Nok Piece Codes Roblox

Nok Piece Codes – Get Stat Resets and Beli [September 2021]

Nok Piece is a “One Piece”-themed Roblox game released by Nok Studios on March 27, 2021. In Nok Piece the player's goal is to explore the game's islands, get new powerful weapons and become the strongest pirates!

To make your life easier, here is the list of the latest active Nok Piece promo codes released by Nok Studios. The codes provide free Stat Resets and a lot of Beli to help you progress in the game faster.

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Working Nok Piece Codes List

Below you will find all the latest working Nok Piece codes:

!ShutdownPieceStat Reset
UPDATE1Stat Reset
!5KLike250K Beli [requires level 50]
!MoccoStat Reset
!PBack50K Beli
!Flop100K Beli
Working Codes List

Expired Nok Piece Codes List

The Nok Piece codes below have expired:

  • !BeliRestore2
  • !200k

How to Redeem Nok Piece Codes

How to redeem Nok Piece codes
Use the chatbox to redeem Nok Piece codes.

Redeeming Nok Piece codes is probably one of the easiest processes in Roblox games. You just need to:

  • Start Nok Piece
  • Type one of the active codes in the chatbox and press Enter.

You are not going to see any confirmation message between the codes, you will just notice your Beli increasing or your Stats reset.

Where to Get More Nok Piece Codes

The best way to find more codes is to join the Nok Piece official Discord server. If you want to play Nok Piece for yourself, you can download Roblox on Google Play and the App Store.

Nok Piece Game Description and Controls

-Fruit will be spawned in the map every 30 minute / despawn 15 minute,

-Max Level Cap - 650
-Max Stats Cap - 1000

-!musicoff to disable the game music. 
-!musicon to enable the game music.
-!drop to drop fruit.
-!ally (player) to party with someone
-!leaveally to leave the party
Controls : 

CTRL - Run
Q - Dash
Space - Geppo
B - Armament Haki Protection Status