Pro Piece codes – Free gems and stat resets [October 2023]

In this post, you will find the latest Roblox Pro Piece codes. Pro Piece ( is an online multiplayer video game created by developer Cool group for big cool people for the user-generated game platform Roblox. It is based heavily on the popular Japanese manga and anime series One Piece and takes place in a world heavily inspired by it.

In Pro Piece, the player's goal is to explore the world, power up their characters, obtain unique powers with the infamous devil fruits, and raise their bounties as pirates. Another game feature is performing spins to get new items, similar to Coin Master spins. This guide will provide you with all the active Pro Piece codes, which you can redeem for free spins and power up your ninja.

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All Roblox Pro Piece Codes

Below you will find all the active and expired Pro Piece codes. We don’t know when the codes will expire, so ensure you redeem them as soon as possible. If new codes do not work, you can relaunch the game to join a different server that may have an updated game build.

New and Working Pro Piece codes

Here are all the currently available promo codes for Pro Piece.

Here's a look at all the valid codes for Roblox Pro Piece.

  • OwnerIsSus – Redeem code for 50 Beli
  • ProPieceReallyHaveCode – Redeem code for Stat Reset

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Expired Pro Piece codes

The Roblox Pro Piece codes below no longer work:

  • H4LL0WEEN – Redeem code for 50 free gems
  • S0RR94LATE – Redeem code for 50 free gems
  • 6KLIKES – Redeem code for Stat Refund
  • OwnerIsSus – Redeem code for 50 Beli
  • SEABEASTISHERE – Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • ProPieceReallyHaveCode – Redeem code for Stat Reset
  • OMGNEWFROOTS – Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • Update11 – Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • 14KFAVS – Redeem code for 50 Gems

How do I redeem Pro Piece codes

You can redeem codes in Pro Piece in the character customization (or editing) area.

How do I redeem Roblox Pro Piece Codes
Image Credit: Roblox

Here are the steps to redeem codes in the game:

  • First of all, open the game and start playing.
  • Press the Code button next to the Stats button on the bottom left side of the screen.
  • After that, the code redemption window will pop up.
  • Enter a working code into the Enter Code input text field.
  • Press Redeem.
  • Enjoy your free rewards.

Also, keep in mind that the Pro Piece codes are case-sensitive. Therefore, it is better to paste them to avoid any mistakes. Even more importantly, make sure to redeem as soon as possible as they expire fast.

Where can I find more Pro Piece codes

Other than this post you can stay up-to-date about the latest codes and updates of the game, by joining the game's official Discord server.

Pro Piece description on Roblox

Update Log : 
Merry Christmas!!!
[+] Christmas Event Part 1
   - Added Christmas Island
   - Added Christmas Blade
   - Added Presents Spawning
   - New Code! "M3RRYXMAS" for 100 Gems
[+] Fixes
   - Fixes Pole bugs in mobile support
   - The Event tier Items Now have its own Colour in the Inventory box!
++ Mores!! 

Level Cap : 1650
Bounty Cap : 500K

Q: Dash
Ctrl : Run
Hold E at Spawned Fruit to pick it up

Current Fruits in-game  : Bomb , Propeller ,Invisible , Sand , Love , Dark , Quake , Fire , Light , Smoke , Ice , Rumble , Paw  , Gas , Barrier , Dark&Quake

Version : 16.5
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