30 Exquisite Minecraft Kitchen Ideas and Designs to Build in 2023

Seeking some cunning kitchen ideas? Here, you get 30 Exquisite Minecraft Kitchen Ideas and Designs full of artistic taste to add to your world.


Kitchens can be exemplary, gothic, and contemporary. Even though kitchens are customarily expansive spaces, cutting-edge kitchen plans offer incredible thoughts for small kitchens. These kitchen plans for little kitchens are savvy as well as productive also. More than simply space, its functionality ought to be a top consideration during its design.

Check out these 30 unbelievable Kitchen Design Ideas to try in your Minecraft world. 

White Pixelated Modern Kitchen – BlenDigi

White Pixelated Modern Kitchen
Image Credit: BlenDigi

Here's a white pixelated open-air structure by BlenDigi with just two smooth walls and dark brown spruce wood corners. Apart from plenty of ornamental details, it has a pretty awesome dining table with two chairs and a fridge to keep your essentials cold.

A fluffy carpet in front of a window with curtains adds to its beauty. And of course, a kitchen can't be completed without an oven and a sink out there.

Modern Huge Kitchen – MCram

Modern Huge Kitchen
Image Credit: MCram

What about transforming your outdoors into a beautiful structure to get some fresh vibes? With the help of MCram, you can craft an open-air kitchen with some modern inputs. 

You can add many items to its wide capacities like a refrigerator, a realistic Microwave, a blazing stove, and an oven under cyan wall cabinets. The cup-like sea pickles on the center table and a pot of flowers in the corner match the view outside the window.

Large Modern Kitchen – 6tenstudio

Large Modern Kitchen
Image Credit: 6tenstudio

In keeping with the theme of the latest builds, there is a quite wide kitchen design by 6tenstudio.

Starting from the refrigerator, it proceeds with some wall cabinets and a stove for your cook-ups. 

In the middle, you get a bar area with a table having a dark carpet and spruce slab seats to sit and enjoy your roasted mutton. 

You can't ignore the sea lanterns around the central table and white turtle eggs beside the stove. To create extra glares, you can decorate the ceiling with some lights covered with trapdoors.

Indoor Fancy Kitchen Ideas – BlenDigi

Indoor Fancy Kitchen
Image Credit: BlenDigi

If you like to add many fancy details to your kitchen, you've got a perfect idea by BlenDigi

In this idea, you get a burning stove in the front wall with many little cabinets and shelves to create kitchen vibes.

In a row following the front texture, there are two tables of smooth quartz slabs with spruce chairs and a beautiful little closed ceiling over them. 

The third counter has bookshelves over it framed in white wool and white carpet layers. For decorative details, you can put flower pots, turtle eggs, green lily, and some sea pickles.

Stylish Kitchen Ideas – 6tenstudio

Stylish Kitchen Design
Image Credit: 6tenstudio

Here's an amazing indoor kitchen design by 6tenstudio with lots of decorative touches. 

It starts with a black carpeted large table with three chairs crafted just before the four windows in the wall. It also has an oven under two shelves followed by a stove, some cabinets, and a fridge in the corner.

There are some flower pots and a lantern for decorative purposes. You get a mix of grey and dark grey wool flooring just like a polished canvas. 

Little Cute Kitchen – The Modernist

Little Cute Kitchen
Image Credit: The Modernist

Built-in light gray walls and gray flooring, this is a fancy kitchen in white textures.

With the help of The Modernist, you can display a refrigerator and a central counter to put your food items.

A kitchen is always incomplete without a sink and an oven or stove. There you get space to build all these essentials. It's easier than you think. You must try it in your game.

Mini Medieval Kitchen Ideas –  CyrixTL

Medieval Kitchen
Image Credit: CyrixTL

CyrixTL brings you a wooden kitchen with a stove for your cook-ups and two stacked barrels to keep your gears. It's a little yet pretty awesome medieval kitchen design to try in your world.

It is ornamented with a flower pot on the stone blocks and a couple of lamps hanging from the ceiling.

You can always put some item frames in such designs to give them a better look.

Medieval Kitchen Design – MCram

Large Medieval Kitchen
Image Credit: MCram

It is a rustic kitchen design by MCram that makes you feel like in a medieval period. It is a somewhat large kitchen like an ordinary Minecraft house. 

Here you get a blazing campfire with a chimney to get the smoke outside and a stove where you can cook soup or boil water.

There is another counter area with some cabinets, an item frame, and mug-like sea pickles. It is decorated with end rods. You get a separate dining hall with many little windows and a large wooden table possessing some food items.

Large Wooden Kitchen Ideas – VexelVille

Large Wooden Kitchen Design
Image Credit : VexelVille

If you're planning to build something larger than a small fenced kitchen, look no further than this idea by VexelVille. Just like a large town hall, it has a counter area, a dining table, a cooking portion, and many decorated cabinets to keep your items.

Apart from the main table, you can place other small tables and some extra cabinets for storage. Including white fluffy carpet, you can ornament the interior with plenty of decorative options.

Small Wooden Kitchen – SwiftFoxy

Small Wooden Kitchen
Image Credit: SwiftFoxy

If you have a large wooden house and want to add a kitchen of the same, then this idea by SwiftFoxy is perfect for you. 

The idea involves a small kitchen with cooking, dining, and saving facilities for your Minecraft family. It has a front counter with a stove and a row of barrels on top of it for storage options. 

One thing that every kitchen needs is a dining table but what about crafting two or three little extra tables for your extra guest? You can place them in front of little white stained glass windows to create amazing scenery. 

For decorative intent, you can frame many items on the barrel and install some bright lanterns with multi-colored flowers. Seems interesting? Don't wait to give it a go. 

Fancy Modern Kitchen – AmyYeah

Fancy Modern Kitchen
Image Credit: AmyYeah

Let's bring amazing creativity to you in a small fenced area. Here's an incredible modern kitchen by AmyYeah to try in your game. Although it doesn't have many storage options like barrels, there are enough cabinets and shelves to keep your supplies.

 I think this little build doesn't miss anything needed for a kitchen. You get a pretty good flaring stove along with a wide sink under three fancy top cabinets. There is a quite large dining table covered with a black carpet for enjoying your meals. 

The white stained glass windows, a painting, and some hanging lanterns give it a modern touch.

You can also install many other ornamental details like flowers and oak leaves making it more interesting.  

Ancient Medieval Kitchen Ideas – CyrixTL

Ancient Medieval Kitchen Design -
Image Credit: CyrixTL

If you want to add a medieval kitchen to your starter house, do watch this tutorial by CyrixTL.The design includes many barrels and cabinets to give you plenty of space to use for storage.

In keeping with the theme of old buildings, it has two tall stone chimneys to vent the smoke inside. There are many randomly sprinkled yellow and green leaves to give it an aesthetic look.

If you were seeking something like this, try it in your world.

Medieval Castle Kitchen Ideas – andyisyoda

Medieval Castle Kitchen Design
Image Credit: andyisyoda

Somewhere in your land, you need an enormous cooking house to prepare and serve food to a large number of people. In such a case, a gigantic castle kitchen comes in quite handy. Unlike a small kitchen inside a home, andyisyoda has built a wide-spread castle with every kitchen stuff in an extensive quantity.

Starting off from the stove, it has large fire camps and stoves with tower-like high chimneys making a bigger hearth area. You get plenty of preparation tables to serve food to all the community out there. 

In place of the fridge, it has an ice house with lots of ice lumps to keep every kitchen item preserved.

Additionally, it involves a banqueting area with plenty of little builds in itself like many tables, cunning Minecraft bedrooms, and also a wreck room out there. Do take the challenge and turn your world into a wow. 

Modern Working Kitchen Ideas – Typface 

Modern Working Kitchen Design -
Image Credit: Typface 

Here's another pretty good kitchen by Typface to try in your modern Minecraft house. The kitchen is built with white blocks and oak planks.  

A medium-sized white dining table in the middle with a stove allows you to sit and enjoy your roasted mutton. You can store your kitchen essentials in the side cabinets. There's also a sink under the shelves with a flower pot beside it. 

It's a simple yet modern idea to build in your house. 

Modern Average Kitchen – MCram 

Modern Average Kitchen
Image Credit: MCram 

MCram has come up with another idea for your kitchen build. Built with white quartz, It's a little modern kitchen with a working sink, refrigerator, and some wall cabinets. 

The white stained glass windows give it an aesthetic look. To give it a modern look, you can put some flower pots and light over a table with fancy chairs. 

For a more creative touch, you can also come up with a little Minecraft garden outside and some fence ideas to guard it. 

Little Cozy Kitchen Ideas – KoalaBuilds

Little Cozy Kitchen Design
Image Credit: KoalaBuilds

In case, you want to build a kitchen but are short on space, then KoalaBuilds design is for you where you can create a super kitchen in a small space.

All you need to put together some spruce planks and stairs to make a counter with a stove and place a cake and flower pots on it. A thin stony chimney over the stove will vent the smoke out. 

 For storage options, do consider three assembled barrels on top of the counter and a cabinet right after the stove. You can also try adding some decoration details however you want. 

Aesthetic Kitchen Ideas – DannieDan

Aesthetic Kitchen Design
Image Credit: DannieDan

What do you think of transforming a little fenced area into something aesthetic? Well, there is a small but cunning kitchen design by DannieDan

Its beauty lies in the perfectly crafted fancy counters and stylish cabinets. The curved counter has a beautifully textured hearth and a sink with skillful decorative details. You get polished wooden wall cabinets and shelves on it.

A white flourished dining table in the center helps you in your meal survival. 

Stylish White Kitchen Ideas – FullySpaced

Stylish White Kitchen Design
Image Credit: FullySpaced

It's a white block kitchen by FullySpaced with a stylish arching ceiling lighted up with a framed bright lantern. There is a white table and two stools made of scaffolding with heavy-weight pressure plates just under the hanging lamp. 

Behind the table, you get a cooking corner with a campfire and some frames holding food items. You can build a water portion in front of the glass window and decorate the entire pattern with flowers or anything you like. 

Simple Kitchen Ideas  – chillti

Simple Kitchen Design
Image Credit: chillti

Enjoy a little nice kitchen building with chillti. The design has a front texture including a fridge with a stove and a sink under an outstretched white shelf where you can put some flower pots, lanterns, or anything else. 

The wide table just before the front is perfect for your dining purposes or enjoying yourself with fellows. You can flourish it with some item frames, turtle eggs, and flower pots to look good. It's simple and easy. You should at least attempt. 

Storage Wooden Kitchen Ideas – Reimiho

Storage Wooden Kitchen Design
Image Credit: Reimiho

Minecraft players do need storage options to keep their credentials. Why not build a kitchen where you can store things as well as cook and enjoy your meals?

Here's a kitchen by Reimiho with a quite beautiful stony chimney over a multi-furnace stove. The chimney is framed with expertly designed plenty of chests to reserve your materials.

Further, it has a long spruce table with a big cake, a lantern, and some sea pickles on it. The white pixelated carpet in front of it makes the pattern more beautiful. 

Cool Looking Modern Kitchen – Buildz

Cool Looking Modern Kitchen
Image Credit: Buildz

Buildz brings you another super tutorial to building yourself a modern cool kitchen. This idea includes some exceptional designs with a big fridge and a crazy counter area having a microwave oven, a stove, and a sink. 

The entire beauty of this design lies in an expertly furnished ceiling that floats just over a little island texture. With pretty awesome decorations, the pattern brings you a good place to sit and enjoy your toasted bread. 

Crazy Creative Kitchen Design  – Keralis

Crazy Creative Kitchen Design
Image Credit: Keralis

There is a crazy little interior kitchen with amazing ceilings and side textures. With the help of this tutorial by Keralis, you can build it in your Minecraft survival base.

The idea includes a white pixelated table with a chair in front of a large wooden cabinet. There is a little portion in between the cabinet and side wall where you get a fridge on top and a little counter down the red wall. 

All focus turns to the ceiling which is a little below the roof with two bright lamps fitted in it.  There are a couple of fences hanging down across the ceiling covering the two sinks on the table.   

Comfy Kitchen Ideas – DannieDan

Comfy Kitchen Design
Image Credit: DannieDan

Every Minecraft player loves to have a cool kitchen to cook their favorite recipes and enjoy frying turtle eggs.

Here's an interesting build by DannieDan to try and feel fresh with your food. It's a lavishing kitchen with a black chimney and a row of top barrels on the walls. 

Along with all the essentials of a kitchen, it has a wonderful decoration with four Minecraft lamps hanging down with a chain, a beautiful painting on the wall, and a white stained glass window with curtains. You must try this comfy design in your world.

Large Interior Kitchen Ideas – JINTUBE

Large Interior Kitchen Design
Image Credit: JINTUBE

If you're planning to build a wide kitchen instead of a small fence design then this tutorial by JINTUBE is for you.

This is a large kitchen with a wide-spread interior with many glass windows and a little glass opening in the ceiling. 

Apart from the stove and sink, there you get a big table with many chairs under cheerful displaying lamps. You get an oven in the wall and some shelves to keep items on. It's a good idea to go into a vast interior. 

Easy-to-Build Modern Kitchen – Buildz

Easy-to-Build Modern Kitchen
Image Credit: Buildz

Buildz has started the design with a back wall which is built up with a mixture of black wood, grey stone, and acacia wood slabs with some black stained glass pane. The entire wall looks like a square TV. You can build the stove, oven, or cabinets on this wall. 

Then you come to the dining table which is built with snow blocks and looks quite crazy. It's a creative but easier design to get started. 

Modern Black and White Kitchen – Nemophlist

Modern Black and White Kitchen
Image Credit: Nemophlist

Constructed with white smooth quartz and dark concrete, this is an open-air cool kitchen design by Nemophlist

It has black shelves and cabinets on white walls which give it a pretty awesome modern look. There is also a dark stone chimney over a burning stove. To bring in the outer vibes, you get a little thin white stained glass pane in front of the sink. 

The dining table with spruce stairs also adds to its beauty. You can add plenty of decorative inputs to the entire pattern. 

Simple Cozy Kitchen Ideas  – ManDooMiN

Simple Cozy Kitchen Design
Image Credit: ManDooMiN

Here's another kitchen with a dark top and bottom and polished white walls. The tutorial by ManDooMiN includes a delicious-smelling stove with wall shelves and a fridge to its right and left. 

You can enjoy turtle eggs and sea pickles at a long white table in front of a large glass pane window on the sidewall. You can display curtains on the window. There's also a facial tissue installed to clean up your spills while eating. It's a simple clean kitchen to build in your world. 

Modern Marble Kitchen Design – ManDooMiN

Modern Marble Kitchen Design
Image Credit: ManDooMiN

ManDooMiN has come up with another interesting idea for your kitchen build. It is a gorgeous marble kitchen with counters, a refrigerator, an oven, and a dining table. You get a modern-style sink on the table under a drilled glassy opening in the ceiling.

There are top cabinets in the corner making a curve and a cooking counter is built under it. Unlike a white fridge, you get a grey color refrigerator here. You can light up the entire pattern with end rods hanging with chains and a torch placed under the carpet.

Fancy Medium Kitchen Design – Grian 

Fancy Medium Kitchen Design
Image Credit: Grian

There's a pretty exceptional design by Grian with a more modern touch. Constructed with a crazy prismarine back wall and glass base, the kitchen looks brilliant. 

With all the basic kitchen details, it has a couple of paintings on two walls and fancy roof lights on the ceiling. The pallet presents an extra modern scene at the top. You can always decorate it with whatever you prefer.

Modern Rustic Kitchen Ideas – GoodCraft

Modern Rustic Kitchen Design
Image Credit: GoodCraft

There is a last but good-looking kitchen design by GoodCraft with rural pattern builds. 

The design includes a rustic kitchen with wooden cabinets and counters. There's a dark grey stony chimney over the flaming stove in between two wardrobes. 

A black carpet on the floor and light gray mats on the cabinets and shelves give the kitchen a stylish look. Do try your hands on it.

Final Thoughts

There you go! You're packed with a healthy list of 30 Minecraft kitchen designs and ideas to build a flawless cookhouse for you. I hope you did enjoy the article. Don't wait to start with your favorite design. 

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