Project Slayers Blood Demon Arts Tier List [April 2023]

Taking the path of a demon in Roblox Project Slayers will have you performing Blood Demon Arts. Consequently, we have compiled a Blood Demon Arts (BDA) Tier List to help you identify the best BDA when you roll using BDA spins.

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BDA Tier List – Project Slayers

The tier list below will give a first look at the most potent Blood Demon Arts in the game:

SBlood Explosion Art
ATamari Ball Art
BReaper Art
BArrow Art

The video below provides a great showcase of all the Blood Demon Arts in Project Slayers:

That's all for our Project Slayers Blood Demon Art Tier List, but don't forget to check our Breathing Tier List! Also check our Project Slayers locations map, and our guides on how to get Water Breathing, Thunder Breathing, Insect Breathing, and Wind Breathing. For more Project Slayers guides, check our website's Project Slayers section!

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