NYT Spelling Bee answers — April 6th, 2022

NYT's Spelling Bee puzzle for Wednesday, April 6th, 2022, has Z as the center letter. The remaining six letters are R, A, O, I, G, and N. The correct answers in Spelling Bee must always include the center letter and must be four letters or longer.

An answer that contains all seven letters in the hive is called a pangram and rewards players with extra points!

Here are the stats for today's puzzle:

  • Number of Answers: 22
  • Number of Pangrams: 2
  • Maximum Puzzle Score: 150
  • Points Needed for Genius: 105 (Pangrams + 62% of the total points or 89% of the total points without the pangrams)

April 6th's official Spelling Bee answers

Here are the 22 official answers for today's Spelling Bee puzzle:

  • agonizing
  • gazing
  • gonzo
  • grazing
  • ionizing
  • organizing (pangram)
  • organza
  • orzo
  • razing
  • razor
  • razoring (pangram)
  • razz
  • razzing
  • zagging
  • zigging
  • zigzag
  • zigzagging
  • zing
  • zinging
  • zinnia
  • zoning

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