Pixel – Murder Mystery 2 Knife Value & Characteristics

Everything you need to know about Pixel in Murder Mystery 2. How to get it, characteristics, origins and current value.

Pixel murder mystery 2 knife

Pixel is a Godly knife in Murder Mystery 2. It was initially available from the 8-Bit Item Pack for 899 Robux. However, it is now only available through trading.

Pixel Value & Characteristics

Item TypeKnife
Ways to Obtain8-Bit Item Pack (Deprecated)
Value120 Seers (MM2 Values)
90 (Supreme)


Pixel looks like a Minecraft-style iron sword or the limited ROBLOX 8-bit sword from which its design derived. It's a knife whose blade is made up of small grey squares. This makes it appear like it is made from pixels.

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