20 Minecraft Lighthouse Designs and Ideas To Build

With an unlimited number of options to build lighthouses in Minecraft, you can never run out of ideas. All you have to do is take out a moment and look at all these brilliant lighthouse designs and ideas to build from the minds of some amazing Minecraft players and get going.

A Tall Working Lighthouse – Mr Mirror

Tall Working Lighthouse
Image Credit: Mr Mirror

You can never regret a working design in Minecraft cause once you put in the work, the result is worth it. This huge lighthouse designed by Mr Mirror, not only works but leaves you awestruck by its beauty.

So start making it with a circular foundation made up of stone bricks. Use red and white bricks, staircases, and glass windows. Finish it off with a torch placed on the top.

A Classic Textured Lighthouse – TheMythicalSausage

Classic Textured Lighthouse
Image Credit: TheMythicalSausage

Change the game by turning the simplest designs into the most fashionable ones by giving them a perfect texture, just like TheMythicalSausage has done here.

Use your black and brown bricks to create a good-looking structure and add tiny details like windows. You can also put a long staircase inside your tower and voilà.

A Super-Easy Glowing Lighthouse – Munchucks

Super-Easy Glowing Lighthouse
Image Credit: Munchucks

Light up your game with this glowing and easy-to-build lighthouse. This beautiful lighthouse made by Munchucks will surely grab your attention.

Just make a nice base and add spruce planks. Layer it up with colorful tiles and finally decorate the top by checking out these lamp and fence design ideas.

A Dramatic Medieval Lighthouse – Master Majesty

Dramatic Medieval Lighthouse
Image Credit: Master Majesty

Are you intrigued by the beauty of old architecture? If yes, then this medieval lighthouse by Master Majesty is something you would want to check out.

Choose a location for your lighthouse and build the basic framework with stone bricks. Add wooden blocks, slabs, and fences for detailing. Give a classic touch by adding a Redstone lamp on its top and enjoy. 

An Eccentric Overgrown Lighthouse – Meddi

Eccentric Overgrown Lighthouse
Image Credit: Meddi

This overgrown lighthouse is one of the most distinguished lighthouses ever made. So get ready to build as Meddi will show you guys how to make it block by block.

Build it from the ground using white tiles and red sandstones. Create windows and buttons and make a pointy roof using spruce blocks. Take a look at these doorway designs and use them in your lighthouse. Finally, show the overgrowth by using vines and grass blocks and by adding some grass on the base. 

A High Black and White Lighthouse – Bluewheat

High Black and White Lighthouse
Image Credit: Bluewheat

This list would be incomplete without this awesome-looking black and white lighthouse made by Bluewheat

All you need to do is alter the black and white tiles while you're layering up the bricks. At some height, make a fence using iron bars. Shape a pointy black rooftop with black stairs and light it up using some glow stones.

A Glorious Flag-Bearing Lighthouse – AlexMayo

Glorious Flag-Bearing Lighthouse
Image Credit: AlexMayo

Get innovative with this brand new idea by AlexMayo, where you can make this incredible lighthouse with a flag that speaks for its timelessness.

Design your lighthouse by making parallel windows and a broad wooden rooftop. Adding some tiny details never hurt anyone, so add some lanterns and grass blocks and coordinate them with little wooden fences. Don't forget to add lots of glowing blocks and a flag on top to complete the look.

A Marvelous Rotating Lighthouse Beacon – Adults Only Minecraft

Marvelous Rotating Lighthouse Beacon
Image Credit: Adults Only Minecraft

What better way to craft a lighthouse than putting a rotating beacon in it? If you doubt it could ever be made, just take a look at this delightful creation of Adults Only Minecraft.

All you have to do is unlock your imagination and put together a beautiful lighthouse using the available Minecraft tools. And then you can start putting together your observer blocks and a layer of red stones and place them on the top section of your lighthouse and it's done.

An Ancient Lighthouse on the Docks – BlueNerd Minecraft

Ancient Lighthouse on the Docks
Image Credit: BlueNerd Minecraft

Everything vintage-themed is super iconic. And to build a lighthouse that goes with this theme you can trust BlueNerd Minecraft

Make sure to add a bright top floor and a balcony for a great view of your dock while you're putting together your lighthouse. It will look much cooler in a dock setting. You can check out other dock ideas to explore more.

An Adventurous Survival Base Lighthouse – KyleKraft

Adventurous Survival Base Lighthouse
Image Credit: KyleKraft

Upgrade your survival skills and create an adventurous survival base lighthouse for yourself. You can create a base with a lighthouse by its side just like KyleKraft did or create whatever you want.

You can keep a track of your enemies by standing above them or just taking in the view. And with so many amazing survival base ideas, you are ready to roll on an adventure.

An Exotic Island Lighthouse – Mythra

An Exotic Island Lighthouse
Image Credit: Mythra

Looking for a way to utilize your island area? Try building this exotic lighthouse idea by Mythra for a breath-taking view. 

This lighthouse is so easy to build and it doesn't even take much time. Add some plantation, some glow bricks, and a staircase that will lead straight to the top window and you're good.

An Enormous Lighthouse on Water – ThisIsDoomGaming

Enormous Lighthouse on Water
Image Credit: ThisIsDoomGaming

We all have seen lighthouses on islands and docks. But how about a lighthouse built on water? Sounds awesome right? So let's take a look at this enormous lighthouse built on the water made by ThisIsDoomGaming.

This large lighthouse has 5 sections and a hut-shaped rooftop. You can give a stylish touch to it by adding a swirl of colored bricks and little window frames.

A Gorgeous Tower in the Middle of the Sea – Shock Frost

Gorgeous Tower in the Middle of the Sea
Image Credit: Shock Frost

Now let's suppose you can't find an island to build your lighthouse on. No worries because you can make it in the middle of the sea and make a gorgeous lighthouse just like this one made by Shock Frost.

The trick is to lay some blocks on the sea bed and keep building until you're out of water. Then start your construction and make the lighthouse of your dreams.

A Well-Decorated Working Lighthouse in a Kingdom – Farzy

Well-Decorated Working Lighthouse in a Kingdom
Image Credit: Farzy

Who thought that making a homey environment in your lighthouse was this satisfying? This lighthouse made by Farzy in a kingdom can easily become your comfort zone.

Flourish your lighthouse interior with spruce and oak wood. Add daylight detectors on the top section to light it up at night time and it's done.

A Lovely Mini Lighthouse – lowresbones

Lovely Mini Lighthouse
Image Credit: lowresbones

Escape the ordinary by making this cute mini lighthouse. You can build it with a mini house just like lowresbones or build it isolated.

This lighthouse takes such a little effort to build and still turns out to be lovely.

A Sensual Cottage Core in a Lighthouse – Bluewheat

Sensual Cottage Core in a Lighthouse
Image Credit: Bluewheat

This wholesome idea by Bluewheat is all that's missing for your Minecraft world. Make a comfortable cottage with your lighthouse and enjoy the view and the serenity of your island.

Bring out your best interior designing skills and furnish different rooms in your cottage. 

A Unique Narrow Lighthouse – Ector Vynk

Unique Narrow Lighthouse
Image Credit: Ector Vynk

This next lighthouse on this list most probably has the most unique structure and design. Ector Vynk did an amazing job putting it together.

Just arrange your white and oak wood tiles repetitively and get the look you desire.

A Vintage Roman Lighthouse – Trydar

Vintage Roman Lighthouse
Image Credit: Trydar

All your friends are going to be wonderstruck by this Roman lighthouse that you can build just like Trydar did. 

Construct it by using some antique Roman soldier statues and a giant Roman eagle on top. Use red stones and stone bricks for the construction and place the fireball up in the dome of the lighthouse and bring the Roman era back to life.

A Grand All-In-One Lighthouse – dieserjung

Grand All-In-One Lighthouse
Image Credit: dieserjung

There's no limit to art. Especially when it comes to these amazing lighthouses, one of which is this all-in-one lighthouse presented by dieserjung

Take advantage of the maximum space by splitting it up into multiple sections and creating new rooms like a library, kitchen, and bedroom. You can create as many sections and designs as you want so here you go.

A Fantasy Steampunk-Themed Lighthouse – Pixel Brew

Fantasy Steampunk-Themed Lighthouse
Image Credit: Pixel Brew

Last but not the least, this dreamy steampunk lighthouse has everyone stunned over its beauty and splendor. Pixel Brew did something awesome with this theme that you can do as well.

This lighthouse seems so uncomplicated to build and yet it radiates the fantastical energy that we're talking about. As for its interior, carve out the inside of the lighthouse with large windows, staircases, and of course a flaming dome area.


You can pick any single one of these ideas and turn them into a better one by using your architectural skills. So what are you waiting for? Go and create a brand new lighthouse right now!


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