Bucs win super bowl lv

The best moments of Super Bowl LV

After a week of being hungover with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' win in Super Bowl LV it's time to write a few things about it. The Bucs beat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 in what was one of the most dominant defensive performances in Super Bowl history – and NFL – history. Now, wherever Tom Brady is involved there are always records being broken. Let's see some of them.

  • Most Super Bowl appearances for a player – 10, Tom Brady
  • Most Super Bowl wins – 7, Tom Brady. Brady is no The GOAT has now won more Super Bowls than any NFL franchise, trailed by:
    • The New England Patriots – 6
    • The Pittsburgh Steelers – 6
    • The San Francisco 49ers – 6
    • The Dallas Cowboys – 6
  • On another note, Rob Gronkowski now has 4 rings, which means he is one ring away from tying linebacker Charles Haley for second place.
  • Bruce Arians became the oldest Head Coach to win a Super Bowl at the age 68
  • Tom Brady became the older player to play in a Super Bowl at age 43 (and oldest player to win a Super Bowl of course)
  • Most Passes Completed, Career – 277, Tom Brady
  • Most Passing Yards, Career – 3039, Tom Brady
  • Most Touchdown Passes, Career – 21, Tom Brady
  • Most First Downs by Penalty, Team – 6, Tampa Bay
  • Most First Downs by Penalty, Both Teams – 9, Tampa Bay (6) vs. Kansas City (3)
  • Most Touchdowns, QB-Receiver Tandem, Career – 5, Tom Brady-Rob Gronkowski

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have now the most Super Bowl wins in the NFC South. Meanwhile, they are still the franchise with the worst win percentage in the Super Bowl era with 39.3%. They also became the first team to play in a Super Bowl in its home stadium and win it of course.

Best moments of the game

Super Bowl LV was not the close contest some of us expected, neither it was a blowout by the Kansas City Chiefs some other expected. Still, there were some amazing moments, both in the game and after the game.

The first-ever trifecta flyover made history ahead of Super Bowl LV.

Gronk Spike #1 in Super Bowl LVh

Brady connected with Gronk for the first touchdown of the game. And another Gronk spike.

gronk spike #1 super bowl lv

The GOAT's speed gets a boost when it's time to talk trash

Tom Brady vs Honey Badger (or Honeybooboo according to r/buccaneers): 1-0.

The best incomplete pass in Super Bowl history?

Not the greatest game for Patrick Mahomes, but what a pass that was, while being parallel to the ground!

Antoine Winfield Jr. returns the favor to Tyreek Hill

The best unsportsmanlike conduct ever?

antoine winfield jr tyreek hill v super bowl lv

Two tuddies and two corny GOATs

The bad boys are back.

Number 7

brady wins number 7 super bowl mvp 5

The parade of all parades

That's it, I'm moving to Florida until Tom Brady retires! Hopefully!

tampa bay buccaneers super bowl boat parade

Goat on a boat

Sorry, wrong one!

GOAT on a boat

There he is!

Brady to Brate with the Lombardi!

Stay for more, Chris!

Florida man leaving the scene

Run it all back!

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