Mining Simulator 2 Update Log & Patch Notes

Everything you need to know about the latest Mining Simulator 2 updates. The complete Roblox MS2 Update Log & Patch notes! New content, bug fixes, balance fixes, and improvements!

Mining Simulator 2

This post will find the complete Mining Simulator 2 update log and patch notes. Mining Simulator 2 is a mining simulator game Rumble Studios.

The complete log and patch notes can also be found on Rumble Studios' official Discord Server. Check for the latest Mining Simulator 2 codes while you are here.

Update 22: November 25th, 2022

🚨 UPDATE 22 🚨
πŸ’° Mega sale: 65% off ALL gamepasses!
πŸ₯š New egg in Toyland (Cartoon Egg)!
🐢 9 new Pets!
πŸ”₯ 4 new Secrets!
😲 2 new Ancients!

Update 21: November 18th, 2022

πŸ₯š New egg in Toyland (Pixel Egg)!
🐢 9 new Pets!
πŸ”₯ 2 new Secrets!
😲 1 new Ancient!
⛏ New tool in Toyland shop!
πŸŽ’ New backpack in Toyland shop!
⛰️ New layer!
πŸ’Ž New ore!
πŸ’ͺ New Robux pet in the shop!

Update 20: November 11th, 2022

🧸 New world: Toyland! Head to the spaceship to discover it!
🧱 New currency: Bricks (earned in Toyland)!
🐢 28 new Pets!
πŸ”₯ 7 new Secrets!
😲 2 new Ancient!
πŸ₯š 4 new Eggs!
⛏ New tool in Toyland shop!
πŸŽ’ New backpack in Toyland shop!
πŸ† Season 6 of the Mining Pass is here!
πŸŽƒ Halloween is over until next year!

Update 19 – Halloween: October 28th, 2022

πŸŽƒA Halloween themed Mystery Egg has appeared in the event world!
🐢Hatch random pets in the Mystery slot!
🍬2x Candy and 2x Shiny Chance event!
πŸ‘»Special Rewards coming October 31st, 12pm PST!
⏰The Halloween Event is leaving next week!
πŸ¦‡Make sure to collect all the pets before it leaves!

Update 18: October 21st, 2022

πŸŽƒ Part 3 of the Halloween update is here!
🐢 9 new Pets!
πŸ”₯ 2 new Secrets!
😲 1 new Ancient!
πŸ₯š New Egg! (Ghost Egg)
πŸ‘» New Pet in Event shop!
πŸ€ 2x Luck on Halloween eggs and Season 5 eggs!
πŸ› Fixed bug that caused less Candy Corn to be earned

Update 17: October 14th, 2022

 🚨UPDATE 17🚨
πŸŽƒ Part 2 of the Halloween update is here! 
πŸ† Season 5 of Mining Pass with event pets!
🐢 14 new Pets! 
πŸ”₯ ????
πŸ₯š New Egg! (Zombie Egg)
πŸ‘» New Pet in Event shop!
⛰️ New layer!
πŸ’Ž New ore!

Update 16: October 8th, 2022

πŸŽƒThe Halloween Event (Part 1) is here!πŸŽƒ
πŸ¦‡Explore the new spooky world! 
πŸ‘»Trick or Treat for currency, or go mining for rare ores!
πŸ•―οΈA spooky shop has appeared where you can buy limited time items!
⚰️Complete the Spooky Challenge for a special pet!
πŸŽƒNew exclusive Craftable Treat (Demon Treat)! Applies a random cosmetic hat to your pet.
πŸ’°Multiple Halloween Exclusive Pets in the shop!
🐢38 New Pets!
πŸ”₯9 New Secret Pets!
🍬New Currency!
πŸ’Ž6 New Ores!
⛰️6 New Layers!

Update 15: September 24th, 2022

🚨 UPDATE 15 🚨
πŸ€ Mystery Luck Event! 
⏰ Extra luck (2, 3, or 4) across all eggs, rerolls every hour!
πŸ₯š New egg! (Pastry egg)
🐢 10 new pets!
πŸ”₯ 2 new Secrets!
😲 1 new Ancient!
⚑ Performance improvements

Update 14: September 18th, 2022

 Season 4 is here! Complete challenges to earn awesome pets and rewards!
 Season 4 Premium 50% off this Season!
 New Multi Rebirths! Rebirth up to 5 times!
 2 New Eggs!
 16 new Pets!
 6 New Secret Pets!
 New limited time Ancient Robux pet (Biggest pet in the game)!
 New Layer (Donut Depths)!
 New Ore!
 Fixed bug where shiny pets weren't displayed as their correct colors

Update 13: September 11th, 2022

🍬 Candyland is here! Upgrade your spaceship to travel to the new world!
🍫 Pet Enchantment Treats! Collect candy and start baking treats at the chocolate factory!
πŸͺ Craft 6 different types of treats to apply unique enchantments to your pets!
🍭 Color your pets in over 40 different variations!
πŸ₯š 3 new eggs!
🐢 Over 20 new pets to collect!
πŸ”₯ 6 new Secret Pets!
⛏️ 2 new Tools and Backpacks!
πŸ’Ž 5 new Ores!
⛰️ 3 New Layers!

Update 12: August 26th, 2022

πŸ›’ 50% off ALL gamepasses!
πŸ”₯ New Mystery Egg!
🐢 7 New Pets!
✨ 2x Shiny chance on all eggs!
πŸ€ Bonus luck on multiple eggs (Royalty, Dark Coral, Atlantis)

Update 11: August 20th, 2022

πŸ†Season 3 is here! Complete challenges and earn rewards!
πŸ’ͺNew Premium Season benefits! (+75% luck, +50% gems)
πŸ₯š2 New Eggs!
🐢14 New Pets!
πŸ’ŽNew Gem Enchantment levels!
⛰️New Layer!
πŸ’°New Ore!
⛏️New Tool!
πŸŽ’New Backpack!
βš™οΈMade pets further away from the character based on their size

Update 10: August 13th, 2022

🚨 UPDATE 10 🚨
βš“ Part 2/3 of the Atlantis update is here!
πŸ€ Mega Luck on Royalty Egg and 2x Shiny Chance event!
πŸ₯š New Dark Coral Egg!
🐢 9 new Pets!
πŸ”₯ ???
πŸ† Titles now display in chat!
✨ Revamped shiny pet colors!
πŸ› Various bug fixes!

Update 9: August 6th, 2022

🚨 UPDATE 9 🚨
πŸ”± New Atlantis World!
βš“ Explore the legendary lost city to discover new ores, pets, and more!
πŸ† Complete daily challenges in the new world to earn exclusive rewards!
πŸ‘‘ Titles! Show off your achievements to everyone!
πŸ’° Group benefits! Get free boosts every few hours!
🐚 New currency!
πŸ₯š 3 new eggs!
🐢 20 new pets!
⛰️ 3 new Layers!
πŸ’Ž 5 new Ores!
⛏️ New tool and backpack!
βš™οΈ Increased amount of ores!

Update 8: July 22th, 2022

 🚨 Update 8 🚨
πŸ† Season 2 has arrived!
πŸ’ͺ Complete challenges and earn all new rewards!
πŸ’Ž Reset the pass without robux (5 times) per season!
❓ The Mystery Egg has returned to celebrate 100M Visits!
πŸ₯š 2 New Eggs!
🐢 11 New Pets!
πŸ“¦ New Season 2 Skin Crate!
✨ New Secret Pet (and Ancient Pet) UI!
πŸ€ 2x Luck Event on all summer event eggs!
⛏️ New Backpack and Pickaxe!
πŸ’Ž New Ore (Ancient Bones)
πŸŽͺ New Lucky Boost in event shop, other boosts stock amount increased
🎟️ Earn double tickets from fishing!

Update 7: July 16th, 2022

 🚨 Update 7 🚨
πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ Bruh Beards ship has crashed and he's lost his treasure key!
πŸ€ Help him collect all the pieces for a special reward!
πŸ’Ž Gem Genie has arrived, mine 100M Blocks to enter the portal!
🀝 Complete a variety of quests to earn gems and boosts!
πŸ’ͺ New Pet Teams! Customize your own pet teams and equip them easily!
πŸ₯š 2 new Event Eggs!
🐢 Over 20 new pets to collect!
❓ ???
πŸ”₯ Dominus Egg v2 in the Featured Shop!
πŸ’° New Event Shop items!
⛰️ New Layer in Summer Fair!
πŸ› Various bug fixes

Update 6: July 9th, 2022

 🚨 Update 6 🚨
πŸ–οΈ The Summer Fair (Part 1) has arrived to Mining Simulator!
πŸš€ Take the Rocket and head over there! (Doesn't require rocket upgrade)
🎟️ New Tickets currency earned by playing games!
🎲 Several different Minigames to play!
🎣 Go fishing and catch rare fish!
🐟 Over 20 different fish to discover!
✨ Discover every species for a special reward!
🀝 Complete fishing quests to earn additional tickets!
πŸŽͺ Trade your tickets for special prizes!
πŸ’Ž +1 Egg Hatching Gem Enchantment!
πŸ₯š 2 New Limited time eggs!
πŸ”₯ 3 new Secret Pets!
🐢 18 New Pets to collect!
πŸ† 14-Day Challenge! Complete daily objectives and earn rewards!
⛰️ 6 New Ores!
⛏️ New Rebirth tool and backpack!
πŸ€ 2x Luck on the Patriotic Egg! (Leaves next week)

Update 5: July 2nd, 2022

 🚨 Update 5 🚨
πŸ’° HUGE 50% Off Sale!
- More Pets!
- Omega Scythe
- Triple Hatch
- Fast Hatch
- Lucky Pass
- Infinity Backpack
- 2x Gems
- Large Storage

πŸŽ‰ The July 4th Event is here for 2 weeks!
πŸ₯š New Patriotic Egg!
🐢 Over 12 new pets to collect!
πŸ“¦ Limited time Skin Crate!
πŸ”₯ 2 limited time Robux pets in the shop
πŸ’Ž Limited time Spin to Win here for the event!
πŸ’ͺ Get free spins every hour, you can also buy spins with gems!
πŸ“± Major Performance increase for inventory and trading (if you have a lot of pets)
πŸ› Bug Fixes

πŸŽ† Live Firework Event (07/03)!
πŸ“… Come join on the 3rd to see a Firework Show!
πŸ’° Claim your FREE Patriotic Dominus and free boosts!

Update 4: June 25th, 2022

🚨 Update 4 🚨
πŸ€ +2x Luck Event here all week! πŸ€
πŸ† Season 1 is here!
πŸ’° Complete Challenges to level up your season and get rewards!
πŸ₯š Limited time Season Egg inside season pass containing limited time pets!
πŸ’Ž New Gem Factory! Convert your currency into gems
πŸ‘Ÿ New Walkspeed Gem Enchant!
πŸ† 2 New Achievements!
⛏️ New Pickaxe
πŸŽ’ New Backpack
πŸ”₯ New Featured Pet!
πŸ“± Improvements to Trading UI when viewing items
πŸ› Bug Fixes

Update 3: June 18th, 2022

🚨 Update 3 🚨
❓ New Limited Time 'Mystery Egg'! Hatch it to get a random pet from the game (Robux pets excluded). Here for 2 weeks only!
πŸ’ͺ 4 Limited Time pets inside of the Mystery Egg.
πŸ”₯ New limited Sparkle Time Egg! Collect 9 unique Sparkle Time pets!
πŸ€ 5 new boosts are here! Purchase a limited amount every day with gems.
πŸ’° You can now buy boosts with Robux!
πŸ₯š 2 new Cyber Eggs!
🐢 Tons of new pets!
πŸ† 25 new achievements have been added to the game, with special rewards for each!
⛰️ 1 new layer!
πŸ’Ž 2 new ores!
❌ Unequip all pets button
βš™οΈ Option to disable chat messages for Easy Legendary hatches
πŸ› Various bug fixes

Update 2: June 11th, 2022

🚨 UPDATE 2 🚨
🀝 Trading is here! Trade with your friends and other players in the server!
πŸš€ The Rocketship is ready to take off, where could it lead?
🌌 Help repair the rocket ship and explore an entirely new galaxy!
⛰️ 3 new layers!
πŸ’° New Currency - Cyber Tokens!
πŸ₯š 4 new space-themed eggs!
🐢 Over 25 new pets to collect!
⛏️ New Rebirth Gear!
πŸ’Ž Tons of new ores to find!
πŸ”₯ New featured items in the shop!
πŸ† Top Egg Hatchers leaderboard!
πŸ› Various bug fixes

Update 1: June 3rd, 2022

🚨 Update 1 🚨
⛰️ Crystal Cavern - A new layer!
πŸ₯š Crystal Egg - Hatch 10 new Pets!
πŸ”₯ Infernal Revenant - Limited Time Pet in the shop!
πŸ’° Gem Chest - Get free Gems every 4.5 hours!
πŸ’ͺ Gem Enchants - Permanently upgrade your stats (Hatch Speed, Pets Equipped, and more)!
⏩ Fast Hatch - Hatch eggs even faster!
πŸ“¦ Rare Crate - Discover 9 new Skins!
πŸ’Ž Larimar - New Ore found in the depths of the Crystal Cavern!
⛏️ New Tool and Backpack!
🀝 Trading coming very soon!

Balances & Fixes πŸ›
- Rebirth Multiplier increased from 5 to 10
- Rebirth Cost reduced by 100m
- Rebirth reward increased from 100 to 150
- Increased chances of finding Cave Treasures
- Fixed Buttons not working on Mobile
- Various other bug fixes

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