20+ Minecraft Survival Base Ideas in 2023 

Want to stay clear of the deadly nightcrawlers in Minecraft? Let's build a safe home using these 20 Minecraft Survival Base Ideas.  

With all the different designs and building techniques at your disposal, you can be as creative as you want. Create a solid survival base that not only protects you from your enemies but also looks aesthetically pleasing from the inside as well as outside.

You can show off your skills and create something unique like the Rapunzel Watchtower or the Underwater Survival Base. Find more details on how to build these beautiful Minecraft survival bases below.

Underground Cubic Designer Survival Base – Gorillo

Underground Cubic Designer Survival Base – Gorillo
Image Credit: Gorillo

Looking to build a classy survival base? This Underground Cubic Designer Survival Base by Gorillo is perfect for Minecraft Lords who have a wealthy supply of all the resources saved in their treasure boxes.

Well, this is the time to make use of all the valuable resources that you have been treasuring forever.

For creating this Underground Cubic Designer Survival Base, you will have to dig a deep trench. You can make it as deep as you want your survival base to be. Then, use a collection of different stones to outline the flooring and walls. 

Use glass boxes for creating the roof so that the survival base is transparent from above, giving you a perfect view of the skies above.

Stonewall Castle Survival Base – ItsMarloe

Stonewall Castle Survival Base – ItsMarloe
Image Credit: ItsMarloe

If you want to build a strong place in your Minecraft worlds, you should try building this solid Stonewall Castle Survival Base by ItsMarloe. It's a great place for staying safe in the survival mode of the game as it protects you from all kinds of foes.

Built-in the shape of a huge Castle made of solid ancient stone blocks, the Stonewall Castle Survival base looks great in the game.

Obviously, you'll need a large number of stone blocks and plenty of other items as well for proper decorating of the building. The castle with all its stone glory looks magnificent standing alone in the plain area protecting you from the outer wilderness.

High Modernista Survival Base  – JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial

High Modernista Survival Bas
Image Credit: JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial

Wanna create something attractive in your Minecraft worlds to give the game a modern look? Try building this High Modernista Survival Base by JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial. It's a super chic structure with a beautiful outlook.

This is one of the most high-class Minecraft structures that give a wealthy look to your game. You can create this building and show it off to all your friends.

For creating this structure, you will need lots and lots of quartz blocks because the entire building is made of quartz stones. Even the stairs were created with quartz to match the overall design. 

Other than that, you'll need glass to create windows and some wooden blocks for adding details to the building.

Futuristic Survival Base – Adie Craft

Futuristic Survival Base
Image Credit: Adie Craft

Another addition to the most exceptional Minecraft structures ever created by the players, this Futuristic Survival Base by Adie Craft scores a top rank in the list. 

It's an absolutely wondrous idea to make your Minecraft worlds different from the rest of the group. Where most people want to make their game pretty, you can create this survival base to take your game to the next generational level.

Taking direct inspiration from the vision of the upcoming future and how it will digitize the whole world, this Futuristic style survival base is a perfect model representation.

You'll need a combination of quartz, glass, and concrete blocks for crafting this survival base model in your Minecraft.

Wooden Jungle Survival Base – Reimiho

Wooden Jungle Survival Base
Image Credit: Reimiho

If you are a jungle fan, this Wooden Jungle Survival Base by Reimiho is a must-have for your Minecraft world. Created in the heart of the jungle between the long thick forest trees, this survival base is not an easy structure to build from scratch, especially when the structure is built over landscaping.

Created solely by using woods, you'll need to cut plenty of trees to get a variety of wooden boxes. Create different types of full and half-length wooden planks using the crafting table and get ready to start building.

Clear the area first and start placing boxes to create the round stages. After creating the multiple stages of floors of the building, connect them by creating a long wooden staircase.

Glass Tower Survival Base – HEYDI

Glass Tower Survival Base
Image Credit: HEYDI

Want to create something unique yet very cool to show off your skills? Try building this long Glass Tower Survival Base by HEYDI in your Minecraft game. It is a beautiful structure made mostly out of glass boxes to give a super cool view of the outskirts of the game.

For building this huge tower made of glass, you'll need to find plenty of glass blocks. For creating some leverage and flooring, you'll also need quartz blocks.

Once you are done with the overall framing of the tower, you can go in and craft various types of ornamental items that will look aesthetically pleasing from outside the tower.

You can use this as a Minecraft survival base or a watch tower with an exceptional view of the game since it's entirely made of glass.

Floating Cloud Survival Base – The Mythical Sausage

Floating Cloud Survival Base
Image Credit: The Mythical Sausage

Wanna build something different than others? Why don't you recreate this Floating Cloud Survival Base by The Mythical Sausage and give your crafting skills a challenge?

Just one good look at the sight of this amazing huge Castle hanging in the sky is enough to amaze all your friends and enemies. They'll be left wondering how you created this jaw-dropping survival base 8n your Minecraft world.

Sky-high buildings are often hard to build but a structure that's floating among the clouds will surely need some effort. This structure requires extreme patience and focus. You will need to create a base first that you will use as a basic floor for the castle.

 You can get as creative as you want when designing your floating castle.

Classy Pool Survival Base – IrieGenie

Classy Pool Survival Base
Image Credit: IrieGenie

For our Minecraft fans who love swimming pools, you are going to love this aesthetic Classy Pool Survival Base by IrieGenie. This idea of having a modern-style survival with a swimming pool sounds very pleasing but the creation can be a challenging task for you.

First things first, you have to clear a large plain area for creating the survival base in the grassy lands. Make sure the place is clean and near water so that you'll have a great view as well.

Next, you will need quartz blocks for creating the house, red stones for creating the floor, and some fences plus stone blocks for creating the outer boundaries. Between the red stones, dig a square area and fill it up with water for creating your classy pool.

Ultimate All-In-One Survival Base – BlueNerd Minecraft

Ultimate All-In-One Survival Base
Image Credit: BlueNerd Minecraft

Filling your Minecraft worlds with beautiful structures, you wouldn't like to miss this Ultimate All-In-One Survival Base by BlueNerd Minecraft. This is a huge structure that has almost everything within to keep you comfortably seated for an easy survival within the game.

Built with wooden planks, the castle looks great in an area filled with grass plains ending near a small lake or a huge mountain.

The best thing about creating this Ultimate All-In-One Survival Base is that you don't need any ultimate resources for its recreation. You just need some basic blocks and a good amount of wood stored that you can use to create wooden planks.

Hidden Bunker Style Survival Base – Sv Gravity

Hidden Bunker Style Survival Base
Image Credit: SV Gravity

Do you like exploring unique hidden structures in the Minecraft worlds to uncover all the secrets in the game?

If so, then you're going to love this next idea to create a Hidden Bunker Style Survival Base by SV Gravity.

This survival base is amazing with its secretive location hidden amongst the thick forest trees shadowing it from the rest of the world.

You can simply recreate this hidden bunker or update it as per your liking. You will have to use your creative imagination to make the bunker more intriguing from the inside as compared to the outside. 

Underwater Cage Survival Base – SheepGG

Underwater Cage Survival Base
Image Credit: SheepGG

Do you like visiting the aquarium more often? It's high time that you bring the aquarium to you! Yes, with this amazing Underwater Cage Survival Base by SheepGG, you can create your own Minecraft aquarium in the depths of the ocean.

This is a very unique building structure that is literally floating in the waters with no bottom or upper support from the land. For suspending the structure in the middle of the ocean, you'll first need to create a base for placing your quartz blocks.

Once you set the base and build the floor, you can start building walls and the interior design. With a submarine entrance, it's a perfect underwater survival base.

Round Fashionable Survival Base –  Moby Dick

Round Fashionable Survival Base
Image Credit: Moby Dick

For people who like to shape their buildings by practicing their architecture skills, 

This Round Fashionable Survival Base by Moby Dick is a great option for testing your creative imagination.

The structure has a proper circular design that gives you a sense of those characters moving all around you. It gives you a great view of all your surrounding area as well.

The best part about this structure is that it is made out of simple wooden planks yet it looks extremely beautiful from afar. You can even create a small garden in the middle to increase its Beauty and add some color to the building.

Underground Plus Maze Survival Base – Minecraft HUB

Underground Plus Maze Survival Base
Image Credit: Minecraft HUB

Adding one more circular structure to the list, we have this beautiful Underground Plus Maze Survival Base designed by Minecraft HUB. In the middle of those long grassy plains, this round underground Maze Like structure looks very prominent.

Recreating this structure in your Minecraft world is super easy. You just have to follow the steps shown by Minecraft HUB. You can make a few changes as well to show your creativity.

Use many wooden blocks, bushes, and flowers to create a nice underground survival base with a transparent rooftop made out of glass. 

Cliff Hanging Survival Base – Shulker Craft

Cliff Hanging Survival Base
Image Credit: Shulker Craft

Want to try something challenging? Try recreating this Cliff Hanging Survival Base – Shulker Craft within your Minecraft game to give your creativity a challenging task.

Built within the natural beauty of those huge mountains in the Minecraft world, this survival looks exquisite at the night with all its glowing glory.

Use as many light blocks to illuminate the place and just wait for the nighttime. You'll be surprised how a mere game structure can be so satisfying to look at and find peace with.

Apartment Style Mountainous Survival Base – Balzy

Apartment Style Mountainous Survival Base
Image Credit: Balzy

Are you obsessed with those huge mountains in your Minecraft worlds? Let's try rebuilding this lush Apartment Style Mountainous Survival Base by Balzy. It's a super cool structure built right inside one of the huge Minecraft mountains.

First of all, look for the largest mountain that you can find within your game. Start digging the mountain up to create room for building your apartment. You can also use TNT explosives for creating quick and deep holes in the mountains.

Once you see that you're deep enough, start building wooden walls and multiple floors. The wood vs stone combination looks great from a far. So, make sure you create a nice matching wooden interior.

Rapunzel Watchtower Survival Base – Cortezerino

Rapunzel Watchtower Survival Base
Image Credit: Cortezerino

For all our Disney fans, here's a Minecraft structure that will bring back your childhood memories. This giant Rapunzel Watchtower Survival Base by Cortezerino is by far the highest Minecraft structure out of these 20 survival base ideas.

If you want to bring uniqueness to your Minecraft game, the Rapunzel Watchtower is definitely a good start. Right out of the cartoon Disney movie, this structure is pretty popular among all the children whether boys or girls. After all, Disney has a giant fan base just like the size of this watchtower.

You'll need plenty of stone blocks for creating this watchtower.

Peaceful Island House Survival Base – InfiniteDrift

Peaceful Island House Survival Base
Image Credit: InfiniteDrift

If you are a fan of the ocean and you just can't stay away from the waters, here's a beautiful structure that you must try building in your Minecraft worlds. This

Peaceful Island House Survival Base by InfiniteDrift is a perfect way to live in a place surrounded by an ocean and its beautiful marine life.

It can be a little challenging to recreate this structure from scratch because you will have nothing to support your character. So, you must create a floor first. Then, you can move on to create the specific structure design and cut the floor according to your house frame.

Being surrounded by water, this is a perfect survival base for staying clear of your foes because nothing can creep its way up to you in the middle of the ocean except the fishes.

Cozy Treehouse Survival Base – Mia Bloom

Cozy Treehouse Survival Base
Image Credit: Mia Bloom

For people who like spending their leisure time building fun Minecraft structures, here's a Cozy Treehouse Survival Base by Mia Bloom that you must recreate in your game.

This treehouse base is a beautiful way to test your creativity in building Minecraft structures. Challenge yourself and try to recreate the Cozy Treehouse by following Mia's tutorial or you can modify the building according to your imagination and build an even better design.

You'll first need to create a huge tree that can hold up to support your treehouse survival base. Also, it's better if you choose a thick Forest area because it goes perfectly with your treehouse base.

Hobbit Hole Survival Base – Build Therapy

Hobbit Hole Survival Base
Image Credit: Build Therapy

Inspired by none other than the famous movie the Lords of the ring, this Hobbit Hole Survival Base by Build Therapy is the perfect Minecraft idea for all movie fans. 

Now, you can create your own Hobbit hole in your Minecraft world by following this easy tutorial in which Build Therapy has shown you how he creates his Hobbit Hole house within his game.

You'll need to clear a plain area and then you'll need many wooden and grass blocks to create the outlook for your Hobbit hole survival base. The most important part is to give your structure a dome shape that resembles the Hobbit house in the movie.

Large Woodwork Survival Base – Avomance

Large Woodwork Survival Base
Image Credit: Avomance

When it comes to building a survival base, why not pick the largest of building structures to call it your home. This Large Woodwork Survival Base by Avomance is absolutely breathtaking with its antique design and valuable detailing.

You will need to clear a giant area if you want to recreate this survival base within your Minecraft game. Pick a plain grassy land where you can clear a large piece of ground for building this structure.

Start placing wooden blocks to create the house frame. Now, start building the walls and other rooms with items that you must need in your survival base. Then, you can also create a Vegetable garden inside the base if you love a warming farm.


Find anything you like? Hope you have got plenty of ideas and inspiration from these 20 Minecraft Survival Base ideas. You can try recreating these best Minecraft survival bases or think of an entirely new design. It's all about your imagination and how you can put it to good use.

For more build ideas like crazy Minecraft house ideas or amazing dock ideas in Minecraft, you can also check the rest of your Minecraft guides.

Happy Survival Base Buildup in Minecraft!