Project Slayers Controls Guide [PC & Mobile]

In this guide we will demonstrate the full Project Slayers controls list in both PC and mobile devices. While the game's controls are pretty straightforward on PC, so it would be easy to figure them out by yourself, that is not the case with mobile controls, where some options are somewhat obscure. Don't worry though, this guide will answer all your questions!

All Project Slayer Controls & Combos

Default Controls on PC

  • M1 – Combat (L Click).
  • M2 – Combat (R Click).
  • M – Menu.
  • Q – Dash.
  • F – Block.
  • H – Carry.
  • CTRL – Wall Climb.
  • Left Shift – Sprint.
  • Left Alt – Mouse Lock.

Default Controls on Mobile

Project Slayers Controls on Mobile
Image Source: Project Slayers/BORDERPOLAR
  • Use your left thumb on the bottom left corner as a rotational D-Pad
  • Press the Demon Hand icon to enable combat mode. It will reveal the L and R controls, along with the buttons for Block, Run Lock, Run, and Jump. For all these you just need to press the specified button to perform the action.
  • You can use the index of your right hand's index finger for L and the middle finger for R on the right side of the game screen. The white vertical line separates the two.
  • Tap and hold down one finger to reveal the in-game menu. Repeat to close it.
  • Tap and hold down two fingers to reveal the Carry and Eat Soul button, repeat to close it. Pressing the corresponding button will perform the specific task.

Combo Variations

  • LRLRL or SPACE: Air Combo
  • RRLRL: Special Combo
  • LLRLR: Special Combo

How to Carry in Project Slayers

You are going to need to Carry someone in at least one quest in Project Slayers. In Somi‘s quest #2 you will have to carry Riyaku and defeat two subordinates while doing so. Additionally, if you want to become a Demon one objective of Muzan‘s quest requires you to carry Doctor Higoshima to Muzan. To do so on PC you will need to just press H, while on mobile you will have to tap the screen with two fingers and hold to show the carry button, then press it to carry the person.

Note that taking damage won't drop the person from are carrying from your back, but getting knocked down will.


This is everything you need to know about leveling up and making money fast in Project Slayers.

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