10 Best Minecraft Pool Ideas And Designs For Inspiration†

Looking for some inspiration for a swimming pool? Look no further! We’ve got plenty of different Minecraft pool Ideas and Designs for you to check out.

Minecraft pool ideas

With Minecraft, players can create almost anything in their world by choosing from a wide range of landscaping materials and items. They can build towns, castles and modern cities, you name it. However, you can make an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, which is one of the most basic and fun things you can build.

Swimming pools can be a perfect addition to any house. Itís a spot where you can have an enjoyable time with your Minecraft friends. They are easy to build and you can personalize them according to your preferences. This guide will unfold the 10 Best Minecraft Pool Ideas and Designs that you can try out. 

#1 Pool For Modern Houses – Taffstar

#1 Pool For Modern Houses - Taffstar
Image Credits: Taffstar†

This pool design by Taffstar is a whole mood. Itís a perfect relaxing spot for you and your friends to have quality time. It is the deep blue water, the side roof design, and the greenery surrounding the pool that set the mood for a relaxing day. Speaking of the dimension, itís totally up to you whether you want to go for a small or big pool. 

By using light blue concrete, you add depth to the swimming pool. This pool should be your go-to pool for your next modern house. 

#2 Huge FireSide Pool – BBlocks

#2 Huge FireSide Pool - BBlocks
Image Credits: BBlocks†

Want to throw the biggest pool party ever with your friends? This pool design by BBlocks is impressive and has a realistic look and feel to it. By far the easiest build, the pool is constructed with any block of your choice. Pool corners can be planted with bamboo plants that add to the beauty. 

To enhance the pool further, a fireside is built using netheracks where you can enjoy the night view of the poolside. The couch placed around the fireplace makes the place cozy. With this pool design, you can design an entire water park by filling the pool area with ice cream shops and whatnot.

#3 Exotic Pool With A View – Taffstar

#3 Exotic Pool With A View - Taffstar
Image Credits: Taffstar

Another popular design by Taffstar has a pretty laid-back style. There is nothing more relaxing than having a nice pool area with a small garden and outdoor seating area. Itís a normal rectangular-shaped pool that can go well with any modern-looking house. Make sure you know which pool shape to go for before digging the area.

 The garden is beautifully adorned with Oak trees, lanterns, and other decorative items. Further, the outdoor area is fully furnished with white blocks and stone blocks where you can bask in the sunshine casually.

#4 Swimming Pool With Facilities – BlenDigi

#4 Swimming Pool With Facilities - BlenDigi
Image Credits: BlenDigi

Thinking to build a luxurious pool for your extravagant house? This fancy elite-level swimming pool by BlenDigi is hands-down a complete package of fun. It isnít just a swimming pool but you get access to amenities like a separate tennis court and barbecue area where you can have the time of your life. 

Throughout the pool's wall, you'll find sea lanterns that glimmer with light and give the pool a spectacular appearance. It looks like an infinity pool – thanks to the gray stained glass pane. The pool also features a Jacuzzi for hot bath lovers out there. 

#5 Contemporary Pool Design – Taffstar

#5 Contemporary Pool Design - Taffstar
Image Credits: Taffstar

Taffstar has come up with a series of pool designs that look killer. This pool design is a modern approach to traditional pool layouts. The pool detailing is quite subtle and the water has more depth. Designed using white concrete, blue blocks, and stained glass blocks, the glass blocks give an illusion of an infinity pool. 

You can decorate the pool with colored blocks to make it look vibrant. All in all, itís a perfect pool area for a modern house. 

#6 Zig Zag Pool Design – Taffstar

#6 Zig Zag Pool Design - Taffstar
Image Credits: Taffstar

The blue and white blocks make up the pool design in this tutorial by Taffstar. Itís a minimalistic pool that has a randomly shaped layout. It doesn't have to be a simple pool layout when you can construct it in a circular or zig-zag shape to make it stand out. 

You can also add a full shade over the top to protect you from the harsh rays of sunlight. Add a small garden near the pool to enhance the beauty of the pool. 

#7 Wooden Themed Pool – MarchiWORX Minecraft Architect

#7 Wooden Themed Pool - MarchiWORX Minecraft Architect
Image Credits: MarchiWORX Minecraft Architect

Another modern pool design by MarchiWORX Minecraft Architect complements the wooden theme. Made from true white hardplay slab blocks, the pool has crystal clear water. By using white blocks, the pool appears to look spacious despite the limited pool size. 

Moreover, it blends so effortlessly with the outdoor sitting area that is decorated with plants and comfy sofas. Overall, this pool is a great choice for those who are looking for a minimalist pool.

#8 Round Luxurious Pool – Biggs87x

#8 Round Luxurious Pool - Biggs87x
Image Credits: Biggs87x

Thinking to build a grand pool for your holiday resort? Biggs87x has come up with a tutorial that is breathtaking. This pool features a sitting area with chairs and umbrellas, perfectly suitable for huge Minecraft architectures. 

The serenity of the view can be enjoyed by crossing a bridge that allows everyone to have a peaceful moment with nature. You can mix and match different blocks according to the theme of your resort.

#9 Large Pool With A Jacuzzi – JoofyLooby

#9 Large Pool With A Jacuzzi - JoofyLooby
Image Credits: JoofyLooby

The jacuzzi and swimming pool are combined to form a two-in-one pool. This large swimming pool design by JoofyLooby captures everyoneís attention.  It's one of the detailed designs that incorporate steps.  By adding block steps, the pool layout becomes accentuated. Every corner of the pool is illuminated by sea lanterns at night, which makes the pool look breathtaking. 

With beautiful lawn chairs under the tree, you can read your favorite book or relax. A volleyball net is also available for playing volleyball with your friends. Overall, itís a pretty neat design with additional features.

#10 Fascinating Pool Bridge – Smithers Boss

#10 Fascinating Pool Bridge - Smithers Boss
Image Credits: Smithers Boss

Last but not least, Smithers Boss shows how you can design a creative swimming pool with a bridge in the middle. Itís a basic pool that follows a bow-shaped pattern. You can create a randomized pattern for your pool by playing with materials until you master it.  

The bridge is made from wood spruce logs and spruce trap doors to maximize protection. Whether you want to swim or just enjoy the view by the bridge, this should be your go-to pool design. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a swimming pool from scratch would not be a tough task if you had a list of pool design ideas and designs to begin from. Get inspired by these ideas and make your own superb swimming pool.