OnlyFans to ban sexually explicit content

OnlyFans to Bar Sexually Explicit Videos Starting on October 1st

I guess it’s time to start my own OnlyFans account for fans of the aspirational blogger from Greece. After all, Pornhub and OnlyFans definitely don’t like posts like this. OnlyFans has started imposing new content limitations on its platform, potentially resulting in millions of small businesses being stymied. In other words, the content that introduced you to OnlyFans in the first place.

In a statement Thursday, OnlyFans confirmed it would give up porn, the stone on which it built its house, and the tinder that ignited its fire. Bloomberg was the first news source to break the news. 

OnlyFans has confirmed that it will be banning “sexually explicit content” beginning October 1. While they did not define “sexually explicit,” they added that nudity will still be allowed under their acceptable use policy. 

“Our content guidelines need to be updated to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform and to maintain an inclusive community of creators and fans,” OnlyFans said.

OnlyFans did not clarify what would happen to sexually explicit content posted before October 1st or the accounts of its creators. “We will share more details in the coming days, and we will actively guide and support our creators through this change,” the statement read. 

A recent report by Axios reported that OnlyFans has had difficulty finding investors for its porn platform that generates gross revenue of $375 million. According to Axios, the original creators of the game have earned up to $3.2 billion since its inception. Tim Stokely became wildly wealthy as the founder of the company. There were more than 120 million users on OnlyFans as of April, a number that may go up or down, as OnlyFans might as well turn into Instagram’s competition (after all, the differences between the two platforms won’t be that many after October 1st).

Moreover, OnlyFans may also be facing judgment from credit card companies. In today's announcement, the platform reiterated that content is moderated by automated systems and human reviewers and reminded us that creators must submit to extensive identification checks to contribute content. 

In recent years, credit card companies have not been friendly to porn and have mandated moderation and verification for hosts, just like in the case of Pornhub.

Keep this in mind, dear audience. Get in, profit, get out while you can.

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