Pirates Legacy codes: Free Beli, XP & Stat Points [April 2023]

Get the latest working Roblox Pirates Legacy codes and redeem them to get free XP, Stat Points, and Beli!

In this post, you will find the latest working Roblox Pirates Legacy codes. Pirates Legacy is a Roblox game inspired by the One Piece anime and manga series. In Pirates Legacy you will called to fight on the side of marines or pirates, complete quests, and defeat enemies, to grow in strength and become the Pirate King or the most powerful servant of justice in the world. You will also be able to explore the game's islands across the Red and Grand Line in search of the ever-elusive Devil Fruits that unlock powerful abilities.

Roblox Pirates Legacy codes will help you in your adventure, as you can redeem them for free Beli, XP, and stat points.

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All Pirates Legacy Codes

Below you will find all the active and expired codes. Make sure to redeem the codes as soon as possible as we don't know their expiration date in most cases. Additionally, if any newly released codes don't work, make sure to restart the game so that you are on a server with the latest game build.

New and Working Pirates Legacy codes list (Active)

Here are the currently working codes for Pirates Legacy:

  • NotAStatResetCode – Redeem code for Stat Reset (New)
  • Pirates – Redeem code for 3,000 Beli (New)
  • Havoc – Redeem code for 200 XP & 2 Stat Points
  • Doge – Redeem code for 200 XP & 2 Stat Points
  • NewDevs – Redeem code for 4,000 Beli
  • Fruit – Redeem code for 1,000 Beli and 300 XP
  • SHUTDOWN1! – Redeem code for 20,000 Beli & 6,000 XP
  • Kazune – Redeem code for 12,000 Beli
  • Christmas! – Redeem code for free Beli
  • Release! – Redeem code for free Beli
  • Wise – Redeem code for free Beli
  • King – Redeem code for 5,000 Beli

Make sure to join the Power Up Studio Roblox group to be able to use the codes.

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Expired Pirates Legacy codes list (Inactive)

The codes below have already expired:

  • DataLoss – Redeem code for 2k Beli & 550 XP
  • Points – Redeem code for 4 Stat Points


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