Project New World Update Log: Blackleg Update

The complete Project New World update log along with all the latest update patch notes!

Project New World Update Log

This post will cover the complete Project New World update log and patch notes. Project New World is an action RPG game on Roblox inspired by the popular anime and manga One Piece. You can acquire powerful Devil Fruits, Swords, and Accessories, defeat enemies and bosses to complete quests and level up, and increase your bounty to become the Pirate King.

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Project New World Update Log

Below you will find the complete Project New World update log with all the latest update patch notes.

Update 8: Blackleg (January 27th, 2023)

------------------------- Blackleg + Fishman Island -------------------------
Fishman Island + Increased Level Cap
Neptune Boss 
Fishman Trident - Can be bought from Fork Merchant at a price of a fork. 5% Fork drop from Neptune.
Accessory: Neptune's Crown (5%) - grants water immunity
Blackleg - Sold at Baratie for 50k$
Bounty Cap Increase 700k -> 800k
Group Code: GROUPONLY - +10k$ Cash

- XMAS Event has come to an END. Krampus Scythe + Sled are now unobtainables.
- Optimized inventory
- New Lunarian wings + animated rig
- Increased Light Kick  size by 25%
- Increased Drop Rate of the first two island boss accessories. 
- Optimized a TON in-game. Mobile should experience less lag
- Reduced dark blade x skill sfx volume
- Increased 2SS v1 twister hitbox size 
- Fixed boat merchant + dealer text typo
- Fruit stock should ping the legendary role now
-Fixed mobile buttons disappearing .

Update 7: Seabeast (January 17th, 2023)

-------------------------- SeaBeast + Operation [BIG UPDATE] -----------------------
Half Hot/Half Cold Island + Increased Level Cap
Sea Beast Superboss - multi-steps to spawn at rocky pillars.
SeaBeast Hammer (v1) - 2.5% SeaBeast Drop
SeaBeast Armor + SeaBeast Helmet (v1)
Operation Fruit - Rare
Operation Blade
Bounty Cap Increase 600k -> 700k
Accessory: Black Shades - regular boss drop

- Made it significantly easier to level up (Level 400+ quests will now give MUCH MORE EXP.)
- Mini puzzles to spawn seabeast and another mini puzzle to obtain SB Armor set - Crafted with SeaBeast Core (1%) and Icy Ore
- Revamped some accessories (Golden Pauldrons, Glasses, Eyepatch, Oversized Helmet) -- more soon
- Added breakable walls/objects (puzzles/hidden sellers) You now have to punch down Soul Cane seller wall to  go through it (3 hits)
- Optimized the soundtracks
- Fruit-stock channel (beta)
- Optimized buso model
- Blacksmith npc at starter island
- Made it so you're unable to obtain a duplicate of each item unless used. [match, ore, etc]
- Added descriptions to all accessories
- Hidden Magma Minion NPC that sells op blade
- Made Kilo fruit a common + reduced price
- Increased Flame Emperor explosion sfx volume 
- New Mace Boss model
- Reduced Light Fruit price

Update 6 (January 8th, 2023)

----------------------------- Update 6 / Flame ----------------------------- 
Impel Jail + Increased Level Cap/Stat Cap + Increased Bounty Cap 500k -> 600k
Flame Fruit
Small puzzle to Spawn Fire Fist boss (light fireplace + find pearls)
Fire Fist Superboss (1% to drop Flame fruit + Accessory)
Soul Cane - Hidden in wall (100k$)
Accessory: Pearl Necklace
Accessory: Warden Hat

- Added safezones to new islands
- Striker speed increased + bigger flames for Flame Fruit users
- Flame Fruit buffs Pipe Sword + Fire Effect (10%)
- Performance changes  & bug fixes

Update 5 (January 4th, 2023)

----------------------------- Update 5 / SAND -----------------------------
Revolutionary Island + Increased Level Cap [Level 1300 -> Stat Cap 1625]
Bounty Cap Increase 400k -> 500k
Sand Fruit 
Buso Lv2 Trainer
New Buso Model
Patched Fame + Bounty farming bots

- 'MAX' text when u reach max 
- Rarity Texts now work!
- Made it so you can only get bounty by killing each person 3 times MAX per day
- Made it so you can only get fame for your crew by killing each person 3 times MAX per day
- Crew owner shudnt be able to invite a player under level 50
- Shoudnt be able to accept an invite if ur under level 50
- Shudnt be able to capture flags if ur under level 50
- Reduced Pumpkin Quest level req to 15
- Requced Barrel Quest level teq to 20

Update 4 (January 1st, 2023)

------------------------ Update 4 Electricity ------------------------ 
Sky Islands + Increased Level Cap + Bounty Cap Increase 300k -> 400k
Thunder God Boss w/ 2 drops
Electricity Fruit (LEGENDARY)
Sword: Golden Staff (1% drop chance)
Accessory: Drums (1% drop chance)

- Crew leaderboards show top 100 now, not top 10
- Winter themed start menu
- Fixed mobile buttons not visible sometimes
- Fixed not able to leave crew and getting stuck in crew forever
- Fixed poster life not showing for marine
- Added member count to crews
- Fixed several crew bugs
- Changed combat hitbox
- & other patches

Paw & Crew Update Patch Notes (December 28th, 2022)

-------------------- Paw & Crew UPDATE:-----------------
Bounty Cap Increase 200k -> 300k
Crew System + Fame System
Island Capturing System - Crews can claim to obtain fame + rewards every 5 min
Paw Fruit - Rare

- Made Uncommons + Rares EASIER to obtain!
- Reduced price of tremor + dark fruit
- Removed loading screen for mobile
- Removed click sfx for mobile
- Made it so bosses dont use their skill on aggro
- Nerfed bosses walkspeed
- Chest open effect
- Boats spawn a bit closer

Christmas Update Patch Notes (December 25th, 2022)

-------------------- Christmas UPDATE:-----------------
Ice Fruit (Legendary)
Added Iceberg (behind starter) + Christmas theme
Krampus Boss Level 400. - can be spawned via Present Quest from Tremor Caluse NPC located at iceberg.
Deliver Present Quest (to spawn krampus)
Holiday Scythe - 7.5% Krampus Drop!
Sled Boat - 1% drop chance from Krampus Boss OR 399R$

- Reduced logia reflex level requirement from +10 above npcs to +5 
- Reduced fruit stat level requirements significantly for ALL rarities
- Nerfed Clown Boss HP by 35%
- Buffed Marine Captain quest exp
- Adjusted satyr quest exp
- Added new land animation when you jump from high places
- Loads of bug fixes

Tremor Update Patch Notes (December 24th, 2022)

---------------------------- Tremor ---------------------------- 
Tremor Girl Superboss - Summonable by Key (2.5% drop from Ice Admiral)
Tremor Fruit
Hidden Bisento V1 Seller (bought for 500k$) + Bisento V2 (7.5%% evolution chance killing Tremor Girl)
Accessory: Cape - obtained via White Orb by speaking to Bisento Merchant (7.5%% drop from Tremor Girl) 
Bounty Cap Increase 100k -> 200k

- Added safezones to all islands.
- Killshare requirement: 35% -> 20%
- Fixed Stat Refund giving negative gems. If you have negative gems, you'll be reset to 0.
- Made it so you don't need to enter your user id EVERY time you fail verification. It'll save.
- Nerfed ALL superbosses by 40% 
- Mobile Ui overlapping movement Ui FIXED.
- Fixed 2SS boss not spawning after he despawns
- Fixed Dark Vortex cooldown issue. It's 7 sec now.
- Player doesnt detect new pumpkin when on quest fixed
- Fixed safe zone ui overlapping dialogue

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