Pornhub to use a third-party firm for ID verification of uploaded content

Last Updated on October 26, 2021 by Anastasios Antoniadis

Update: Pornhub's legal saga continues with a lawsuit filed by 34 women.

Pornhub has been on damage control ever since a New York Times report published in December accused it of allowing the monetization of child exploitation, revenge porn, and other illegal content with its lax policy enforcement. Since then, the website has expounded upon its steps, including getting the services of a third-party firm called Yoti to verify users' identities uploading content.

Shortly after the NYT piece went out, Pornhub banned all uploads from unverified users and prevented people from downloading videos. It then removed millions of videos from its platform, all uploaded by unverified users and non-content partners. The website and all the properties owned by its parent company MindGeek now only accept uploads by its Model Program members, namely studio partners, and verified users.

Anyone who wants to join the program will have to verify their identities through Yoti, which requires applicants to submit a current photo and a government-approved ID. According to Ars Technica, Yoti is a London-based company whose customers (Pornhub, in this case) wouldn’t see any documentation submitted at all. In its support documents, Yoti says it can only see people’s submitted data for up to seven days while it verifies that their photo matches the one in their government ID using face recognition software. After that, it encrypts the information such that the company itself won’t see it anymore.

Pornhub lawsuit 34 women sexual exploitationnbsp Pornhub Pornhub is set to start using a thirdparty firm for ID verification after multiple allegations of underage content being distributed

Also, Pornhub says its parent company expanded its moderation efforts with human moderators dedicated to reviewing every single upload. It recently launched a Trusted Flagger Program, as well, which gives 40 non-profit organizations dedicated to child safety on the internet the power to flag anything they think violates the website’s Terms of Service. The videos' non-profit partners' flag will be immediately disabled to prevent their spread as soon as possible if they genuinely contain illegal content.

“Pornhub content reviewer” would make for an interesting job title. At least now Pornhub tries to do something about a situation almost all adult content websites turn a blind eye for.


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