10 Minecraft Underground Base Designs and Ideas

Now is the time you take one step forward and build your personalized space under the ground to live peacefully in your Minecraft world without caring much about the harsh conditions. Check these Minecraft underground base designs and ideas to experience the survival world in the best way.

#1 Sectioned Underground Base With a Control Door – disruptive builds

1. Sectioned Underground Base With a Control Door - disruptive builds
Image Credit: disruptive builds

One of the most interesting base ideas in this list is this all-in-one underground base which came straight from the imagination of 

disruptive build. It’s a rectangular base made of different sections which you can customize according to your taste.

Build the truly iconic entrance of the base by using red stones and pistons. You can only break into the wall and enter your base and then you can close the door through a button. 

After that, excavate the base and start adding details and different sections. You can build a brewing room with barrels, an enchanting room with a library theme, a crafting section, and the most interesting section, which is a mini automatic sugarcane farm.

#2 Secret Underground Base With an Aquarium Bed – Gorillo

 Secret Underground Base With an Aquarium Bed
Image Credit: Gorillo

Living secretly was never this fun. Create as many rooms as you wish in your secret underground base and survive in the best way possible. Learn from Gorillo how to make these coolest rooms, including an aquarium bed.

To build the aquarium, dig the ground and fill it with sand and add glass blocks on the front. Fill it with marine plants, blue tiles, and a glowing white tile. Place your fish inside it and build a bed in front of it. You can have plenty of other rooms in your base including farms, a chest room, and a lobby.

#3 Protective and Useful Underground Base – Zaypixel

Protective and Useful Underground Base
Image Credit: Zaypixel

Stuff your base with some of the most useful supplies and build it in the most protective way. So dig your ground uniquely by closely watching Zaypixel and divide it into two sections, one being the nether portal.

By using some common tools like trapdoors, chests, and oak blocks, complete the design by making an enchanting room in the center, a little pond, and a library.

#4 Hidden Base Under a Pond – Spudetti

Hidden Base Under a Pond
Image Credit: Spudetti

You probably can’t tell how an underground base is hidden under a pond. Didn’t Spudetti make the most fascinating thing to experience?

Now let’s get to its making. The base consists of three main parts excluding the hall, which are the farm room, storage room, and bedroom. Build a simple hall by making a nice ceiling and flooring. For the farm, you can use the dirt blocks to make a planter, make water holes, and fill them with crops. The storage section can contain many chests, enchantments, and bookshelves. Check out these beautiful doorway designs for your bedroom, add beds, a nether portal, and some plantations.

#5 Reinforced Underground Base – Goldrobin

Reinforced Underground Base
Image Credit: Goldrobin

Establish an underground bunker or base with this superb idea by 

Goldrobin. Cut through a mountain or a hill, dig deep, and make a layout of your design. Hang some lanterns inside the base for some light. 

Lay down a carpet in the middle and put some chests for storage. 

In a corner, add some dirt beds with crops on the top and protect them with spruce doors. Decorate your base as much as you want and it’s ready.

#6 Base Under a Mini Crop Farm – disruptive builds

Base Under a Mini Crop Farm
Image Credit: disruptive builds

One of the most creative ideas here is by disruptive builds, who made this underground base that you can enter through a trapdoor elevator. Flourish the base however you want and create a bedroom, storage area, smelting area, and stack up your base with some double chests and barrels.

#7 Luxurious Modern Underground Base – WiederDude 

Luxurious Modern Underground Base
Image Credit: WiederDude

Chill in this relaxing underground base made by WiederDude. This luxuriously built design will help you survive in your comfortable space.

Elevate your style by using white tiles, which are the best to bring in a modern touch. Transform the empty area into a living room by adding a TV, a couch, and some bookshelves. You can also create a modern bedroom and a bathroom in your base and you will have all the rooms you would need to live undisturbed for as many days as you want.

#8 Mega Survival Underground base – NotNotBrock

Mega Survival Underground base
Image Credit: NotNotBrock

Survive the toughest worlds by building magnanimous underground survival bases like this one made by NotNotBrock. Create the first floor of your base, giving it a mossy look and a beautiful pathway that leads to it. 

This particular design has an amazingly large library, an exquisite treehouse design, and an awesome green swimming pool so please don’t miss this one out. You can also check these remarkable survival base ideas to learn more.

#9 Grand Base Under a Wishing Well – Reimiho

Grand Base Under a Wishing Well
Image Credit: Reimiho

This list is getting as wild as it gets and if you don’t think that yet, then you surely will after seeing this next extraordinary idea by Reimiho.

This base is lying under a wishing well and its construction is so simple that you can surely build it in no time. First of all, bring some wooden pillars with the most adorable design. Connect these well-built pillars to form a bridge and put some glow stones on the ceiling. And then all you have to do is decorate it as perfectly as you can.

#10 Underground Base With a Mining Hub – Spudetti

Underground Base With a Mining Hub
Image Credit: Spudetti

There are several ways you can build a large underground base in Minecraft or expand an already built base. This idea of making a mining hub in your base is so intelligent and has been brilliantly put together by Spudetti

All you need to do is make stone brick stairs which lead to it. Light up the room with lanterns and create some patterns on the walls. Put some storage stuff in the corners and create as many hubs as you want in your base.

Summing up

Get as wild as you can for the sake of survival by building a one-of-a-kind underground base in your world. We know you love architecture, so make your passion come alive and start digging!