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Smite Tier List – Season 8 [July 2021]

I really want to start adding more tier lists to this blog and I hope people will join Borderpolar's forum section, Discord, or leave comments to help improve them. Especially for games I am not familiar enough with. So let's start a Smite Tier list to kick off July. There seems to be a general consensus about who the best gods in Smite so I will try to follow that consensus as I get them ranked.

At the same time, the game has far too many great characters and that makes ranking them very complex. Tier lists are very hard to make in general and without any data to back them up it's really hard to justify them. I hope that eventually this one will become a good tier list.

Smite has been around since 2014 and it remains one of the best F2P multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games in 2021.

High-Rez Studios has created a captivating world with plenty of strong characters, Gods in this case. The Gods in Smite are taken from ancient mythologies, including the Greek, Norse, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, and Hindu mythologies.

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Let's get started then, with the Gods that are part of the current meta in Smite.

S+ Tier

The best of the best Gods in Smite currently, that can give you a significant advantage in the game if you pick them. They are also some of the Gods you want to get banned from the game.

agni Cthulhu Freya Heimdallr Kukulkan odin
AgniCthuluFreyaHeimdallr Kukulkan Odin
Set Tsukuyomi
S+ Tier Gods

S Tier

This tier contains characters that are very strong and some of them are also best-in-slot. Great choices altogether to start a game.

Bakasura Cupid Hera Hercules Isis Jin Wei
BakasuraCupidHeraHerculesIsisJing Wei
King Arthur Ratatoskr Yemoja
King ArthurRatatoskrYemoja
S Tier Gods

A Tier

Smite has a lot of great Gods and in this tier we find most of them. These Gods are still solid choices, but they don't stand out as much as the S and S+ tier ones. You should definitely learn most characters in this Tier List as the ones in the S and S+ tend to get banned in competitive matches.

achilles Amaterasu Anhur anubis Ao Kuang Apollo
AchillesAmaterasuAnhurAnubisAo KuangApollo
Athena Ares Artemis Artio Baba Yaga Baron Samedi
Athena AresArtemisArtioBaba YagaBaron Samedi
Cabrakan Camazotz Cerberus Change Chiron Cu Chulainn
CabrakanCamazotzCerberusChangeChironCu Chulainn
Danzaburou Discordia Da Ji Geb Hel Izanami
DanzaburouDiscordiaDa JiGebHelIzanami
Janus Kali Kumbhakarna Kuzenbo Mulan nemesis
Pele Persephone Raijin Rama Ravana Susano
Terra Tiamat Vamana
A Tier Gods

B Tier

The not bad, but not great either tier. These Gods will need a higher skill level to stand out and their use may be situational.

Aphrodite Awilix Bacchus Bellona Cernunnos Chernobog
Hachiman He Bo Horus Khepri Medusa Mercury
HachimanHe BoHorusKhepriMedusaMercury
Merlin Neith Olorun Ra Scylla Sobek
Sol Sun Wukong
SolSun Wukong
B Tier Gods

C Tier

Niche choices that should probably be saved for when you require an extra challenge. These gods have limited usability and they fill roles that are more difficult to play.

Ah Muzen Cab AMC Ah Puch Chaac Fafnir Fenrir Guan Yu
Ah Muzen CabAh PuchChaacFafnirFenrirGuan Yu
Hades Jormungandr Nike Nox Nu Wa Osiris
HadesJormungandrNikeNoxNu WaOsiris
Serqet Skadi Thanatos The Morrigan Tyr Xing Tian
SerqetSkadiThanatosThe MorriganTyrXing Tian
C Tier Gods

D Tier

Arachne Bastet Loki Poseidon
D Tier Gods
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