You need to find the imposters and kill them .There are many ways to find traitors. Space Mafia: Impostor Hunt is a completely new take on the mafia in a space setting! Invite your friends, play online with people around the world and communicate using the in-game chat! Your team is real players! Complete tasks, mini-games and enjoy a pleasant game! To feel unique, you can choose a cool outfit for your character! But don't forget to keep an eye on your team – there is an impostor hiding among us! Vote for your teammates in meetings and seek the traitor to win! Or perhaps .. it's you who are the double-crosser? As a monster, you have to hunt other team members and prevent players from completing tasks! Arrange sabotage and stealthily fall on your targets to get victory! You need to find the imposters and kill them There are many ways to find traitors

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