Murder Mystery 2 codes: Get exclusive free knives [June 2022]

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In this post, you will find all the latest Murder Mystery 2 codes. Murder Mystery 2 is a Roblox game that is based on Among Us. In this Roblox game, you either have the role of an Innocent, Sheriff, or a Murderer.

The Innocents’ goal is to run around, hide, and try to escape the murderer in a very Dead by Daylight-like fashion. They also have to collaborate with one another to figure out who the murderer is.

The Sheriff is another role that has to cooperate with Innocents to discover who the Murderer is. Moreover, the Sheriff is the only player carrying a gun to take down the Murderer eventually.

Finally, the Murderer uses knives to assassinate Innocents and the Sheriff.

There is one more unique role in the game, called “Hero;” You can only become a hero if you recover the gun from the murdered Sheriff and shoot the Murderer with it.

On January 18, 2014, the game was released by Roblox user @Nikilis, who also releases Murder Mystery 2 knife codes, so players can add a ton of knives to their arsenal and trade them with other players to use as Murderers.

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The Latest Murder Mystery 2 Codes

Below you will find all the active and expired knife codes for Murder Mystery 2.

Active Murder Mystery 2 codes:

Currently, there are no new MM2 codes, but keep an eye on our list as we’ll add new ones as soon as the developer releases them.

Expired Murder Myster 2 codes:

  • INF3CT3D – Redeem promo code for an Infected Knife
  • G003Y – Redeem promo code for a Goo Knife
  • R3PT1L3 – Redeem Murder Mystery 2 code for a Reptile Knife
  • SK00L – Redeem promo code for a Skool Knife
  • PATR1CK – Redeem promo code for a Patrick Knife
  • 2015 – Redeem promo code for a 2015 Knife
  • G1FT3D – Redeem promo code for a Gifted Knife
  • TH3N3XTL3V3L – Redeem promo code for a TNL Knife
  • N30N – Redeem promo code for a Neon Knife
  • HW2017 – Redeem promo code for a Pumpkin Pet
  • COMB4T2  – Redeem promo code for a Combat II Knife
  • PR1SM – Redeem promo code for a Prism Knife
  • AL3X – Redeem Murder Mystery 2 code for an Alex Knife
  • C0RL – Redeem promo code for a Corl Knife
  • D3NIS – Redeem promo code for a Denis Knife
  • SK3TCH – Redeem promo code for a Sketchy Knife
  • SUB0 – Redeem promo code for a Subzero Knife

How to redeem Murder Mystery 2 codes

how to redeem Murder Mystery 2 codesnbsp image74 Get the latest active Murder Mystery 2 codes MM2 codes for new knives and the occasional pet Find all current and expired MM2 knife codes
Redeem MM2 codes from your Inventory. Source: Roblox

Redeeming Murder Mystery 2 codes is very easy. All you need to do is:

  • Start Murder Mystery 2
  • Open your Inventory
  • At the bottom right corner, you will find an “Enter Code” text box to input a working MM2 code
  • Press “Redeem” and enjoy your new knife! You will find it in your inventory!

How to get more Murder Mystery 2 codes

To get more codes follow Nikilis’ Twitter, Youtube, and Murder Mystery 2’s official Discord server. You can also follow Borderpolar on Twitter for the latest active codes.

Murder Mystery 2 Game Modes

Gamemodes (shortened “Modes”) are difficulty levels or other ways to experience the game with a different ruleset. Currently, there are 3 game modes, and “Assassin” is still in its beta testing stage.


Casual is the predetermined game mode once joining MM2, it features the four roles. Players are allowed to use Powers, Radios, Pets, and Emotes.


Hardcore has the same basic mechanics as Casual, although players are given fake names and costume disguises. Radios and Pets are not allowed, and the player is locked in first-person point-of-view. Although the description for Hardcore in-game states that toys are not allowed, Emotes that were considered toys before the developer merged them are still allowed.

Assassin (Beta)

All players are Murderers and there are no other roles. Everyone receives a knife and they must kill their target and avoid being killed. Powers are not allowed.

Murder Mystery 2 description on Roblox

Can you solve the Mystery and survive each round?

INNOCENTS: Run and hide from the Murderer. Use your detective skills to expose the Murderer.
SHERIFF: Work with the Innocents; you are the only one with a weapon who can take down the Murderer. 
MURDERER: Eliminate EVERYONE. Don't get shot by the sheriff.

Collect and trade hundreds of knives! 
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YouTube: Nikilis 

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