Pokemon GO Furfrou Weaknesses and Counter Picks for Raids and PVP

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. This is a list of the top Furfrou counters in Pokemon GO, so you can take advantage of these natural weaknesses and strike down your …

Pokemon GO Furfrou Weaknesses And Counter Picks For Raids And PVP

This is a list of the top Furfrou counters in Pokemon GO, so you can take advantage of these natural weaknesses and strike down your furry foe.

Furfrou a poodle-like Generation 6 Pokemon with a wide range of Furfrou forms to choose from. Each one can be obtained by changing the trim on your Furfrou. This makes no difference since the trims are stylistic only. But the Pokemon itself still has an amazing coverage of attacks.

This amazing Pokemon hails from the Kalos region. It has been loved and cared for by royalty since infancy. It is the guardian and status symbol of kings. Although we now see it primarily as a status symbol for the elite trainers of Pokemon Go, it's amazing to consider that this magnificent Pokemon was once sought after for its powerful strength and protective abilities.

While the mechanics and lore behind the poodle Pokemon are fascinating, his raw stats and moves available leave A LOT to be desired, sadly.

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Furfrou Resistance and Weaknesses

Furfrou is a Normal Type Pokemon (remember that his trims DO NOT change his typing or stats, they are purely cosmetic!), which means that its resistances are broken down as follows:

  • Resistant to: Ghost
  • Double Resistant to: N/A
  • Weak against: Fighting
  • Double Weak Against: N/A

Pokemon GO Furfrou Attacks Breakdown

Despite having access to quite a small number of overall moves, Furfrou makes up for it tenfold by the excessive coverage they provide! He can easily go up against Psychic, Ghost, Water, Ground, Rock, Fire-type Pokemon. Sadly the coverage itself doesn't make up for his base stats are just awful. These are the moves Furfrou currently has in its Pokemon GO kit:

Quick Attacks

  • Take Down (Normal-type Attack)
  • Bite (Dark-type Attack).
  • Sucker Punch (Dark-type Attack).

Charge Attacks

  • Surf (Water-type Attack)
  • Grass Knot (Grass-type Attack).
  • Dark Pulse (Dark-type Attack)

Furfrou Raid Counters

Furfrouis a Tier 1 Raid Pokemon. His maximum CP reaches up to 1206, or 1508 CP if it's currently basking in the glorious Partly Cloudy weather boost.

I already mentioned that Furfrou takes 2 times the normal damage from Fighting-type attacks. Due to this, it would be wise to get someone with Fighting-type moves. Preferably, the charged attack rather than a quick attack. Or both!

Rock and Steel-type Pokemon also take reduced damage from Normal-type moves. So it would be nice to send out one of them to brush off his attacks. But remember that Furfrou can also use dark, grass, and water-type attacks. So it's almost impossible to pick someone who will resist all his attacks. Focus on the offensive instead.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Machamp with Counter (Quick Attack) and Dynamic Punch (Charged Attack) with Counter (Quick Attack) and Aura Sphere (Charged Attack) with Counter (Quick Attack) and Dynamic Punch (Charged Attack), or with Low Kick (Quick Attack) and Focus Blast (Charged Attack)

Furfrou PVP Counters

Furfrou is quite the pushover in PVP, to be honest. Furfrou has a very average bulk. He can play okay against most Water-types with Grass Knot. Furfrou's biggest problem is its lack of STAB on all moves and the unimpressive stats from Sucker Punch. Furfrou is a meta Dark-type in its role and has no resistance to Psychic Pokemon. It also loses to Dark-types because of the Sucker Punch damage that it takes. And that's considering Great League!

Furfrou's Ultra League stats are severely lacking, with a level 50 of 2415 CP thanks to a Best Buddy effect. This makes it quite costly to use. Its poor performance (or lack thereof) doesn't justify its high resource cost.

That being said, here are some of his worst nightmares:

  • Sirfetch'd with Counter (Quick Attack) and Close Combat (Charged Attack)
  • Togekiss with Charm (Quick Attack) and Ancient Power (Charged Attack)
  • Medicham with Counter (Quick Attack) and Dynamic Punch (Charged Attack)
  • Machamp with Counter (Quick Attack) and Dynamic Punch (Charged Attack)
  • Lucario with Counter (Quick Attack) and Aura Sphere (Charged Attack)Conkeldurr with Counter (Quick Attack) and Dynamic Punch (Charged Attack)Lopunny with Low Kick (Quick Attack) and Focus Blast (Charged Attack)
  • Excadrill with Mud Shot (Quick Attack) and Rock Slide (Charged Attack)
  • Metagross with Thunder Shock (Quick Attack) and Rock Slide (Charged Attack)

And then there are some less likely foes you could see in PVP I guess:

  • Blaziken Counter | Focus Blast
  • Urshifu Counter | Dynamic Punch
  • Regigigas Rock Smash | Focus Blast
  • Mewtwo Psycho Cut | Focus Blast
  • Meloetta Low Kick | Close Combat 
  • Thundurus Thunder Shock | Focus Blast
  • Terrakion Smack Down | Sacred Sword
  • Porygon-Z – Hidden Power | Blizzard
  • Black Kyurem – Dragon Tail | Outrage

Furfrou is a pathetic pick for PVP Pokemon Combat. He is weak to fighting-type moves. Therefore almost anyone using them can knock him out. In Great League where he shines the most, there is Sirfetch'd, Medicham, Machamp, Lucario, Lopunny, Blaziken, Urshifu, Maloetta. So many great Pokemon just waiting to kick him around like a god damn football. Way too many Pokemon capable of using the fighting-type moves in the meta at the moment for him to handle.

I think Medicham with Counter quick attack and dynamic punch charged attack is the best overall counter pick to a Furfrou, taking typing into consideration. Medicham being a very consistent meta pick for the Great League, and his arsenal of fighting-type moves will obliterate Furfrou without any problem. It doesn't help that Furfrou's raw stats are abysmal. He is doubtful to show up in PVP anyway since he's not popular in the current meta.

These are the weaknesses and counters for Dragonite in Pokemon GO. You can find more information and guides in our Pokemon GO section. Be sure to check out Pokemon Go: 15 Best Master League Pokemon! (Updated March 2022) if you want to know what is in the current meta! And on the topic of counters! Be sure to check out Pokemon GO Dragonite Weaknesses And Counter Picks For Raids And PVP too!

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