Phasmophobia Controls

 Phasmophobia is a very renowned psychological horror video game developed by Kinetic Games around September 2020. It's a first-person perspective investigative game comprised of various maps and ghosts.

The game revolves around investigating paranormal places collect items that will be evidence of the type of ghost haunting the place. You'll be provided with equipment like UV light and an EMF reader.

Completing objectives is tricky but it rewards with some money for buying equipment. It can be played solo or coop (max 4 people). It's available on Steam. Even though the game is thrilling to play, it can be a tad confusing for beginners.  Below are the controls for PC. 

Look AroundMove Mouse 
Item Activision (Item In Hand)Right Click
InteractLeft Click
Pick Up ItemE
Place ItemF
Throw Item G
Change Item In Hand Q
Toggle Flashlight while Holding ItemT
Speed WalkLeft Shift
Open JournalJ
Proximity Chat V
Radio ChatB

In order to provide an extra realistic experience and fun to players the game also launched a VR mode which was received positively by the community. Following are the controls for that.

MoveLeft joystick, moves you towards the direction your left hand is facing.
View MovementRight joystick or Move your head in real life. 
DuckDuck in real life. 
Proximity Chatenabled by default
Radio ChatHold your left hand up next to your head and press the trigger. You must hear a radio sound when enabling/disabling it.
Pick up ObjectGrip
Drop ObjectGrip
Primary UseTrigger
JournalPut your left or right hand behind your right shoulder, press and hold the grip and pull in front of you. 
Putting away an itemTo put away an item, you can put it aside from your belt by dropping it (grip) with your hand just near your belt's right or left side.
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