Mining Simulator 2 Treasure Hunt Update Patch Notes & Update Log

Last Updated: August 14, 2022 @ 11:08
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The new Treasure Hunt Update (Update 7) for Roblox Mining Simulator 2 was released on July 15th, 2022! The update introduces new content, balance changes, fixes, and quality of life changes, so check them in the official update log below.

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Mining Simulator 2 Treasure Hunt Update (Update 7) Changelog

🏴‍☠️ Bruh Beards ship has crashed and he's lost his treasure key!
🍀 Help him collect all the pieces for a special reward!
💎 Gem Genie has arrived, mine 100M Blocks to enter the portal!
🤝 Complete a variety of quests to earn gems and boosts!
💪 New Pet Teams! Customize your own pet teams and equip them easily!
🥚 2 new Event Eggs!
🐶 Over 20 new pets to collect!
❓ ???
🔥 Dominus Egg v2 in the Featured Shop!
💰 New Event Shop items!
⛰️ New Layer in Summer Fair!
🐛 Various bug fixes

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