  1. Find Beth's Katana: This video by Xorify is great see the Katana's location (Quest 1 starts at 3:46). Beth's Katana is located behind a hill, which you will encounter on your right side as you follow the road that starts close to Beth and has ramp that will get you to a higher altitude.
    • Reward: 75 Exp & 250 Wen)
  2. Take care of the Sakurai Demons
    • Reward: 125 Exp & 340 Wen
  3. Find Ouwbae's Food: Actually Ouwbae's Food is really close to him in front of a hill. (Quest 3 starts at 4:48)
    • Reward: 100 Exp & 215 Wen
  4. Help Brandon Defeat 7 Yowai Demons
    • Reward: 150 Exp & 445 Wen
  5. Help Many Defeat 5 Heikin Demons
    • Reward: 175 Exp & 450 Wen
  6. Help Steve to defeat the Hand Demon
    • Reward: 450 Exp & 750 Wen

How to beat Hand Demon in Final Selection (Cheese method)

There is a really easy way to beat the Hand Demon once you reach quest 6. All you have to do is go to the ending area of the Final Selection, where the boss is, and pull him towards the cave entrance where the two Ubuyashiki sisters stand. You can then climb the stone walls and attack Hand Demon from up there with your long range attacks, or even get close to his head to hit him with melee and then back off.

His ground attacks won't affect you up there, and he can only hit you with 1-2 attacks that do little damage.

Here is a great video showcasing the method (10:09 mark):

Final Selection Rewards: Becoming a Demon Slayer

Once you complete the Final Selection you will become a Demon Slayer and you can now wear a Slayer Corps uniform. You will also be able to climb the ranks from Mizunoto to Hashira as you progress through the game. You will also receive an Ore, a premium currency that you can use for premium purchases in the game instead of Robux. Finally, you will receive a Kusugai Crow, just like the novice Demon Slayers in the anime. You will not receive a Nichirin though, probably because you should have one by now anyway.

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