25 Unbelievable Minecraft Living Room Designs and Ideas

Explore the best Minecraft living room ideas and designs for your home. With so many ideas to look into, here’s what you have always wanted to create!

Minecraft Living Room Ideas

The living room is one of the most integral parts of your Minecraft house. No matter how big or small your space is, you can build exactly what you want.  And if you're looking for inspiration then we got some of the most iconic Minecraft living room ideas and designs for you. So let's dig in and explore the world of Minecraft.

Chic Modern Living Room – BlenDigi

Chic Modern Living Room
Image Credit: BlenDigi

This chic and classy living room designed by BlenDigi is the perfect space for your modern house. You can build it so easily with the available concrete material and it will be just the way you want.

First things first, make sofas and a nice coffee table in your living room. Then add up a TV and some plants followed by a bookshelf and lights so the look can be completed. And your modern living room is ready to relax in.

Large Luxury Living Room – Type Craft

Large Luxury Living Room
Image Credit:  Type Craft

This next design by Type Craft is super-luxurious and is built with the most simple hacks which you can learn as well. Create some interesting things like an intersecting wall shelf and a polished deep slate which would be very thoughtful.

You can add a couple of art pieces on the wall and some glow stones to brighten it up. If you would like to be a little extra with the design, you can add a beautiful chandelier and a dining table as well.

Elegant Attic-designed Living Room – Grian

Elegant Attic-designed Living Room
Image Credit: Grian

Attic design is one of the most popular living room ideas in Minecraft and this simple yet elegant living room designed by Grian is worth trying.

You can get this look by using some basic couch and banner structures along with a television and a cozy fireplace. Wooden couches and coffee tables go with this theme so don't forget to place them there as well.

Elite and Well-designed Living Room – Prisma

Elite and Well-designed Living Room
Image Credit: Prisma

This exclusive idea by Prisma will let you create an elite living room made of the simplest design furniture.

Compile oak plants on flashing lights or place some cool lamps on the corners. Make an awesome blue rectangular fireplace for uniqueness. And lastly, put sofas and create a fluffy carpet by using dead fire coral fans to finish.

The Perfectly Posh Living Room – MCram

Perfectly Posh Living Room
Image Credit: MCram

After trying out this living room design by MCram, you would probably fall in love with house decor once again.

So, start building it by making a nice wooden floor and a working fireplace. Make several glass windows in your living area for a nice view and build the couch from white tiles and pillows by using black banners. 

Add final touches by making a cute gray carpet, a nice ceiling, and some random decorations like paintings and torch lights.

Sea-Side Living Room With an Aquarium – BlenDigi

A Sea-Side Living Room With an Aquarium
Image Credit: BlenDigi

Looking for a homey spot near the ocean? Try building this spacious living room made by BlenDigi with an aquarium that sets it apart from the rest.

Believe it or not, this aquarium is not as difficult to build as it looks. So start by making a wall of barrier blocks. Now fill it with water and add some corals, kelps, and fish by building another wall of barrier blocks. 

Use gray concrete and put some turtle eggs in a polished deep slate as a decoration piece. Sit back and take in the sea breeze and enjoy.

Warm and Comfortable Living Room – 6tenstudio

Warm and Comfortable Living Room
Image Credit: 6tenstudio

So where do you go when you want to relax without being interrupted? That's right you go straight to your living room and if it's as comfortable and warm as this living room designed by 6tenstudio, that would be all you need.

Build a nice fireplace for your living room to keep it warm and then add some comfortable furniture. Keep the furniture color neutral to get the most of this idea.

Super-Cute Pink Living Room – VexelVille

Super-Cute Pink Living Room
Image Credit: VexelVille

You can never get enough of this adorable living room which you can create using pink-colored tiles and some creativity. VexelVille has presented this design with the easiest building method.

Start by building a pink and white couch finished with wood. In a corner, build a little storage area and put some lights beneath it for a glow. Mix and match pink and white pieces to get the look you wanted to have.

Small Living Room For Your Apartment – BlueNerd Minecraft

Small Living Room For Your Apartment
Image Credit: BlueNerd Minecraft

Whether it's a large mansion or a small apartment, living rooms are the center area of it. And when it comes to furnishing it, BlueNerd Minecraft is here to save the day.

The trick to using maximum space of the area is to use the corners well and focus on the tiny details which will contribute to the overall look of your living room. So brighten your room with fancy lights, little shelves, and plants for a calm environment. And don't forget to add a classic red brick fireplace to finish it off.

Lively Green Living Room – GoodCraft

Lively Green Living Room
Image Credit: GoodCraft 

Green is one of the most lively colors which makes it perfect for your living room. If you want to know the best way of using this color in your room, take a look at this beautiful design by GoodCraft.

Flourish your space with all things green. Build up green couches, plants, and lamps. You can also use different shades of green to make it relevant to the theme and for getting the most stunning green living room you wished for.

Charming Wide Living Room – AverageTunaSandwich

Charming Wide Living Room
Image Credit: AverageTunaSandwichf

Build your chilling place in Minecraft by making this charming living room. AverageTunaSandwich has made this gorgeous living room which is made just for you.

The basic framework of your living room should consist of some glass windows for natural light. Create a minimal entrance with stone bricks or check out these fantastic hallway designs to explore more. 

Add some cool furniture in the living room to decorate. You can use some kelps and turtle eggs as centerpieces to make it look interesting and that's it.

Calm and Peaceful Living Room – VIVID Studios

Calm and Peaceful Living Room
Image Credit: VIVID Studios

Are you looking for some cool tips for designing the most peaceful and calm living room you've ever seen? If yes, then VIVID Studios got you!

Look at this relaxing environment where you can release all your stress. 

To make a living room like this one, focus on the color scheme. Use darker colors and combine them with neutral ones. You can also build a pretty cobblestone wall with which you can set up a fireplace. Work on any little detail which could be the specialty of your living room and chill.

Majestic Monochromatic Living Room – Keralis

Majestic Monochromatic Living Room
Image Credit: Keralis

The color scheme is undoubtedly one of the most important features of your living area. And if you want a wise opinion on it just take a look at this great design by Keralis.

You can enhance the beauty of your room by adding a giant fishing tank, a huge ceiling, and an art piece. And go for a monochromatic theme using some wood and shades of beige.

Plain and Graceful Living Room – Typface

Plain and Graceful Living Room
Image Credit:  Typface

Most people prefer to go for a simple and plain living room area as it is a safe and easy idea. And if you're one of them then this living room by Typface is the right pick for you!

Give your room a good blend of light and neutral colors and some minimal and classy furniture. Add a fireplace and an LED cause that's a must. Finally, put some glass windows and it's ready.

Classy Contemporary Living Room – Zueljin Gaming

Classy Contemporary Living Room
Image Credit: Zueljin Gaming

This next design by Zueljin Gaming is one of the best representations of modern designs. The ever-golden combination of black walls and white furniture is what makes this design super-attractive. 

A beautiful centerpiece, decorative plants, and large glass window panes go perfectly with the contemporary theme. Place a little book shelf in the corner or explore your imagination or take inspiration from these amazing library designs. And last but not the least, build a big TV screen and a nice tabletop and there you have it.

Sophisticated Wooden Living Room – TheMythicalSausage

Sophisticated Wooden Living Room
Image Credit: TheMythicalSausage

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And by saying that, we're thinking about this wooden living room made by TheMythicalSausage.

You can build the basic structure of the room like walls, floor, and ceiling with wooden blocks. Hang some flower pots on little decorative plates and make little archway windows for fresh air. You can build a big door with a curved arch top for a sophisticated look.

Quickly Built Modish Living Room – The Modernist

Quickly Built Modish Living Room
Image Credit: The Modernist

Would you believe the fact that there's this living room design in Minecraft that can be built in only three minutes? Well, see for yourself in this video by The Modernist

You just have to stay true to the modern building techniques and you can do it too. Use black and baby blue tiles to create this space. Adjust some stylish lamps to the ceilings and put a fluffy carpet in the center. Another great thing about this living room is its night vibe. Wait till it gets dark and then watch the heaven you made.

Timeless and Traditional Living Room – Biggs87x

Timeless and Traditional Living Room
Image Credit: Biggs87x

Stick to the old and ever-green style of making living rooms by following Biggs87x, who will guide you on how to build a traditional living room.

First of all, you need to build a classic fireplace which you can build using some gray stone and cobblestone bricks. After that, build a large coffee table and a wooden couch. Create some interesting bookshelves on the walls. Finally, put a rug and build mini lamps using armor stands.

Placid Blue Living Room – Phrameskip

Placid Blue Living Room
Image Credit : Phrameskip

The next idea on this list is this simple and stunning living room design by Phrameskip. This is surely one of the best classic living room ideas you will explore. 

You do not have to worry about any special or distinguished furniture piece. Just go with the basic stuff like LEDs, couches, and a modern fireplace. Use light blue tiles to give it a nice look and add windows. Make a cozy-looking rug under your coffee table and there you have it.

Modern Living Room With a Gaming Computer – BBlocks

A Modern Living Room
Image Credit: BBlocks

There are so many modern living room designs that you can go through and build one for yourself. But do you know about the one having a gaming computer in it? BBlocks here has made one exactly like that.

Adding some cool electronic devices in your living room screams modern. And along with the luxury coffee tables, rugs, bookshelves, and other basic living room furniture, this gaming computer is going to look outclass. 

Build it by using blue banners and white shulker boxes on the white counter. Make the keyboard and mouse using stone and iron buttons. And at the end make speakers by using skeleton skulls and you made it!

Restful Living Room With a Mini Library – JINTUBE

Restful Living Room
Image Credit: JINTUBE

Looking for a separate space for your library? Why not make one in your living room, just like JINTUBE? This mini library in this ultimate large modern living room is something you need to get as soon as you can!

All you have to do is coordinate white. gray, and black color in your living room. Then, start building the library by making bookshelves in a corner. You can add a staircase to the shelves for detailing. Build a warm fireplace near the shelves and put couches. 

So grab a book sometime while you're chilling in your living room with this little library and enjoy.

Fun Desert-Themed Living Room – JoshTehYoda

Fun Desert-Themed Living Room
Image Credit: JINTUBE

Making a themed living room is the most stylish thing you can ever do to your house. And if you're searching for some fun new ideas, this desert-themed living room by JoshTehYoda will finally satisfy you.

You just have to add up some wooden blocks for the walls and a glazed terracotta for the rug which will give it a fancy look. Put a granite table and a little cactus plant on it to catch the desert aesthetic. You can add some green curtains and statues. The spruce and oak planks will take care of the floors and ceilings so there you go!

Spacious Living Room – Buildz

Spacious Living Room
Image Credit: Buildz

Tired of the same indoor living room situation? Then try making one in your outdoor space just like Buildz did! This is a refreshing space to relax after having a tiresome day. You just have to get your concrete together and build. 

First, make a good floor by using white tiles and a black coffee table right in front of it. Fill your space with some extra couches. Build up a TV and a little bookshelf. You can also add some tiny objects like plants or any other stuff for completing the look.

Basic Yet Well-Furnished Living Room – Biggs87x

A Basic Yet Well-Furnished Living Room
Image Credit: Biggs87x

Another basic but stylish design by Biggs87x is here in case you are still looking for the living room you desire. There is a little to the impossible scope of going wrong with this idea because a modern tone mixed with a traditional one seems like the right choice.

So make the floor of your living room with wood blocks and place some treasure trunks for decoration. You can create a couch made up of white tiles in front of the fireplace. And then hang pretty paintings on either side of the fireplace.

Japanese- Style Living Room – A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT

A Japanese- Style Living Room

Take your designing skills to the next level by designing this amazing Japanese-style living room made by A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT. You can skip the part where you can build televisions, shelves, and coffee tables because this living room will surely change your perspective on living room ideas.

One of the best things about this design is the little pond you'll make in it. And this cute chandelier hanging is beacons covered by some banners. Make a section decorated with sugarcane and some trap doors to represent Japanese art. And finally, make the couch on which you will sit to take in the freshness of your place.

Wrapping up

With these Minecraft living room ideas, now is the right time to wake your little interior designer up and start creating an excellent living room for your house. Pick up your favorite design from this list, collect your tools and start building your comfort setting.