Ore Smelting Tycoon Update Log & Patch Notes

The latest Roblox Sea Piece Update 4 introduces new content, features, balance changes, and bug fixes to the game.

Sea Piece Update Update Log & Patch Notes

Below you will find the update logs and patch notes for all the latest Ore Smelting Tycoon Updates.

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Ore Smelting Tycoon 1.2.7 Patch Notes (August 1st, 2022)

- Game design improvements with the map and more!
- Added rebirth upgrades, upgrade stuff with tokens!
- Added rebirth tokens, which you can get from rebirths!
- Added rebirth skipping, if you have enough money, you can skip lives!
- Added a more ore rock button, which has 25+ new ore rocks!
- Added tiers showing what ore rocks you have unlocked!
- Added two new gamepasses which boost progression with new features!
- Added products to the front of your tycoon for easy access.
- Compensation has been given to people who has rebirths already.
- Signs have been added to the map showing like goal and new codes.
- Many new codes have been added to the game from the milestones.
- Balancing changes including rebirth multiplier and price.
- Shiny ores have been added to the game, they give twice the ores.
- Performance improvements have been made for the game.
- Collisions have been possibly fixed with buttons and more.
- Coal is now worth much more than before for balance improvements.
- There should be less bugs occuring in the client console now.

Ore Smelting Tycoon 1.2.2 Patch Notes

- Lag optimizations in the game.
- Added more codes to the game.
- Fixed a bug with the auto smelter.
- Fixed the conveyors going backwards.
- Fixed the exit button on the codes frame.
- Fixed the codes button image not loading.
- Fixed the smelter not working after a while.
- Fixed the like goal not working after a while.
- The collect tool shouldnt spam in v1.2.3.

Ore Smelting Tycoon 1.1.6 Patch Notes

- Added codes to the game, redeem for free boosts!
- Added a like goal that will add codes upon reaching goal.
- Game optimization improvements, you should lag less now.
- Fixed testers not having any gamepasses at all.
- Fixed rebirths not working when u have the statue.
- x2 Rebirths should work now on manual rebirths.
- The developer console (F9) shows server version now.

Ore Smelting Tycoon 1.1.1 Patch Notes

- New gamepass! You can buy x2 Rebirths now!
- Fixed the issue where ores wouldnt spawn.
- Fixed the exploit where people could rebirth for free.
- Wiped and banned the hackers with over 1k rebirths.
- Adjusted the arrows so they don't look very ugly.
- Improved the tutorial with more instructions.
- Added a custom loading screen to the game.
- Gems are now larger in the smelter.
- Ores despawn much slower now.

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