Pokemon Sword and Shield How to Get and Use the Destiny Knot in Breeding Guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield Destiny Knot: How to Get and Use the Destiny Knot

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about the Destiny Knot in Pokemon Sword and Shield and how to get it. The Destiny Knot is not a useful item in combat, but Pokemon Generation VI (Pokemon X and Y) has become the most valuable item for Pokemon breeding. Using the Destiny Knot on a parent Pokemon the child will receive five of its 6 IVs from its parents.

Destiny Know pokemon sword and shield how to use breeding IVs

Where to Get a Destiny Knot in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Players can obtain Destiny Knots in three different ways in Sword and Sheild:

  • You can purchase them from the BP shop in Hammerlocke.
  • Using a level 21-100 Pokemon's Pickup ability, although this a very rare find.
  • You can earn the item as Cram-o-matic prize.

The best way to acquire the item is through the BP Shop, though, as it only costs 10 BP, which is almost nothing for players participating in Battle Tower or Battle Stadium. Obviously, you will have to beat the game first this way. Then you can head to the central Pokemon in Hammerlocke, and once you enter, you will find a lady who sells items in a BP shop, next to the Poke Mart section.

You can buy multiple Destiny Knots from the BP shop.

pokemon sword and shield destiny knot

Destiny Knot Effect – What Does it Do?

The item has two uses:

  • Battle Use: Destiny Knot can be held by a Pokemon in battle and its effect is: “If the holder becomes infatuated, the opposing Pokemon will be, too.” This use is of course not nearly as valuable as using the item in breeding.
  • Breeding Use: If a parent Pokemon in the Day Care center holds this, the offspring Pokemon will receive 5 of is 6 IV from the parents. The Destiny Knot's effects do not stack so there is no need to have each parent hold one Destiny Knot.

How Does the Destiny Knot Work for Breeding

Pokemon Sword and Shield Nursery destiny know how to use how it works
The lady at the Pokemon Sword and Sheild Nursery Image Credit: Nintendo & Reddit

Each Pokemon has six individual values (IVs) for its stats; Special Attack, Special Defense, Attack, Defense, HP, and Speed. So when breeding 2 Pokemon, you have a total of 12 IVs.

Normally, eggs inherit 3 random IVs from their parents. By adding the Destiny Knot to the mix, the child can inherit 5 IVs! Keep in mind; you will inherit 5 from either parent. Having one parent hold the Destiny Knot does not mean you will pass 5 IVs from that parent. To increase your chances of getting a better Pokemon, both parents will need to have high IVs so that most of the 12 in total IVs will be worth passing to the child.

Destiny Knot + Power Items Effects

Combining a Power Item with a Destiny Knot when breeding guarantees that the IV correlated with the Power item will be one of the 5 IVs passed to the child.

Power ItemEffect
Power WeightPasses down the HP IV of the holder (?)
Power BracerPasses down the Attack IV of the holder (?)
Power BeltPasses down the Defense IV of the holder (?)
Power LensPasses down the Special Attack IV of the holder (?)
Power BandPasses down the Special Defense IV of the holder (?)
Power AnkletPasses down the Speed IV of the holder (?)
Power Items Breeding Effects List

I placed a question mark (?) as I am not 100% sure that the IV of the holder will be passed instead of the IV one of the two parents for that stat. I think it's probably the former, but, in any case, since the Destiny Knot works the same regardless of which parent holds it, make the parent with the better IV for that stat hold the Power item.

This way you can fully control one of the 5 IVs passed to the child.

Destiny Knot + Everstone Effects

However, in most cases, you want to use the Destiny Knot alongside an Evestone. Using an everstone guarantees that the Nature of the holder will be passed to the child. Everstones can be held by both genders.

So, combining the Destiny Knot with an Everstone, guarantees passing an ideal Nature from the holder and 5 random IVs from the parents, increasing your chances of getting a great child Pokemon.

Destiny Knot Video Guide [Pokemon Sword & Shield]

This concludes our guide on how to get the Destiny Knot and how to use it for breeding in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Happy catching and breeding!

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