Desira - The Sinister Siren

Desira – The Sinister Siren [AFK Arena] (NEW)

Desira – The Sinister Siren is an Intelligence-based Graveborn hero in AFK Arena. She is a support character and her role is Regen.

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Desira - The Sinister Siren no bg
Desira – The Sinister Siren

Desira – The Sinister Siren

Faction: Graveborn
Type:  Intelligence
Class: Support
Role: Regen
Rarity: Ascended

Desira Skills

Siren’s Call

desira siren's call skill


Desira uses her conch to heal all allies and herself for a value of health equal to a certain percentage of her Attack Rating and records their health value after healing.

If an ally’s (including Desira’s) health falls below the recorded value several seconds after healing, their health will be restored to the recorded health value, but the total restoration value will not exceed a certain percentage of Desira’s s Attack Rating.

If an ally is dealt damage that causes their health to drop below a certain percentage of the recorded health value within the specified timeframe, the damage will be ignored, and the restoring effect will be triggered in advance.

Hatred’s Mark

Desira deals AoE damage to enemies in front of her, also cursing them with a “Mark of Hatred” for several seconds.

Every time a “Mark of Hatred” is stacked upon an enemy, their Attack Rating and Accuracy is reduced.

Once several “Marks of Hatred” have been stacked on an enemy, all marks will disappear and the enemy target becomes terrified for several seconds!

Oceanic Shield

Oceanic-Shield desira skill

Desira creates a protective bubble around the most injured ally that allows them to gradually restore health equal to a certain percentage of Desira’s max health over several seconds.

If the target is dealt damage that exceeds a certain percentage of their current health while the protective bubble exists, the bubble will disappear. The damage shall be completely ignored, allowing the target to instantly recover several times the amount of remaining health that they have yet to recover.

Oceanic Mist

desira oceanic mist

Desira summons the Oceanic Mist that spreads from behind the allied side’s backline towards the enemies’ backline, which will then cover the whole battlefield.

Any allies within the mist shall recover an amount of health equal to a certain percentage of Desira’s Attack Rating every several seconds.

The Oceanic Mist will stay on the battlefield for a maximum of several seconds, and will also disappear if Desira dies.

shell of treason desira

Signature Item: Shell of Treason

Concealing Mist desira signature item skill

Skill: Concealing Mist: The Oceanic Mist no longer disappears when Desira dies. Allies within the mist gain 20 Dodge points, while enemies shall have their Crit Ratings reduced by 10%.

  • +10 Unlocks: Allies gain 30 Dodge points.
  • +20 Unlocks: Allies gain an extra 15 Received Healing points.
  • +30 Unlocks: Allies within the mist receive 16% less damage.

Furniture Skills

desira trecacherous mist furniture skills

3/3 Ability: Enemy targets are cursed with 1 “Mark of Hatred” for every 3 seconds that they are within the Oceanic Mist.

9/9 Ability: Enemies within the Oceanic Mist are unable to receive a majority of buffs from their allies, but shall retain all of the buffs they already have.

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