Project Slayers Breathing Tier List [April 2023]

Taking the path of a Demon Slayer in Roblox Project Slayers will have you performing Breathing, just like the Hashira and lower-ranked Demon Slayers in the popular anime & manga series. Consequently, we have compiled a Breathing Tier List to help you identify the best Breathing when you roll using Breathing spins.

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Breathing Tier List – Project Slayers

In this Tier List I tried to rank Breathing Styles based on potential rather than on how much skill it requires to get there. It seems to be that Wind and Water Breathing are the hardest to master, while Insect and Thunder are more newbie friendly, as the first one can generate combos in close range very easily, while the latter has pretty big range.

As a Wind Breathing user, I think it has the most potential, as all of its six moves are combo extenders. You can press Z to knock an enemy down and then you dash on them to continue you combo, X needs some orientation and aiming to know down the enemy towards the direction you will end up to continue the combo. C and V have quite a small range but they both leave the opponent quite close to you, while B both does nice damage and is easy to combine with C or V.

Regardless of you Breathing, you really need to get used to the orange bar on the left of your screen that prevents you from casting another move. Some moves have a bigger orange bar so it's best to use them right before you a 5m1 combo, while others can easily combined with one another.

It takes time and I'm by no means skilled at it, but generally its PvP that dictactes how good a breathing is.


I believe all Breathings are on equal footing in PvE. Once your Gourd Training gets you to level 3 (Total Concentration) it's easy to manage your Breathing Points so that you won't run out of option. At Level 50 (which I would call mid game) and 62 Wind Mastery all bosses except for the T2 ones (Giyu, Yahaba, Susamaru) are easy to deal with, for the most part. Shiron is probably the most annoying one for me as you have to fight her from long range (she does some nasty combos at close range) and knock her down to start you combo.

Thunder Breathing stands out the most as it has some insane range, but Wind and Insect are both great for combos, while Water Breathing can do some nasty damage too, even though it has a weak first move and can't always close range that well. As a Wind Breathing user, I sometimes find it challenging to time my Clean Storm Wind Tree (C) and Move Black Wind Mountain Mist (V) and the boss is either slightly too far (so the moves miss) or too close (so I get knocked and waste the moves too).


Insect and Water Breathing have one advantage over Wind and Thunder, as they have two block breaker moves (3rd and 6th for Insect, 5th and 6th for Water). However, this only means that you need to be more careful with you timing with Wind and Thunder.

For instance, opening up with your Guard Breaker Ultimate can be good idea for Wind Breathing, as it will also stun the opponent and then you can either land on them or dash/X to them and start a combo.

Wind Breathing: Great as all moves are combo extenders, but somewhat unforgiving if you don't start a combo properly. It has two really close range moves (C and V) and neither of them are guard breakers. It may be the best Breathing in the game for PvP, but that doesn't mean everyone can unlock its potential. Also, the sixth move can be hard to aim once you are mid-air.

Thunder Breathing: Thunder Breathing has two slashes (the first and sixth move) while the fourth move has crazy range. This makes it hard to tell whether you should stay close or far away from a Thunder user, as there not any 100% safe space. Its third move (Rapid Slashes) may not be a guard breaker but it's really nasty.

Insect Breathing: I believe this Breathing is really nasty at close combat, with the 3rd move, which is also a guard breaker, being the epitome of that. Probably the easiest Breathing on which you can do long combos. This is evident if you fight Shiron as she combo you to oblivion. However, getting to close range can be a challenge for Insect Breathing users (unless the opponent closes in on you, which usually means that you end up on the ground). I think this Breathing Style benefits the most from Shinobu's Katana (which makes sense).

Water Breathing: The first move is quite bad, but the second one (Water Wheel) is really hard to block even though it's blockable (I have never blocked it successfully, although the average Roblox player is probably more skilled than me). One downside is that only the 5th move (Water Basin) and Water Wheel allow you to get in close range and Water Basin is not as easy to use as Wind's Dust Wind Cutter and Thunder's two Thunderfold and Flash variants.

The tier list below will give a first look at the most potent Breathings in the game:

SWind Breathing
A+Thunder Breathing
A+Insect Breathing
AWater Breathing

Note that to acquire any kind of Breathing your character must be at least level 12 and have a sword, which costs 1,069 Wen. You will also need to pay another 5,000 to the corresponding trainer for each Breathing to start that Breathing's questline.

The video below provides a great showcase of all the Breathing in Project Slayers:

That's all for our Project Slayers Breathing Tier List! If you play the game as a Demon make sure to check our Project Slayers Blood Demon Arts Tier List. Also check our Project Slayers locations map, and our guides on how to get Water Breathing, Thunder Breathing, Insect Breathing, and Wind Breathing. For more Project Slayers guides, check our website's Project Slayers section!

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