Mining Simulator codes – Get free tokens, eggs & more [June 2022]

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In this post, you will find all the latest Mining Simulator codes. Mining Simulator is an online multiplayer video game created by the development team Rumble Studios for the user-generated game platform Roblox. In this Roblox game, players can mine for gold and rare stones and diamonds around the world. The game even features rare pets that players can discover and collect in their mining adventures.

Mining Simulator and Rumble Studios receive multiple Blox awards in 2018:

  • Builderman’s Award of Excellence
  • Best Render/Thumbnail
  • 2018 Best Trailer
  • Studio of the Year

Rumble Studios is the development team behind multiple successful Roblox games, such as Bubble Gum Simulator and Rumble Quest.

But now let’s move on to Mining Simulator codes, what they do, how to redeem them, and where to get them

What are Mining Simulator Codes?

Mining Simulator codes are released by Rumble Studios to celebrate the game’s popularity on the platform or as rewards on game updates. The codes reward players with free tokens, eggs, and crates.

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Active Mining Simulator Codes

Here are all the currently available promo codes for Mining Simulator. There are multiple types of codes so we will split them into four lists:

  • A token codes list
  • An egg codes list
  • A texture codes list
  • A legendary hat crates codes list
  • A miscellaneous crate codes list
  • A candy corn codes list
  • A coin codes list

Token Promo Codes List

The codes below redeem tokens:

Mining Simulator CodeRewards
#ChristmasHype250 Tokens
AnniversaryTokens250 Tokens
EpicTokens250 Tokens
200Tokens200 Tokens
4thJuly200 Tokens
July21st150 Tokens
America80 Tokens
1Year75 Tokens
500m75 Tokens
SummerTokens75 Tokens
SummerParadise70 Tokens
Challenge 70 Tokens
ILoveTokens 70 Tokens
ImOutOfCodeIdeas 70 Tokens
ImOutOfCodeIdeas2 70 Tokens
ISeriouslyNeedMoreCodeIdeas 70 Tokens
MoreMoreCode 70 Tokens
MoreMoreTokens 70 Tokens
oof 70 Tokens
owo 70 Tokens
Shiny 70 Tokens
sircfenner 70 Tokens
Trails 70 Tokens
TooManyCodes 70 Tokens
Wings70 Tokens
GetSlicked50 Tokens
HammieJammieDoesntSuck50 Tokens
NewQuests50 Tokens
NosniyIsCool50 Tokens
SandCastles50 Tokens
SuperGems50 Tokens
HammieJammieSucksx220 Tokens
HammieJammieSucksxInfinity20 Tokens
Working token codes list

Texture Codes List

Below you will find all the codes that redeem game textures:

Mining Simulator CodeTexture Reward
Lamb SauceLamb Sauce
PinkArmySkinPink Army
Working texture codes list

Egg Codes List

In the list below you will find all the egg redemption codes for Mining Simulator:

  • Eggs
  • Eggo!
  • LegendaryEggCode
  • Momma
  • Rumble
  • RumbleStudios
  • AnniversaryEgg
  • AwesomeLegendary
  • BaconHair
  • BeachBall
  • BigL
  • CoolWater
  • Demon
  • Duck
  • FollowUs
  • FreeCrate2
  • JackOLantern
  • Light
  • memes
  • PatrioticStars
  • Pumpkin
  • Pumpkins
  • Rainbowite
  • SecretEgg
  • Skies
  • SummerEgg
  • SuperSecretCode
  • TooManyCodesSmh
  • Valkyrie

Crate Codes List

The list below contains all the codes you can redeem for rare, epic, and legendary crates and hats:

  • LegendaryHatCode
  • Halloween2019
  • FreeCrate
  • NewHats
  • AnniversaryCrate
  • Adventure
  • SuperCrate
  • Fright
  • HelpPls
  • Scary
  • TrickOrTreat
  • EventQuest
  • Goose
  • SubscribePls
  • yeet
  • BigW
  • Witches
  • Duckie
  • MineAlot
  • Sunscreen
  • Dreamy
  • Scorch
  • Lemonaide
  • Vacation
  • Patriot
  • Bonus
  • Defild Is Awesome
  • Rare
  • Cool
  • Easter
  • TestingThing
  • CrazieGamerSquad
  • DefildPlays
  • Ghosts
  • Fluffy
  • Level
  • Unobtainible
  • NewTwitch
  • TrailUpdate
  • NoU
  • Dominus
  • Toast
  • ToyChest
  • SandBox
  • GummyBears
  • Pumped
  • BroomSticks
  • Candy!
  • Ghosty

Coin Codes List

Below you will find all the codes you can redeem for tokens:

  • Rebirth – coins
  • WeBreakRoblox – 20,000 coins
  • Koala – 10,000 coins
  • Bread – 10,000 coins
  • Money – 10,000 coins
  • Dinosaur – 5,000 coins
  • Sand – 5,000 coins
  • Trades – 5,000 coins
  • RexexSquad – 5,000 coins
  • Arcade – 2,500 coins
  • Selfie – 2,500 coins
  • JellyBean – 2,500 coins
  • Candy – 2,000 coins
  • Coal – 2,000 coins
  • Bear – 2,000 coins
  • DefildPlays2 – 1,500 coins
  • CrazieGamer – 1,200 coins
  • isaac – 1,000 coins
  • LotsOfCoins – 1,000 coins
  • Crainer – 1,000 coins
  • Bunny – 500 coins
  • Pets – 100 coins
  • FutureMSOwner – 1 coin

Candy Corn Codes List

To conclude the code lists, here are the candy corn codes:

  • Skelly
  • ThisIsHalloween
  • Skeletons
  • Halloween
  • ScarySkeltons
  • Spook
  • Spooky
  • Spoopy

How to redeem Mining Simulator Codes

How to redeem codes in mining simulatornbsp image36 Get the latest Roblox Mining Simulator codes and redeem them for free tokens coins crates hats eggs and candy corns
You can redeem codes in Mining Simulator by clicking the blue button with the Twitter icon Source: Roblox

Here are the steps to redeem codes in the game:

  • First of all, launch the game and start playing.
  • Next, click the blue Twitter icon at the left side of your screen.
  • At the pop-up window, type or copy & paste one of the active codes into the Code Here text field and press Enter.

Where to find more Mining Simulator codes

The best place to get Mining Simulator codes is obviously Borderpolar as we check for codes on a daily basis. Alternative options include:

  • Issac’s Twitter. The developer behind Rumble Studios releases all the new codes on Twitter so it’s a great place to get the latest codes.
  • You can also join the game’s official Discord server for all the latest news and codes.

Mining Simulator description on Roblox

Welcome to Mining Simulator. Team up with your friends, or go on a solo mining expedition to discover rare gems and become rich! Strike diamonds, become rich, travel to different worlds, collect pets, hats, and so much more!

Winner of 2018 Builderman's Award of Excellence
Winner of 2018 Best Render/Thumbnail
Winner of 2018 Best Trailer
Winner of 2018 Studio of the Year

A game by Rumble Studios

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