Not at home [Crossword Clue Answer]

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Having trouble with a crossword where the clue is “Not at home“? Many popular websites offer daily crosswords, including the USA Today, LA Times, Daily Beast, Washington Post, New York Times (NYT daily crossword and mini crossword), and Newsday's Crossword. We all know that crosswords can be hard occasionally as they touch upon various subjects, and players can reach a dead end.

Hence, we have all the possible answers for your crossword puzzle to help your move on with solving it. Remember that some clues have multiple answers so you might have some cross-checking.

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In most cases, you must check for the matching answer among the available ones based on the number of letters or any letter position you have already discovered to ensure a matching pattern of letters is present, based on the rest of your answer.

Not at home [Crossword Clue]

If “Not at home” is the clue you have encountered, here are all the possible solutions, along with their definitions:

  • OUT (3 Letters/Characters)

Crossword Answer Definition

Here are all the available definitions for each answer:



adverb: out

  1. 1. moving or appearing to move away from a particular place, especially one that is enclosed or hidden.”he walked out into the street”
    • situated or operating in the open air, away from buildings.”the search-and-rescue team have been out looking for you”
    • no longer detained in prison.”they would be out on bail in no time”
  2. 2. situated far or at a particular distance from somewhere.”an old farmhouse right out in the middle of nowhere”
    • to sea, away from the land.”the Persian fleet put out from Cyprus”
    • (of the tide) falling or at its lowest level.”the tide was going out”
    • indicating a specified distance away from the goal line or finishing line.”he scored from 70 metres out”
  3. 3. away from home.”he's gone out”
    • in or to a public place for purposes of pleasure or entertainment.”an evening out at a restaurant”
  4. 4. so as to be revealed or known.”find out what you can”
    • aloud; so as to be heard.”Miss Beard cried out in horror”
  5. 5. at or to an end.”the romance fizzled out”
    • so as to be finished or complete.”I'll leave them to fight it out”
    • in various other completive uses.”the crowd had thinned out”
  6. 6. (of a light or fire) so as to be extinguished or no longer burning.”at ten o'clock the lights went out”
    • (of a stain or mark) no longer visible; removed.”try to get the stain out”
  7. 7. no longer involved in a situation, competition, or activity.”Oxford United are out of the FA Cup”
  8. 8. (of a jury) considering its verdict in secrecy.


preposition: out

  1. non-standard contraction of out of.


adjective: out

  1. not at home or at one's place of work.
  2. revealed or made public.


noun: out; plural noun: outs; plural noun: the outs

  1. informal a way of escaping a problem or dilemma.
  2. Baseball an act of putting a player out.
  3. the political party not in office.


verb: out; 3rd person present: outs; past tense: outed; past participle: outed; gerund or present participle: outing

  1. reveal the sexual or gender identity of (a person).
  2. dated expel, reject, or dismiss.

Definitions from Oxford Languages and/or Wikipedia

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