Pickaxe Mining Simulator Update Log: Update 6 – Neptune and 8M Event!

The complete Pickaxe Mining Simulator Update Log along with all the latest update patch notes!

Pickaxe Mining Simulator Update Log

This post will cover the complete Pickaxe Mining Simulator update log and patch notes. Pickaxe Mining Simulator is a simulator game on Roblox by Pickaxe Boy Games in which you will use your pickaxes to mine Crystals and Gems. You can then spend your Crystals to hatch eggs for pets, and your gems to buy skill upgrades that will help you earn even more.

You can also find the latest patch notes on the Pickaxe Mining Simulator Community Discord Server.

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Pickaxe Mining Simulator Update Log & Patch Notes

Below you will find the complete Pickaxe Mining Simulator update log with all the latest update patch notes.

Update 6 Neptune and 8M Event (January 25th, 2023)

- New Neptune Zone
- 15 New Pets
- 11 New Pickaxes
- 8M Visits Egg
- 8M Pickaxe! Found in any ore/zone.
- Neptune Robux Egg
- New Limited Pickaxes!

Update 5 [🌌SPACE] (January 22nd, 2023)

Update 5: SPACE 🌌 
- New Space World
- 2 New Zones
- 19 new Pets!
- 17 new Pickaxes!
- Turn Giant Pets into Rainbow!
- Player Upgrades v3 in Heaven!
- New Secret Luck Upgrade (Heaven)!
- New Rainbow Hunter Gamepass!
- New Limited Space Robux Egg!
- New Limited Robux Pickaxe!
- New Limited Lunar Dragon Pet!
- New Limited Bounty Hunter Pet!

🎉 5M Visits Event (January 18th, 2023)

- New 5M Egg
- Limited Time 5M Pets
- Limited Time 5M Pickaxe
- Hoverboard Gamepass!
- Rainbow Pickaxes! Use the Rainbow Machine in the Icelands!
- Secrets buffed!
- Secret Pickaxes are now more rare!
- Bugfixes

Use code visits5m for 30mins of x2 Damage!

Update 4: [☁️HEAVEN] (January 14th, 2023)

☁️ Update 4
- New Heaven Zone!
- 7 New Pets!
- 8 New Pickaxes!
- Gifting! Gift gamepasses, gems, boosts etc.!
- New Robux Pickaxe!
- New Bundles!
- Small Balance Adjustments
- Bugfixes

Use code update4 for 30 mins of x2 Damage!

Update 3: [☁️HEAVEN] & [SECRETS❓❓❓] (January 11th, 2023)

- New "Heaven's Gate" Zone
- 14 New Pets
- 12 New Pickaxes
- 2 New Eggs (1 normal, 1 Robux. Both in the new zone)
- SECRET PETS AND PICKAXES! Can you find them all? 👀 
- Giant Index! Collect Giant Pets and Pickaxes to get Rewards!
- New Giant Hunter Gamepass! 10% Chance for Pets and Pickaxes you obtain to be Giant!
- New Secret Luck Gamepass! Boost your luck to get Secrets by X3! (Stacks)
- New Secret Luck Boost! Boost your luck to get Secrets by X2! (Stacks)
- Lucky and Super Lucky Gamepasses buffed (X2 and X3 now!)
- Max Pickaxe Level increased from 10 to 12!
- Max Enchant Level increased from III (3) to IV (4)
- 2M Event ended
- Bugfixes

Use code secret for 5 mins of Secret Luck and update3 for 15 minutes of x2 Crystals 

2M Visits Event (Small Update) (January 7th, 2023)

2M Visits Event (Small Update)
- Limited Time 2M Visits Egg
- 4 Limited time Event Pets
- 1 Limited time Event Pickaxe

Use code visits2m for 30 minutes of x2 Crystals!

Update 2: Lava (January 5th, 2023)

Update 2
- 2 New Zones! (Lava and Magma)
- 15 New Pets!
- 14 New Pickaxes!
- GIANT Pets! Use the Giant Machine to turn your pets giant!
- New Magnet Gamepass! Infinite Pickup Range!
- DPS Meter! See how much damage you deal per second!
- New Years Event removed
- New Robux Egg at Spawn
- Rainbow Pixel Pickaxe on 40% Sale!

Use code update2 for 15 minutes of x2 Crystal Boost!

Update 1: Ice (December 29th, 2022)

Update 1
- New Icelands Zone!
- 7 New Pickaxes
- 6 New Pets!

Use code update1 for 10 minutes of x2 Crystal Boost!

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