7 Minecraft Tree Designs and Ideas to Build

Are you done making an unbelievably terrific Minecraft world for yourself? Then let us show you what you’re lacking. Take a look at these striking Minecraft tree designs and ideas to build, which are going to make your dreamy world look even more fantastical.

#1 Fantasy Weeping Willow Tree – MegRae

Fantasy Weeping Willow Tree
Image Credit: MegRae

Bring the fairytale aesthetic and improve your tree crafting skills by making this fantasy willow tree inspired by MegRae

Build the trunk a little bit uplifted from the ground to leave some space for the roots. Make several curves and twists in your tree and smooth them off by using slabs and stairs. Make branches and tilt some of them towards the ground for making vines.

After you add some leaves, just wait for them to grow and witness this beautiful willow tree you just made.

#2 Giant Bonsai Tree – AdieCraft

Giant Bonsai Tree
Image Credit: AdieCraft

Extend your vision and create this giant bonsai tree by sticking to the building methods introduced by AdieCraft. This tree has a thick trunk with an irregular shape, so here’s how to build it.

For your trunk place the blocks in a zig-zag or a curvy pattern so that it has a couple of different directions. By doing that, you’ll be having the branches in layers, so put some leaves and droopy leaflets which will have high coverage. For further details add azalea flowers or any other flowers you have.

#3 Tall Conical Pine Tree – SheraNom

Tall Conical Pine Tree
Image Credit: SheraNom

Who needs to find a Christmas tree in Minecraft when you can make your own as SheraNom did and decorate it just the way you want? 

Make your pine tree by building a straight trunk and then to bring the conical shape, use fences and place them all around it. Now, all that's left is the placement of your leaves upon the branches and your pine tree is ready.

#4 Small Custom Oak Tree – Cryptozoology

Small Custom Oak Tree
Image Credit: Cryptozoology

You might have seen many little oak trees in Minecraft here and there. But how to build your customized oak tree all by yourself and with a little help from Cryptozoology.

The first step is building the trunk which is usually the same for all trees. We’re using oak wood for that and putting it in a zig-zap manner and detailing them with little fences, slabs, and gates for texture variation. Now place it in a park or wherever you want.

#5 Mesmerizing Cherry Blossom Tree –  Herbivorous Dragon

Mesmerizing Cherry Blossom Tree
Image Credit: Herbivorous Dragon

Looking for a perfect tree to compliment your heavenly pond setting? Then this idea of a cherry blossom tree beside a lovely pond or garden by Herbivorous Dragon will leave you mesmerized.

Just build your trunk and branches using dark oak and for the petals use pink wool and extend it through the tree. Light it up with hanging lamps and you’re done.

#6 Rust Autumn Tree – Behrzilla

Rust Autumn Tree
Image Credit: Behrzilla

Seasonal trees are simply breathtaking to look at. Now you can build one by looking at this idea by Behrzilla.

After you build the trunk of the tree you just have to build the entire top by alternating yellow, res, and orange clay stones to get a rust color. Put some squares on the floor to show a leaf-falling effect.

#7 Glowing Sea Lantern Tree – MegRae

Glowing Sea Lantern Tree
Image Credit: MegRae

MegRae has brought you some amazing glowing trees and this sea lantern tree will truly capture your attention.

Use warped hyphy, and prismarine bricks to stay true to the aqua blue color palette. Build roots, trunks, and leaves. Hang lanterns and watch them glow at night.


Explore and experiment with all these gorgeous tree designs and let them add up to any Minecraft space of yours. Try these or create new ones to enhance your design skills. Happy Crafting!