NFL Power Rankings: The top 10 teams in the NFL

After so much overreaction following the first week of the NFL, I thought to myself, “why not make a few power rankings for teams in the NFL this season?” After all, anyone can say whatever they want, so let's join the pack.

Despite all the young talent in the AFC, I believe 7 out of 10 quarterbacks in the NFL are in the NFC. I also believe that 7 of the best ten teams in the NFL are in the NFC. So let's get down to it.

NFL 2021 season week 1 scores
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  1. Kansas City Chiefs

No introduction is needed. The Chiefs play lights out in September with Mahomes behind the center. Mahomes is incredible in September. He averages over 330 yards per game and has thrown 35 passing touchdowns while avoiding a single interception. On top of that, his impressive stats make him undefeated in September in his starts at 11-0.

Mahomes is great undoubtedly, but I believe he also has the best receiver and receiving tight end in football, in Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Every year I'm worried that Tom Brady may start slowing down. But he doesn't. Brady looked fantastic on the opening Thursday night. His receivers and running backs are not so much. Except for Antonio Brown, of course, and Gronk – arguably the second-best receiver and receiving tight end in football.

Gronk has undoubtedly crazy hands, and he brings so much on the field in blocking too. I'm not too fond of Evans' routes. I also did not like the classic Leftwich run-run-throw 3-and-out routine on the first possession.

I don't understand why Bowles had to bleach for 80% of the game and watch the secondary get torched. I believe the challenge for the Bucs is in terms of scheming rather than personnel.

The offense has the potential to be insane this year, though.

  1.  Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are going to be extremely good on offense this year. Stafford looked great on Sunday and having a quarterback that can make every throw on the field with amazing mechanics will be a game-changer. 

The roster is extremely top-heavy, but the Rams have found their quarterback for the next five to six years, barring any major injury issues. They will be back to the Super Bowl, and it's only a matter of time. Jefferson and Kupp also looked great.

It's hard to evaluate the defense against the Bears, though.

  1.  San Fransisco 49ers

Kyle Shanahan will make the most of the quarterback situation on the 49ers, and they are going to be a top 4 NFC team all year long. The challenge for all NFC West is facing three other top 10 teams twice in the season.

I believe the 49ers have one of the best rosters in football, and if Jimmy G remains healthy, they can challenge the Rams for the division crown.

  1. Cleveland Browns

So, the Browns lost to the Chiefs at Arrowhead. An expected result. But what the Browns did to the Chiefs in the first half is very few teams can do. They have the best roster in the NFL, and they only lack a top 10 quarterback, although Baker Mayfield is a solid top-15 quarterback.

I still can't get my head around defensive coordinators treating Tyreek Hill like an ordinary receiver, though. It may have similarly cost the Browns the game to week 12 last year when the Bucs faced the Chiefs.

  1. New Orleans Saints

The only thing that held back the Saints last year was Drew Brees. They have a former #1 overall draft pick in Jameis Winston to become a game manager. I don't believe Winston is an average quarterback, and the Bruce Arians offense can be so predictable that it can make even the best look bad (see Tom Brady).

The Bucs mishandled Winston and gifted him to the Saints. This might as well cost them the division this year too. Remember, the Saints seemed to fully control the game against the Bucs in the playoffs before Winfield Jr.'s outstanding play on Jared Cook resulted in a fumble recovery by Devin White.

Alvin Camara is pure insanity, and the Saints can rely on him and their offensive line to hold the reigns on Jameis.

  1. Green Bay Packers

The Packers were awful on Sunday, and Aaron Rodgers was a total disaster. However, there is no reason to expect that the best quarterback in the regular season will play like this again all season.

I don't think they are contenders, and we will have to see how the offense looks once David Bakhtiari returns. Their defense worries me, and the week three matchup against the 49ers may turn into a disaster.

  1. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle has a top-heavy roster in football's most challenging division with a defense that I expect to remain shaky. That being said, Russel Wilson and the dual threat of DK Metcalf and Tyler Locket will carry the team as far as possible.

I don't know where this will lead them in the NFC West, but they will remain a top 10 team for most of the season.

  1.  Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals looked extremely good on Sunday. I believe everything will depend on Kyler's health on offense as Hopkins and Kirk will be extremely hard to deal with for any team. On defense, a lot will rely on the front seven and Chandler Jones to protect the secondary from getting torched.

The Cardinals might as well finish the season 4th in their division, but they will remain one of the best teams in the NFL.

  1. Buffalo Bills

I am not sold on Josh Allen. I don't believe he is an accurate thrower of the football, and I don't like his mechanics. I believe that Justin Herbert is already a better quarterback, even if the Chargers are not in the top 10.

However, I believe the Bills have enough firepower to win the division, and Josh Allen remains one of the top quarterbacks in the AFC.

The Bills will bounce back; I just don't believe they can be placed higher at the moment.

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