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The Latest Roblox Sharkbite Codes – Get Free Shark Teeth

Sharkbite is a game created by Abracadabra Studio on the 4th of October, 2017, for user-generated games platform ROBLOX. In Sharkbite, you will either be a survivor trying to escape and kill the shark or the shark itself.

Whether you will play as a survivor or the shark is entirely random as you can't pick your role in the game.

The survivors' task is to evade the shark's attacks by properly maneuvering their boats and eventually kill the shark with their weapons.

The shark's mission is practically the opposite: just kill all the survivors to win.

Shark Teeth are the in-game currency in Sharkbite and you can obtain them by:

  1. Winning a round as shark or survivor (20 shark teeth)
  2. Claiming a chest in the Chest Chase Bonus Round (50 shark teeth)
  3. Killing players as a shark (5 shark teeth)
  4. Buying shark teeth with Robux.
  5. Redeeming the Sharkbite codes below.

When the game starts, players will teleport to their boats, and the title “THE SHARK HAS BEEN RELEASED” will appear on the screen, followed by a brief cutscene with the Shark showing up.

sharkbite skeleton shark

Active Sharkbite Codes

Below you will find all the currently active Sharkbite codes.

Bookmark this page to have access to Sharkbite codes as soon as they come out as they expire very soon.

FROGGYBOAT50 Shark Teeth
SKELETONS50 Shark Teeth
GHOSTS50 Shark Teeth
SimonsSpace50 Shark Teeth
20KDISCORD50 Shark Teeth

Expired Sharkbite Codes

Code Reward
STEALTH50 Shark Teeth
LegendaryGun!50 Shark Teeth
NewShark50 Shark Teeth
EditShark!50 Shark Teeth
NewGun50 Shark Teeth
mosasaurus50 Shark Teeth
SwimingLizard50 Shark Teeth

How To Redeem Sharkbite Codes

  • Open up the game, and click on the white input box on the left.
  • Enter the Sharkbite code and redeem it for free shark teeth!
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