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If you are wondering whether Project Inazuma has an official Trello board, we are here to help you with the link to the official Project Inazuma Trello link and answers to all your FAQs.

Project Inazuma is a Roblox soccer simulator game in which you can play at any position on the field, roll for a Clan, upgrade your Stats, and unlock powerful Hissatsu ultimate moves to help your team win matches and tournaments.

Roblox user @Wyzloc created the game on 9/19/2022.

Project Inazuma Discord Invite Link

You can also join the official Project Inazuma community Discord Server for more information about the game.

Project Inazuma Twitter

There is no Twitter account for Project Inazuma at the moment.

Is there a Project Inazuma Wiki?

No, there is no Project Inazuma Wiki currently, and it is unlikely there will be one, as most Roblox games rely on Trello to share game guides and information.

Project Inazuma Trello Link

Below you will find the link to the official Project Inazuma Trello:

On Project Inazuma's Trello, you will find information and guides about the game. Here is some of the information you can still find there:

  • Stats Guide
    • Standard Level Cap
    • Power
    • Speed
    • Defense
    • Dribble
    • Intellect
  • Every Clan available to roll for:
    • Common Clans (79% Roll Chance)
      • Tsunami
      • Someoka
      • Kiyama
      • Wyz
      • Afuro
      • Ichinose
    • Rare Clans (20% Roll Chance)
      • Inamori: While awakened, gain the hissatsu Sunrise Blitz
      • Yuuto: You give an aura to everyone on the opposing team in awakening. It nerfs their stats by -10
      • Ichirouta: You become a track star in awakening. +50 speed
      • Fudou: 50 additional intelligence while awakened
      • Tachimukai: While awakened, gain the hissatsu Blue Godhand
    • Super Rare/Epic Clans(?)
      • Gouenji
        • In awakening, you gain a HUGE power boost and a minor boost to other stats. a fiery aura surrounds you.
        • Awakening:
          • 30 additional speed
          • 20 additional defense
          • 70 additional power
      • Fubuki
        • Fubuki's passives: Increased tackle distance and full control while tackling
        • Awakening:
          • Being able to tackle your own teammates
          • 40 additional power
          • 30 additional intelligence
          • 20 additional speed
          • 10 additional dribbling
          • The awakening lasts for 5 mins and can only be triggered once your team is 2 points behind.
      • Endou
        • Awakening:
          • 15 additional power
          • 20 additional intelligence
          • 15 additional speed
          • 20 additional dribbling
          • 35 additional defense
          • Everyone on your team gains a yellow aura. You have inspired your team to win! Everyone has +20 stats in everything which is on your team.
          • If you're a goalkeeper, you get a passive where if you block the ball, you use fireball knuckle. The get ball blasted back.
          • The awakening lasts for 5 minutes and can only be triggered once your team is 2 points behind.
      • Matsukaze
        • Awakening:
          • If you dribble/dash at the right time when someone tries to slide tackle, the person who tried to tackle you will fall over.
          • 50 additional dribble
          • 20 additional speed
          • 10 additional intelligence
          • 20 additional defense
          • 50 additional power
          • The awakening lasts for 5 mins and can only be triggered once your team is 2 points behind.
    • You have a 1% chance to roll for the Alien Clan.
      • Aliens have a level cap of 130
      • They also get one uncapped stat which is also random.
      • For example, some aliens could have uncapped dribbling, and others speed, defense, power, or intellect.
    • All Hissatsus Guide and how to get a Hissatsu in Project Inazuma.

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Project Inazuma Trello FAQ

How to get a Hissatsu in Project Inazuma?

The way to get a hissatsu is by going to an in-game meteor event every hour. You'll be playing a 4vs4 match. The winning team will have a 5% chance of getting a hissatsu.

If your team is lucky enough to trigger the Hissatsu drop after winning, you can get a common, rare, or legendary Hissatsu:

Hissatsu Drop Chances:
Common 60%
Rare 39%
Legendary 1%

Which Hissatsu moves are available in Project Inazuma?

Here are the currently available Hissatsus in the game (rarity information is not available for some Hissatsus on the game's Trello Board):

Fire Tornado
Black Tornado
Dark Tornado
Eternal Blizzard
Mach Wind
Death Star
God Knows (Legendary)
Ghost Lock
Z Slash
Spiral Draw
Ice Ground
Drill Smasher (Common)
Colosseo Guard (Rare)
Blue God Hand (Rare)
God Hand (Special)
Majin The Hand (Legendary)

Project Inazuma Controls and Keybinds

Ball Keybinds:
A+Q = Left Dash
D+Q = Right Dash
W+Q = Forwards Dash
S+Q = Backwards Dash
Goalie Blocking Keybinds:
A+Q = Left Block
D+Q = Right Block
W+Q = Forwards Catch (WIP)
S+Q = Backwards Catch (WIP)

Other Keybinds:
T = Header
R = Block / Grab Ball
F = Sprint
Left Click = Slide / Tackle

What are the possible Ball Types in Project Inazuma?

1) Danger Ball
A Danger ball is when the ball is highlighted purple. Being in the air allows you to knock it in a different direction. If you do this, it will eat at your endurance, though.
2) Air Ball
An air ball is when the ball is highlighted red. You can change its direction by bumping into it without taking endurance damage.
3) Ground Ball
Ground balls are highlighted in white. You can only catch them by pressing R (Block) or walking into it. When the ball hits the ground, it has iframes before it can be touched. It is recommended that if a GK spots a ground ball, press R immediately and time it.

What is Endurance in Project Inazuma?

Endurance is like a player's HP. Every time your endurance reaches 0, you have a 5% chance of injury.
When your endurance bar hits 0, you have to take a 5-minute break from playing in the game. You become a benched player!

Project Inazuma Tips

You can intercept the ball by jumping into it or sliding when the ball is in the air.
You will get used to most of the controls in a few hours
When the ball converts from air to ground, it has iframes for a small timeframe (cant be grabbed)

How to play Goalkeeper in Project Inazuma?

A goalie can block three kinds of shots: Air balls, Danger Balls, and Ground Balls.
Goalies can only use their dashes inside the penalty box. Doing them outside would cause a foul.
Goalies have enhanced range to block air balls and more power to their blocks.

Project Inazuma Team

Owner: Wyzloc
Co-owner: Silver
Manager: Bor
Modeler: Kuro
Admin: Kels
Admin: Nag

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