Muzan Spawn Locations: Where to find Muzan in Project Slayers

In this guide, we will detail all Muzan Spawn Locations in Project Slayers. In Roblox Project Slayers, an extremely popular fighting game inspired by Demon Slayer you will be starting out as a human and have the option to become a Demon Slayer or a Demon. One of the most sought-after and elusive NPCs in the game is Muzan Kibutsuji, the creator of all Demons in Demon Slayer (and Project Slayers).

Players will need to find Muzan as humans to become Demons once they reach level 15 or higher. At the same time, you will also want to track down Muzan once you become a Demon as he can assign you 6 quests to complete and earn Wen and EXP (you can have 5 active Muzan's quest at a time). So let's see all Muzan's spawn locations where he may randomly spawn only at night to help you track him down.

All Muzan Spawn Locations in Project Slayers

There are currently nine Muzan spawn locations we are aware of. Three of them are close to or inside Butterfly Mansion, so this is the best place to farm by hopping around servers until you find Muzan at night. Regardless of the location you choose it is best to use the Horse Guy to fast travel there to save you time as you are looking for Muzan.

  1. The first location is just west of the entrance of Kirabating village. Keep going west until you reach a hill. Muzan will be standing in front of it.
  2. The second location is at the top of a mountain a bit further down the road after Bandit Zuko's location. You must climb the mountain and cross a bridge to find him.
  3. The third location is just below Zapiwara Mountain's main entrance, on the right.
  4. The fourth Muzan spawn location is inside Kabiwaru village.
  5. The fifth location is inside Butterfly Mansion just after Shinobu.
  6. The sixth location where you can find Muzan is to the southeast of Butterfly Mansion.
  7. The seventh spawn location is to the south of Butterfly Mansion, right in front of a hill
  8. The eighth location is west of Ouwbayashi Home. You will find Muzan standing in front of a house's left side wall.
  9. The ninth Muzan spawn location is close to the Slasher Demon's locations at Dangerous Woods. You will find Muzan next to a tree southwest of the location.

The video below by ShisuiXI is extremely helpful in tracking down all Muzan's spawn locations.

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